The Sound of Music: A Beautiful Musical

Sound of music family von trapps

“The Von Trapp Children”

The Sound of Music burst on the movie screen in 1965 starring Julie Andrews as Maria and Christopher Plummer as Captain Von Trapp.  It was a beautiful musical film based on the stage play of the same name with songs written by the legendary Rogers and Hammerstein.

Before Maria left the convent to come and be governess for the seven Von Trapp children the nuns sang a lovely song describing her. Of course, that song was “Maria” . Maria was very worried about the position since quite a few people had tried the position before and non had lasted.  She tries to build herself up by singing “I Have Confidence“.

The film was saturated with wonderful lyrics, singing and acting.  One favorite scene was the Von Trapp children in trees when their very proper Naval Officer father arrived home.  The children were all dressed in play cloths made from drapery from the house and they were singing “Do-Re-Me” in perfect pitch.  This is a great happy song to sing when you want to lift your spirits.  Captain Von Trapp ran a very strict household and dressed his children in sailor suits. He did not take kindly to the homemade outfits.  Eventually he threatened to send Maria back to the Abbey, but changed his mind and later the two of  them wed.

The ending of the movie was a real tear jerker.  Austria had been annexed by the Third Reich and  Captain Von Trapp was ordered to report to Nazi Naval Headquarters right after the Salzburg Festival.  (The Captain  was a devoted Austrian and wanted no part of the Nazi Regime) When the Nazis said the Captain hadn’t been listed  to perform at the Festival it was pointed out that the program advertised the Von Trapp Family and the Captain was indeed the head of the family.  The entire family rendered a heartfelt version of “Edelweiss” at the  Festival and then finished their time on stage with  “So Long Farewell“. A few family members left the stage after each farewell until all were off stage.  The family  fled to the Abbey to avoid capture.  When the family were spotted, the nuns removed the spark plug wires from the Nazis car so they could not follow them and the Von Trapp family was able to trudge over the mountains to safety.

There were so many great songs in the Sound of Music its difficult, if not impossible to pick a favorite.  I still own the original sound track on a record and have spent many hours of pleasure listening to and yes, I must admit, singing along with all of the songs.

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