The Thirst for Young Blood: Generations X and Y, the Millennial

While the first part of this article’s title may have a vampire’s tone, there are perhaps too many old and familiar characters returning to Port Charles on General Hospital these days.  Many are currently on screen, and others are scheduled to appear in the near future.

It is wonderful to see some old character friends back, even if a few are back from the dead, but the issue is that there are more characters amongst the Baby Boomer generation than there are amongst Generation X and Y, the Millennial generations living in Port Charles.

Some fans are thrilled that one Gen-Xer, AJ Quartermaine, has not died after all, while many more would be thrilled to see Emily Quartermaine return from the dead.  Writers would not have to rewrite history if they returned Natalia Livingston to play Rebecca Shaw, Emily’s long lost twin sister who arrived to Port Charles in 2009, with Ethan Lovett, the surprise son of Luke Spencer and Holly Sutton-Scorpio.  When Rebecca left Port Charles she boarded the plane and sat next to Aaron, a man who looked exactly like Zander Smith, Emily’s ex-husband.  All three Gen-Xers, Rebecca (or Emily), Ethan, and Aaron (or Zander), would be welcomed by many fans with their return to Port Charles.

Most fans know that Luke and Laura were the Baby Boomer super-couple that put GH on the map with their highest ratings in past daytime drama.  So with the hope of returning and keeping those viewers of the day, Laura’s return to Port Charles is a logical choice upcoming.  But where are her Gen-Xer sons, Lucky Spencer and Nicholas Cassadine?  It is also wonderful that Ned Ashton returned, as will Kevin Collins and Scott Baldwin.  But where are the Millennials like Scott’s daughter, Serena, who is yet to materialize as a character?  Where is Ned Ashton’s daughter, Brook Lynn?  Or Ned’s brother, Dillan?  Besides, part of the experience of watching a soap opera is to follow families across the generations.

Felicia is another character with rich history in Port Charles, and it makes sense that there is word that her ex-husband, Frisco Jones, is scheduled to follow.  But really … Baby Boomer Frisco … while the younger and far more dashing Matt Hunter is in jail for a crime he arguably committed in self-defense against a lethal woman, Lisa Niles?

Perhaps not all fans will agree, but General Hospital is not just a drama with plot and key characters.  There is a certain “eye-candy” quality to the show that is meant to tease and please, such as when Millennial Milo striped at Kate-Connie’s bridal shower or watching sexy love making scenes with couples now and then.  Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and some will agree that most of the returning cast look great for their age.  But that’s the key, that they “look great for their age.”  Call me superficial but there is just not enough age diversity, or race diversity for that matter, on the set right now.  Where is Keesha Ward or that Asian gynecologist at the hospital?

These are just a few examples of young blood that should return to Port Charles on General Hospital.  But if you don’t agree, feel free to consider this:  According to a book called Millennials and the Digital Entertainment Age – A Sourcebook for Consumer Marketers, by Digital Media Wire, “By the year 2010, Millennials, born between 1982 and 2000, will outnumber both Baby Boomers and Gen-Xers and will be the most significant consumer sector for the media & entertainment industries.”  Given that three years have passed since that quoted year, perhaps the producers and writers of General Hospitalshould take note for attracting younger fans to the show.   After all, Baby Boomers no longer represent the majority of our population today.



  1. melissa hottinger says:

    who i would love to see come back to the show is jason morgan he was the main reason i watch the show cause his and sams love thats how love should be

    • cathy says:

      yes for sure and i believe he will come bk cause when they dont find a body they usually do come bk. been watching GH since i was 13 yrs old

      • Shannon says:

        I miss him so much! The emotion he showed always would make me tear up with him! #BRINGJASONBACK lets start a trend on twitter or something

    • Carol Salazar says:

      I wouldlove to see all of the characters return likeNicolas, Emily, Lucky, And Ethan. And I love it that Laura is back. Luke needs to give up on Anna and get back with his one true love. And hate what they are doing with Sabrina and Brit. Also with Spinelli and Maxie and Dante and Lulu. I want Brit and Heather gone. I would rather see Patrick with Sabrina if he can’t be with Robin. And I thought Carly and Todd made a good couple. But why are they changing Johnny’s character. He really loved Carly too. And Michael and Star make a good couple too.

  2. Jackie says:

    It would be GREAT to have a new Jason ,Emily come back! Nicholis! A lucky??, and NEDS daughter and his brother back. And can’t wait for Patrick to get with the sweet girl instead of the nut job! Lol. Bet it happens at the nurses ball. And YES! Bring back some of the younger group and for sure…. Bring back Laura. And keep the cast there and happy. Don’t let em leave :) . Live gh. Just get rid of the vampires And if Jason or Natalie aren’t coming to the show , let John and Sam get together. Lots if chemistry there!!

