The “New” Y & R …or Not Really?

There is a new writing team adding spice to “Y&R,” and so far, the brisk pacing of the soap opera have been exciting and enjoyable. The angles of the camera are more interesting and the plot is much more tightened with lots of things going on with the drama series.  Audiences are regaled to see all the ingredients of a heart wrenching soap series such as family feuds, life changes such as retirement, revisiting the past, the entrance of a mystery woman into the scene, and the rivalries.

Who wouldn’t love the new “Y&R,” especially with Phyllis welcoming a new phase in her life as she struggles with her own heartache?  As she tries to survive a painful divorce, she may now have to face the betrayal of her sister as well.  While she hates the idea of Nick and Christine being together and shows how enraged she was, it was a different story altogether with Avery.  The plot thickens as another character reemerges with Summer connecting with Avery in the series as well.

With Catherine retiring and Cane’s promotion dissolving into thin air, the storyline gets even better with the introduction of a mystery woman who is obviously the perfect exit for Genevieve.  The scene where Victor goes back to the ranch and the continuing fight among the Newmans keeps the audience guessing as to what will happen next.  There are a lot of questions that leave people wondering about the actions and motives of all the characters involved.  Viewers are asking questions like who will end up with each other, how will the feud between Phyllis and Christine go as the series continues, or why did Adam bring Sharon into his property knowing that it will be likely discovered by Chelsea.

Many fans have wondered why Sharon and Adam were even reunited. It makes the character of Sharon weaker, putting her at the mercy of another Newman after enduring the loss of her daughter and the pain of Nichols’ betrayal.  The ranch make-over was also greatly appreciated by the fans, bringing in some light and colors that the Newman home needs.  It also marks the new beginning for Victor and Nikki. And yes! A lot of viewers found Avery’s daydreams hot and sizzling!

No wonder this series has lasted for years.  It keeps people guessing and at the edge of their seat! With the introduction and reintroduction of the characters and story line, the series unfolds to give its viewers what it wants: drama, suspense and interesting twists and plots. How would the story go? What other surprises does this soap opera have in store for us? Let’s make some wild guesses and assumptions in the comments below.



  1. when is Phyllis gonna get her just do. it’s extremely redundant how she screws up everybody’s life & walks away with a smile.

    • sandra says:

      Phyllis needs to pay for what she did. She will not be brought up on this charge being she was set free. Get her on something else. God knows she has done it all and more… I would like to see Adam and Victor on the same side. They are father and son and need that relationship. (Of course Victor is not the best role model)…Adam and Chelsea need to make their marriage work and fight the odds of all the infidelty and the bad vibes around them…Victoria should never had asked Billy to do wrong to his brother. I like this couple together and feel they need to fight for that right to be the strongest couple around…Bring Sam back to be the backbone for Sharon might be a good thing. Sharon needs some help but not from Adam for sure…The writers seem to better then the ones before. Just hope they keep it going. Just sayin’

      • marilyn mccafferty says:

        Nooo!! Not Sam..he was sooo boring.

      • Judy says:

        I agree, Sam just disappeared. Bring him back into the story line to help Sharon.

      • Laura Schultz says:

        Victor needs to be held accountable for all the problems his manipulating has made. Thought after almost being killed in the blast he was going to change but he is as evil as ever. If you are going to bring younger actors in, PLEASE, PLEASE make sure they can act. So far I do not see it. They are as bad as Sharon.

        • Debbie Jeffrey says:

          So agree with you Sharon’s acting seems to just get worse each year!!
          She looks like a deer caught in headlights ;(

        • Dolores Cozzo says:

          Victor needs to be given some redeeming qualities, he’s starting to get hard to watch. You start to seem some with Nickey and then he is doing something else behind her back which you know will probably be the beginning of the end again. Victoria needs to grow-up and stop being sucked in by her father’s schemes. I know it’s her father, but come on, he caused her to loose her son, had her arrested on her wedding day, locked her husband up in foreign jail and on and on.

    • marie hansen says:

      Keep Heather i love her and Daniel together. Adam and Chelsie great couple leave alone and Nick and avery. Need more stable relationships.

