The Nurses of M.A.S.H.

While only one nurse was credited as a main character (Major Margaret “Hot Lips” Houlihan) because she was the head nurse, there was a large number of other nurses that appeared throughout the series. Some of them had no lines at all, being nothing else than extras in the background, while some of them had only the role of refusing Hawkeye’s advances.

Here are some of these nurses, who have appeared in more than a couple of episodes.

Kellye Yamato (played by Kellye Nakahara) first appeared in season 2, episode 14, although she was not credited. Before that, however, she popped-up in other two episodes in the same season, but in much smaller roles (if it can be said so). Her name is mentioned in the credits only starting from season 4, episode 8. She is credited in 44 episodes.

Ginger Bayliss (played by Odessa Cleveland) was the most recognizable nurse from the first two seasons, and she is one of the nurses that are clearly announced at the end of the pilot episode as being listed for 4077th surgical hospital. She is credited for 20 episodes.

Nurse Bigelow (played by Enid Kent) is one of the nurses who played with Hawkeye on numerous occasions. Flirtatious, her relationship with him was mainly based on wittiness, although she had the occasion of being a support for him when he went blind. Her first name is Peggy (as said in the 7th episode of the 6th season) and appears in the credits of 13 episodes.

Nurse Jo Ann (played by Jo Ann Thompson) is credited for 11 episodes, although her name is mentioned in the series only two times. In the last episode of the show, she decides to remain in the army.

Margie Cutler (played by Marcia Strassman) is the nurse that has kept both Hawkeye and Trapper guessing, without letting either one of these two know who she had in mind. She is credited for 6 episodes, with her most memorable scene being the one which actually introduced her in the 3rd episode of season 1: running covered only with a towel, which she loses pretty soon.

Barbara Bannerman (played by Bonnie Jones) is one of the nurses Hawkeye had his eyes on, trying to woo her by praising her analytical mind. Obviously, she doesn’t fall for it. She is credited for 3 episodes, appearing also in other two.

Nurse Able (played by Judy Farrell) is credited for 7 episodes, being one of the nurses that organized a bridal shower for Margaret. At the end of the show, she announces that she will be the best nurse in Oklahoma.

Nurse Baker (played by Jan Jorden) is credited for 8 episodes and she is also one of the nurses Hawkeye flirted with. In the last episode of the show, she announced that she wanted to get into maternity or pediatrics, for she wanted to help bring people back into the world.

Nurse Shari (played by Shari Saba) is, obviously, hunted by Hawkeye, who wants to get warm and cozy with her. But she refuses and opts for a stimulating conversation instead. She appears in the credits of 11 episodes, although she is uncredited for many others.

Leslie Scorch (played by Linda Meiklejohn) is introduced as Henry Blake’s main squeeze – while the regulations forbade such a relationship, it is obvious that nobody gave a damn about them. She is credited for 8 episodes.

Of course, there are numerous other nurses that are featured over the course of the entire series. However, they appear only in one or two episodes.

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