The Waltons’ Family Pets

Are you sure you know all about The Waltons? There are quite a few animals (and critters) that appear in the show, almost all of them just during one episode. However, this comes to show how genuine was the life depicted in the series.

Obviously, the first pet to be remembered is Reckless, who was the family’s golden lab. He wasn’t just a play mate for the children, but also a great hunter and a guardian of the house. He appeared almost regularly in The Waltons, but passed away in the 8th season (the episode The Journal).

Chance is the family’s milk-provider, who is replaced in the second season by Chance 2. Her offspring is Bullet, a calf the children adore and don’t want to see gone. So they work for the buyer in order to gain him back.

Pete appears in the first season in episode 8 and is a raccoon saved by Elizabeth. The little girl is pretty upset when her father doesn’t find the time to nurse the animal back to life.

Fibber is another dog (an Alaskan Hound) of the family, a puppy saved by Elizabeth, Jim-Bob and Luke. First named Beauregard, the dog ends up leaving with Luke when he leaves to Richmond to say with his father.

Jim Bob Jr. is, obviously, a pet of Jim Bob, and it is a duckling the little boy helped hatch by keeping the egg under his arm. Jim Bob was also supposed to take care at school of Porthos, who was a Guinea Pig. However, Porthos dies and Jim Bob runs from home because nobody cared.

Marry Ellen had a lamb called Daisy, and also a cat called Calico. However, the cat dies when delivers 3 kittens.

Finally, Old Blue was a mule that John Boy had, and Grover was Ben’s pig with which the boy entered the Greased Pig competition. But I cannot forget to remember Lancelot, who is a deer that Erin saves after he gets lost from his mother.

Obviously, many other pets appeared in the show, but these are the most important.

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