    • Lidya Maldonado says:

      All I can say is that Phyllis needs to pay for everything sge has done, I have watched sinse she was pregnant with Daniel n lied to Danny just to give cricket a hard time when is she ever going to pay for all the bad thing she has done. Yall show us real things that happen in real life now show us that people have to pay for what they do wrong!!!!!! Im so upset with my fav. soap!!!!!!!!

    • Cheryl Jordan says:

      I really think that Phyllis should pay for what she did to Paul and Christine! Nick & Avery belong together! Adam & Chelsea make a good couple and I do not think that Adam should be the bad guy all the time, because he has good motives. Victor & Nikki belong together and Chloe & Kevin belong together too. Lily & Cane belong together. Also, Michael & Lauren belong together too.
      With regards to Sharon, she needs to get her life together and be more stable for her children, especially Faith!

  2. I LOVE this soap…cannot stand Sharon anymore… since they took away the “soap channel” I have to make SURE to be home to watch it… wish I could go online to see each day’s episode

  3. Darlene says:

    I’m wanting Phyllis to pay for what she did to Paul and Christine. Avery and Nick belong together (loved the daydreams of Avery). Jack needs to stop wanting more and finally realize he has enough to make him happy without Newman Enterprises. Maybe the surgery for Jack will give him an out of body experience that will help him understand how to proceed in life. Sharon needs to be in a sanitarium. Adam and Chelsea are perfect for one another. Adam needs to be completely honest with Chelsea about him helping Sharon.

  4. Darlene says:

    I’m wanting Phyllis to pay for what she did to Paul and Christine. Avery and Nick belong together (loved the daydreams of Avery). Jack needs to stop wanting more and finally realize he has enough to make him happy without Newman Enterprises. Maybe the surgery for Jack will give him an out of body experience that will help him understand how to proceed in life. Sharon needs to be in a sanitarium. Adam and Chelsea are perfect for one another. Adam needs to be completely honest with Chelsea about him helping Sharon.

    • Myra Robinson says:

      I agree,Phyllis needs to pay for what stuff she has done. I like Adam and Chelsea and Billy and Victoria. and I like chloe and Kevin and Lauren and her man. Victor is always munipulating someone and then he accuses others of doing the same thing.

  5. Terri says:

    I was so happy that someone burned the ranch down………it has had the same decor since the early 80′s. Of course with the string of women in and out of Victor’s life no one has had time to re-decorate. I hope they make Kane and Lily the stable couple on the show and I hope they send Sharon packing, she is the worst actress ever!

    • Crazy Cora says:

      I think Sharon is a very good actress, but her character needs to go. They need to remodel the house that Adam and Chelsea live in too. It is not them and is to dark. I think they should update most of the sets for peoples homes in this soap.

      • Elma says:

        I am soooo tired of Sharon. Do something with her character or send her away somewhere. It seems to me the writers have written this storyline into a no-win situation. Victor must get his company back and what happened to the shares that Abby bought? Surely this will be enough to get the company back to the Newmans.

        • Myra Robinson says:

          they also need to do something different with the women’s hair.the one person I really like is Lily. so far she is doing fine.

  6. SHARON ZECH says:


    • sandra says:

      Make Phyllis pay for what she did to Paul and Christine. Don’t think she and Rowan should be together but can’t find anyone else who should put up w/her. Make Chelsea & Adam a great couple. Give Billy and Victoria need to be a powerhouse couple but for themselves and not family buttin’.

      • Elma says:

        I agree. Billy and Victoria should be happy at last. Stop this interference in their lives. they are great together.

      • It is just my opinion but the show has become “Helter skelter” too much for me.All of the young people are gone as well as some not so young. I like Abby and Genevive. Please make Victor less abrassive and Niki less of a clinger.

