The Pledge Of Allegiance

I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

“I pledge allegiance to the Flag”

What do those words mean to you? To me they say, “Thank you, America, for your strength, your courage and your freedom…which has been a beacon to the world for two hundred years.”

“Of the United States of America”

Whose bright stars are fifty states, each bearing its own stamp of individuality. People – two hundred million strong – who have come to her from all corners of the earth.

“And to the Republic for which it stands”

A land of laws with an ingenious system of checks and balances that allows no man to become a tyrant, and lets no group prevail if their power is not tempered with a real concern for the governed. A land where the right of dissent and of free speech is jealously guarded, where the ballot box is the sword and the people its wielder.

“One Nation under God”

A land where freedom of worship is a cornerstone of her being. A land graced with temples and churches, synagogues and altars that rise in profusion to embrace all the religions of the world.


A land forged by the hot steel of raw courage and formed forever by the awful crucible of civil war.

“With liberty”

Where man in pursuit of an honest life will not be denied his chance. Where her citizens move freely within her vast borders without hindrance or fear. A land brimming with opportunity where freedom of choice is the guide for all.

“And justice”

The courts of our land are open to all. Its wheels of justice grind for all causes, all people. They look to every avenue for justice, every concern of the law and they temper their reasoning with mercy.

“For all!”

I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

This is a copy of the pledge of allegiance that was said by John Wayne on the recording of   “America Why I love Her” it came out in 1974 and he was nominated for the album for best spoken album for a Grammy that year. This was the America that John Wayne stood for, the question is, is this still the America that Duke believed in? Did it give you chills to read it and remember when you first said it in school? Think about it the next time you read or hear the pledge .


  1. James Smith says:

    He was a draft dodger. He didn’t think enough of America to fight for her or the freedom that we have. He just talked the talk but he didn,t do the walk.

    • Jeff says:

      He might have slacked off on joining the military service. But I think that he did what he thought was right for the country. He was one of the most patriotic people on this planet, due to the fact that he slacked off with the military.

    • RALPH DRAKE says:


    • Ken W says:

      John Wayne was classified by the Selective Service as 3-A (deferred for family dependency). In 1944 as the U.S. Military feared a manpower shortage he was reclassified 1-A (draft eligible). There is no record that he disputed this reclassification but his employer, Republic Studios, did and requested he be given a 2-A classification (deferred in the national interest, i.e., war bond drives, visiting the troops, etc.).An official document surfaced in a National Archives traveling exhibit that at the time stirred no great interest — John Wayne’s application to the O.S.S. On page twenty-three in a Los Angeles Times Magazine article dated September 21, 2003 Coming Soon: Living History On Exhibit are photos of two pages of at least twelve of Wayne’s August 2, 1943 application SA-1, page eleven marked in red pencil at the top “22087.” There is no doubt it is Wayne, he uses his birth name of Marion Robert Morrison, his middle name being changed to Mitchell after the birth of his younger brother Robert and his next of kin is listed as his then estranged wife Josephine Morrison with Mrs. John Wayne in parenthesis. Here for the first time is the first hard evidence that Wayne volunteered for potentially dangerous service with the equivalent of today’s C.I.A., and the papers are not out of someone’s attic, but official government documents. The only way Wayne’s application would have wound up in the National Archives is if it had actually been submitted to the O.S.S. The National Archives was created in 1934 to house and manage all federal records, including documents, photos and film, and now includes well over 4 billion items.

      James get the facts straight before you make another “foot-in-mouth” statement.

      • Mike M. says:

        Ken W., thank you very much for setting the record straight on The Duke’s military status. James Smith obviously either didn’t do due dilligence in his research, or else perhaps he was just parroting what a friend, relative, or some liberal source was proclaiming. John Wayne did MORE for the USA, even without being in the military, like many of his Hollywood friends and co-workers did, than most people reading this posting today…..or since!! People ALSO forget, that WW II, unlike successive wars, made it very significant that those who couldn’t or didn’t serve in uniform for ANY reason, could *(and usually did) serve on the Home Front….which is exactly what John Wayne did. He made more patriotic movies about the war, during the war, than almost any other American actor. So, all those numbnuts can bitch and complain, but they really don’t know the half of it. And, you have to wonder, WHY are they making such a big deal of it, when they themselves found more creative ways to duck out of service, military or otherwise?

      • jpatrick says:

        I read that in a book I just read RKO pictures had alot to do with Wayne not being able to enlist

    • Phillip C. Payton says:

      John Wayne tried to enlist but was turned down due to an injury to his knee’s. The Government also said that he would do more good making the films. The films were made for PATRIOTIC reasons and to help the war effort. So many actors were turned down for just that reason…

    • marie Hoffman says:

      You don’t know what you are talking about Mr.Smith, Do your will find out why he was not able to enlist.

    • Bradley Rea says:

      PIss ON You James Smth!!!

    • Cherie says:

      he wasn’t a draft dodger you idiot he had an injury that stopped him! He tried enlisting more then once!

    • Terri says:

      Your lack of knowledge about the Duke doesn’t give you the right to make false accusations against him. You aren’t fit to wipe his boots.

