The Quiet Man: Starring John Wayne

A lot of you who claim to be my friends by now know what a John Wayne fan I am. I own a lot of his movies the memorabilia and a lot of other random stuff that I stated to collect when I was younger. When I was 5 or 6 years old I got introduced to my first John Wayne movie, maybe even younger. The move was not a western, or a war movie. I believe it is classified as a romantic comedy, had to picture the Duke in that type of role right? Well believe it or not it did happen.

The movie was called ” The Quiet Man”. It was released in September 14, 1952 over 30 years and 4 days before I was born. It starred John Wayne in the title role, of Sean Thorton. He is an American who returns home to Ireland, where he grew up. He moved back home to forget about the trouble that he had. While he is there he falls in love with Maureen O’ Hara, as Mary Kate Danaher. A local red head with a fiery personalty that he likes. But he is not used to the customs or the traditions of the old world.When he first arrives, he buys the land back that was his family land from back in the way old days.

One of the first struggles that he has is buying the land that was his family plot. The person that objects is Victor McLaglen as Red Will Danaher. Mary Kate’s brother. From the very moment he meets Sean, they do not get along at all. So why would he change his mind to like him? Enter the village matchmaker, played by Berry Fitzgerlad, he is a fellow who would get along well with anyone, he is also the town bookie as we later find out who tries to make peace between the characters, with his evil wicked ways. Eventually Sean and Mary Kate do end up together, but even then there dating and marriage is a wild ride.

There comes a point when Sean has to face his past and stand up for his beliefs, and do the one thing he wanted to forget and fight Will. Mary Kate is unsure as to why her husband will not fight her brother. During the reception scene, we have a flash back as to why Sean will not fight again. In America as we also find out in another scene he was a boxer. In a fight he punched someone so hard that he killed them. And that is why he will not fight, and that is why he returned to Ireland. But sadly he does end up fighting. His wife thinks he is weak because he wont stand up and fight, so he has to make the hard choice.

Now at this point I could tell you how the movie turns out, and who wins but I won’t.  John Ford was at his best for direction of the film since that is where his family routes are being Irish. It has that feel to it, like “welcome home you have been missed”. If you have never seen a John Wayne movie, or nothing other than his westerns, check it out. It is surprising to me, how many people like John Wayne after seeing this movie. Or see that he is a good actor. The chemistry is simply magic, almost like Bogart and Bergman, or Tracy and Hepburn. Check this movie out, and share your own thoughts; would love to hear your stories. Or if you have seen it share also. Until next time, happy reading and movie watching.


  1. Rhett Ryan says:

    The best movie John Wayne made. I could watch this movie over and over. (In fact I have). I plan on going to Ireland someday to visit the movie sites. The Duke and Maureen O’Hara have great chemistry. The fight scene is great and Barry Fitzgerald is perfectly cast.

    • Vic says:

      I have visited the movie sites many times as i live in Northern Ireland. I f you would like some pics email me.

      • Eric says:

        I would love to have some pics.

      • Phyllis says:

        I would like 1-2, just tell me how much. My Momma taught me to love John Wayne, when I was 5. She taught me HE was our hero. I passed this on to my granddaughters. When the 12 year old one was 2, she would yell out,” look out, John Wayne, the ‘idiums’ are gonna get you.”. She’d say, oh, Nanny oh, paw paw, go help him. I taught them both, that John Wayne is our *HERO* and that *JESUS* was our *SAVIOR*! NOW, 12 & 13 THEY STILL BELIEVE THIS. That is how my Momma taught me. I’m 62 and I still believe that.

    • Donna Beach says:

      We make a party out of watching this every St. Patrick’s Day, love it, love it. Yes I’ve been to Ireland and went to see the movie town and sights, not quite the same, but will bring back the memory of what you see. For one the little quaint house is on the same street in town as the Pub and the stream and bridge are practically across the street, but who cares, it’s all there.

      • i live inIRELAND and not to far from where the quiet man was shot i loved the film but then again i loved watching any film with JOHN WAYNE in it i dont think that there will ever be another actor who could portray a cowboy the way he [THE DUKE] did R.I.P. DUKE your devoted fan

    • to rhett ryan you would enjoy it living in IRELAND i have been to those sites and you feel a sense of awe to think that you could be walking in the DUKES own footsteps so calm and peaceful very beautiful place IRELAND

    • Carol says:

      I agree. I loved this movie and watch it quite often myself. Angle and the Bad Man is another good one and North to Alaska, very funny has a romantic side also. Berry Fitzgerald is also great in The Bells of St. Marys. When I think of these movies I just smile and giggle.