  3. ww says:

    YAWN… Really? You are going to complain and pull the race card? BTW, yes, dump the VAMPIRES.

  4. Lorraine Deremer says:

    yes it would be great to see Jason come back but for now he is with the Young and the Restless I think…either way he will be miss, did i see that they want to replace him there are just certain people that can’t be replace, like Sonny, or even Erica on all my children that was another sad soap that went off….I even like one life to live but at lease we are getting some of the charactors on General hospital..not sure if i like this Vampire stuff that is going on..we will see how it all pans out for the actors..wish them all alot of luck…

  5. susan says:

    Have you ever noticed that only here in the USA,the race card is always played?There is none of that nonscence in the UK! Let GH play out the way it’s meant to.

  6. Marla says:

    I think it’s great the gh is bringing back all the old timers. I love every thing about gh since I have been a fan even before Luke and laura!!!! And enough with everyone saing they don’t like the vampire stuff…it’s ok to LOVE THE TWLIGHT SAGA, but its not ok to put it in daytime…really…..I love the idea….then again I loved port Charles when it was on and sad to see it go. I am one dedicated fan!!! Always!

  7. Kathy Glagowski says:

    It’s great to see the vets but younger viewers don’t know who they are!!Plus stories start and then the characters aren’t seen for weeks again but the OLTL transplants are on almost every day!!! the Jason character was kicked to the curb and hasn’t been mentioned by his loving wife since McBain told her Faison killed him!!!And she just accepted it and went about her life. A few tears in John’s embrace and 9 years and a baby were forgotten!! I think there are too many characters on the canvas right now!!

  8. Joanne says:

    I think that the show would also be great to bring back Natalia &Cristopher they too had a great Love story I never understood why they would write them off. I was hoping they had a child but unfortunatly she was killed off which I also know they can bring the dead back lets hope for better story to help GH stay on air I think it would be terriable to put them to the internet that would not work. so writers lets start getting busy.

  9. I hope you bring all the older characters back to GH. I would like to see Emily, Nickolas, Jason Morgan, and Laura Spencer, the lady that use to play the head nurse, before the black lady. I like the black lady I would like to see her with more talking parts. Get the Vampire out of the picture. This is making some people have nightmares, especially, me. Bring back Blackie Quartermaine. Love to see them all on GH again.

  10. Margo says:

    I always thought I was considered a Gen x-er, because I was barely 13 when I started watching GH in late 1979. So, now I’m confused! I am ECSTATIC that Laura and Frisco are back. I would really love to see EMILY and Dillon Quartermaine come back. Most of all, I want Nikolas, Lucky, Jax, Robert Scorpio (out of a coma) and Alcazar back!!! Unfortunately, some of the actors are involved in other things. I think the fans need to get over the fact that STEVE BURTON, aka Jason is NOT coming back. That is HIS choice! I wonder what happened to Bobbie and Kelly (the asian gynecologist). They both just disappeared. I think GH is doing a great job right now, EXCEPT for the vampire story. ENOUGH!

  11. Margo says:

    And yes…….Steve (Jason) Burton will eventually get tired of Y&R and want to go home to GH. The actors ALWAYS come back and the dead ALWAYS re-emerge!

  12. Shannon says:

    I am a GH-oholic I record every show…even the older ones they show on soap net! I have been watching GH since I was a little kid with my mommy. She is no longer with us but I still love GH. I love how Star, Todd and John have been integrated into GH. I love Star and Michael! I love Todd and Carly! I don’t like John and Sam…she belongs to Jason! BRING HIM BACK! Last but not least I’m not liking the vampire thing! See soaps are based off of more real life stuff than nonfictional stuff. I know people come back but they only come back if it is left open when they leave. Just bring Robin back already!

  13. Rhonda Walker says:

    I agree. Bring back some of those missing characters to fill in the age differences and keep the story lines coming. Bringing back dead people is a good idea as long as the story line is realistic.
    I love GH and want it to stay on the air forever!!!!

  14. Helen M. Welsh says:

    Just Bring Jason Back. I love general Hospital and want to be able to watch the show forever, My favorite character has always been Jason and I would love to see him happy for once on the show, But the reality is he needs to spend more time with his family and doing other things that make him happy. The vampire thing is just been done too much and is getting so tired.

  15. meliss says:

    i want nickols to come back and if emily is going to come back from the dead are they going to have babies who killed emily

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