  2. RALPH DRAKE says:

    MY DAD WAS A REAL LIFE HERO…..5 BRO0NZE STARS ONLY BEGINS TO LIST ALL THE AWARDS HE RECIVED FOR HIS SERVICE TO HIS COUNTRY…he would bristle at the very sight of as he called him “MARION!”… dad would laugh out loud as big a Hoss Courghtright who he resembled when he would speak of Marion and the fact that MR. Wayne didn’t serve because his pre induction physical revealed he had “Pigone toes”….like so many of his generation Lewis Gorden Drake enlisted on Dec8th1941..the Induction Dr.’s told him Lewie…”you have a heart murmer”…he told the Docks…”never mind, just sign my papers…I’m going”…so during the Viet Nam war (which he supported) while the “Duck…the Duke” was so vocal agianst the anti war protesters he would laugh and jeer when Marion..the Pigioned Toe Patriot showed up in the news! Mr. Wayner is a prime example of “The bravery of being out of range!’ just like Chenney, Ron Reagan Rumsfield, Mitt Romney & G.W.Bush and so many of the Conservatives who have problem sending your son or daugther in to harms way. I say we send the office holders and the vocal pro war arm chair warriers in to battle ahead of our combatans when ever war is declared. Here’s to those who served and tto Sgt.Lewis Drake…and to hell with old Duke Wayne!

    • Tracie says:

      PLEASE learn to spell your words BEFORE you type them!!! It quite annoying to try to decipher someone’s comments when you are trying to determine exactly what they are saying amid all of the misspelled words. And, by the way, ALL of those men you mentioned above, are 10x the man Obama will EVER THINK of being!!!

    • Billy Hall says:

      John Wayne WAS an American Hero. He did more to help recruite solders because of his movies, commercials and speeking engaements than any other single human being!! John Wayne was asked to the White House by Demacrat and Republican Presidents to gain his help in fighting the wars by making war movies our young men were fighting, so you can take your opinion ralph drake and shuff them where the sun don’t shine. Deal with THAT!!!

    • bill tipp says:

      Mr. , RALPH DRAKE did you serve or you just riding daddy’s coat tails? sounds like your overly proud of daddy to the point he was God sent above all others…as i see it Nam didn’t need any one else but ya daddy…now go to ya room..

    • Ken W says:

      No disrespect to your father. I have that medal also, and your father is mistaken. He was probably reading a political snipes comments on a man who could not understand why loving your country was considered over patriotic.

    • Phillip C. Payton says:

      And YOU, Mr. Drake have spent how many years in the Military??? Was it ARMY your Dads old outfit??? How Many?? I did my nine (9) years, how about YOURS….

  3. Beverly says:

    How wrong you people are. John Wayne wanted to enlist for the war, but his hollywood bosses said no, he could do more for the war effort making all the WWII movies. Which he did and raised a lot of money for the war effort. He always regretted not having served in the military. Please people before you judge get the facts.

  4. Rick Harter says:

    Just because he didn’t serve in the military, didn’t John Wayne make any less of an American patriot.

  5. Dave Cramer says:

    Ralph, you are a sad bitter man. You don’t know Mr Wayne’s heart and to make personal attacks to a dead man is the essence of a coward. Surely your better than that. You can never compare who did what during any emergency. Let others make their path, you make yours and we bless each others the best we can. I enjoyed your story of honor, that many of us have. Grandfathers,Uncles, and Dads, that served and sacrificed. Bless all good hearted folks for all anyone can do is try.

    • bill tipp says:


      • My father (Navy) got his greatest joy on his 50th wedding anniversary to my mother, when my Aunt Jane told him she had just finished a book by John Wayne’s daughter. She told of her father’s love of this country, and his sadness of not being able to fight with the other patriots of this great land. She also told that Mr. Wayne had a “Death Bed Conversion” and was saved before dying. My Daddy was a retired minister, and was excited to know that he would be able to spend eternity in heaven with his favorite HERO. My guess is that Daddy went looking for Mr Wayne shortly after meeting his “Heavenly Father”.

    • Mike M. says:

      Dave Cramer, well said sir, well said. My thoughts also leant towards Mr. Drake’s bitterness and biased perspective. He is indicative of so many Liberals, Progressives, and angry people who are deluded by political correctness, social justice, multiculturalism, etc….all of which is pablum for wanna-bee socialists, Marxists, and others who seek the dissolving of the USA. Perhaps he should consider moving next to Michael Moore!!!

  6. Mary Marshall says:

    Thank you Ken W. for your information. My whole family grew up watching John Wayne Movies and have always thought him a true American . It was refreshing to receive that information instead of reading ignorant chatter with no basis for the truth opinions. Other heroes are Charlton Heston, Jimmy Stewart, Clint Eastwood and others of the old Hollywood. There are people who say things like, “For the first time in my adult life, I’m truly proud of my Country” when their husband becomes the Democratic nominee for President. How ignorant of her ,you would think that from 100 years ago she would have understood how GREAT THIS COUNTRY IS AND HOW BLESSED WE AS AMERICANS TRULY ARE!

  7. Corena M says:

    I grew up watching John Wayne and he was a symbol of what a man should be. Way to go Ken for setting these other people straight!!1 We need more MEN like him. Not these fairies that wear earrings, paint their fingernails and still live at home with their parents.

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