  2. Robin Branham says:

    This is one of my favorites and watch it often to this day. The chemistry between Maureen O’Hara and the Duke is amazing in every single movie they made together. “McClintock” is an excellent example of the sparks that flew between them. It is also another good movie for first time watcher of The Duke. However, “The Quiet Man” is a much different character then most are use to seeing John Wayne play. He did an outstanding job playing rough and gentle man in this movie. I love it and recommend it as a “must see movie”!

  3. Gloria Wildrick says:

    Have it, love it , watch it often. The Duke and Maureen O’Hara have great chemistry in every movie they share. “The Quite Man” is just one many John Wayne movies that was nothing less that priceless, showing a side of him that was as well played as any western or war movie he made. A wonderful actor, never to be outdone by anyone.

  4. Mark Tarte says:

    An outstanding movie, and the scene where Mark Kate is cleaning the cottage after Sean Thornton successfully bought it from the Widow Tillane, is classic. So much so, Steven Spielberg used that scene in ET, when Elliot releases the frogs in biology class and grabs the girl he has a crush on. It doesn’t get any better than that!

  5. Neil Wojtal says:

    This has always been my favorite John Wayne movie. I watch it every St. Patrick’s Day.

  6. Debra K. Androsky says:

    My father was a huge John Wayne fan. This was he favorite movie too. He told me a story that John Ford was told to not let the movie go over 2 hours. As they were previewing the movie, it stopped around the beginning of the fight scene. The head of the movie studio didn’t understand. So John Ford told them that was the 2 hour mark. As you know, he made his point to them. And a great fight scene was continued. Just a little trivia for you.

  7. steven hilscher says:

    Have seen this movie so many times over the years…….great fan of The Duke,know most of the dialogue by Heart, ,You know they filmed The Alamo,outside of Halletsville,Tx……met Mr.Wayne,gracious Man,There

  8. Mitsi says:

    The Quiet Man was released the day I was born. How appropriate since it and Wreck of the Red Witch are my two favorite movies. I love John Wayne too.

  9. Janet says:

    My mother was a big John Wayne fan, her and I would watch them over and over again. I loved this movie but I also love Big Jake with him and Mauren O’hara and The Hellfighters. They are all my favorites.

  10. Mark Scott says:

    Love that movie. Just watched it the other night again( for probably the 10th time). Very few actors with the quality the Duke had, don’t think any inspire the country like he did.

  11. keith richey says:

    I have always loved this and VERY other John Wayne movie, okay maybe not the conqueror, but most of them. id love to visit the sites of this film. one of my favorite bits of triva is that the execs thought it ran too long, so after cuts it was still about 12 minutes too long, so Ford cut the fight at the end out. the execs relented and the movie was show 2:12 lol

  12. GAIL REDD says:

    This is my all time favorite movie. watch it often. Great accting by all.

  13. Randy Allen says:

    I also love this movie. I went fishing near Ballinrobe in 1975 and then when I was watching the movie later several years later I heard the police officers on the phone, in the movie, calling for assistance saying “Hello Ballenrobe” I was shocked that I almost was in the area near where the movie was located. Ireland is a wonderful place and It is amazing how many Americans can trace our family back there. John Wayne always reminds me of my father I think because they shared a way of living that was the norm beforew and shortly after WWII. I also love They Were Expendable with Donna Reed, Rio Grande with Maureen O’Hair and one most people overlook Blood Alley with Lauren Bacall.

  14. Cliff Shell says:

    John Wayne portrayed the consummate macho man for all generations. “The Quiet Man” was no exception. Magnificently filmed by Ford in his beloved Ireland, Wayne was given the chance to really soar with a part, prior to “The Searchers”. I too, was a fan of Wayne’s lesser known vehicle, “Wake of the Red Witch”, made several years earlier. The only fault I found with Ford’s casting lies with McLaughlin as the brother. At that point in his career, he was obviously old enough to be O’Hara’s father and far too old to be a match for Wayne. I’m sure that conflict replayed itself for The Duke when he developed “The Cowboys” years later.

  15. mickyeggs says:

    i remember when this movie was only shown on St. Patrick’s Day! one of a few movies he made with the always beautiful Maureen O’ Hara. my favorite was and is Mc Lintock

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  17. Hamish Cameron says:

    I did see ‘The Quiet Man’ many years ago and thought it was a great picture with a very good cast, wonder when/if they will have a replay ??

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