The Walking Dead – The Spin-off

A couple of weeks ago (in the beginning of September) it was announced that The Walking Dead will get its first spin-off, a companion series that will follow another group of people in a world overcome by walkers. As the executive producer of the series and the creator of the comic books which inspired it said, the universe of Walking Dead can be expanded, since there are many other places to go and many other stories to tell.

This also prompted the first rumors to appear, rumors which said that the spin-off will take place worldwide (some of the fans even said that it would resemble pretty much the plot of Contagion – 2011). However, Robert Kirkman quickly debunked these rumors, saying that nothing that was leaked online is true.

In other words, all that we know until now is that a new group will be followed, with a specific location set in mind. So the action will also take place in the post-apocalyptic US, just that it will be in a different corner than the original series.

Furthermore, Robert Kirkman also said that none of the characters from the original series will make an appearance in the spin-off. And this is actually great news, since having more characters also means having more stories told from different perspectives.

Much like The Walking Dead, the companion series will create new characters that aren’t found in the comic book source. Also the storylines won’t draw any inspiration from the original resources, which is also great news, because this means having new situations and new plot twists.

As Robert Kirkman said, this gives the opportunity of exploring a different side of the Walking Dead universe, of casting a light on the darkest corners of the walker universe.

However, this statement is somehow revealing as to what we will see in the new series. And the rumor which can be found on the most websites is that the spin-off will take place in a (more or less) walker-free zone. It is either this or a much darker version of the original show (if such a thing is possible).

The question which comes to mind is this one: do we need another Walking Dead series? And if so, how different can it actually be from the original show? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see next year, when the pilot was announced to debut (there is no official release date yet).

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