    • Spacy says:

      Sharon Zech you said it Perfectly !!!!!!!!!!! A little normalcy is good and putting certain people together just make you smile and we need a little more to smile about :)

    • Jackie says:

      I think Nick and Avery are not exciting enough together and her sisters Ex?? That’s pretty gross she’s

    • KatieRose says:

      Ditto on most everthing you said except about Phyllis.. she needs to get a life and stop having the gall to spit filth at her sister for cheating on her husband years ago? Where was SHE when Avery needed HER? Gone. being the bitch that she is.. She doesn’t deserve to be happy. just sayin.. lol!

  7. Just keep the stories coming and i will continue to watch until the end of time!!The Young and The Restless is AWESOME!!!!

    • janet says:

      Yes I love Y&R keep it going..
      Bring Sam back for Sharon! She need some one like Sam..
      Phyllis needs to pay for her sins.
      Nick & Arvey a good match.
      love the story line.

  8. Nora says:

    I cannot believe you will not give the fans what they want, especially fans who have been loyal since day one. I want Phyllis to finally get hers. Abby needs to stay on the show, as she is loved by even older people like myself. I am disappointed that Phyllis got away with everything she did, but even more disappointed that Abby is leaving the show.

    Very discouraged fan~

    • Amanda says:

      When is Abby leaving? This is the first, that I have heard about it.

    • Crazy Cora says:

      I agree! They are making the wrong people leave the show. I heard Heather is leaving also, and that (to me) is soooo wrong. Sharon and Phyllis should leave. I would also like to see more of Catherine and Murphey together

    • Terri says:

      I am glad that Sharon is finally showing her true colors. I am of the opinion that she always had it in her. And they have shown that through the years yet she has “gotten away with it”. And Phyllis has paid enough. It’s ONLY a story! I wish there were at least a couple of other “couples” that go through problems but come out together on the other side of it…better people. I’m glad that they are coming up with new “bad” guys/girls.

  9. Patricia says:

    Love the new writing. The story has taken on a new look. Actors are really acting, lots of drama as well as romantic scenes, like those with Avery and Nick. Keep up the good work, and hurry up with the new characters. We need to have some interesting black character story lines. Not ones about drugs and homelessness.

  10. Patricia says:

    I liked Genevieve, hate to see her go.

  11. marilyn mccafferty says:

    I think Adam may want Chelsea to discover Sharon in the cottage, in hopes she will leave him, because he still loves Sharon…at least more than he loves Chelsea. I have come to like Chelsea and I think she and Adam have something special, but I think Sharon is the love of Adams life and he can’t let go of her. That, is real life.
    Sharon recently has infuriated me with her actions, but I don’t think she deserves all the blame for her actions. The Newmans could drive a saint to commit God knows what. For me, I don’t want to see Chelsea hurt, but I’m a Sharon/Adam fan.

  12. Agatha P. Townsend says:

    I love Young and Restless, love keeping Billy and Victoria together, Phyllis can take a hike, her sister Avery deserves some happiness after al the unhappiness Phyllis has caused and get Sharon to insane asylum as fast as you can , no more men to use up. Want Victor to keep his family together, and be the matriarch he is! Thank you for new writers, lets keep this soap alive!

  13. Cathy says:

    This article was not all that revealing as to what is going to happen. It does not tell anything to us, as an audience, that we didn’t already know. All I was able to get out of it was that they have new writers. Big Deal! My main complaint now is that Phylis doens’t have gorgeous red hair that was sexy and well…it was Phylis! Now she still being called ‘Red’, but is apparently clear to our eyes she does not have red hair! Oh and alll the kids are grown now, mostly. What about Chloe & Billy’s daughter? Faith looks to be maybe 5 or 6. Don’t get used to it, she will be 18 next spring and grad. H.S., no doubt. Things move way too fast on here sometimes, and right now is one of those times. I have watched since day#1, and will continue, until I can’t anymore.

  14. Lizzie says:

    Fans have been loving Y&R for years. Its always been wild and fun. I love the new Noah and I always wanted Nic to hook up with Christine.

  15. Lizzie says:

    New tiest on B&B love it. Never thought Bill would go there, but I love this s/l with Katie. Sorry to see the older folks disappearing but thats life.

    • Elma says:

      I cannot understand why Steffy and Thomas have such a big say in the business, they are not even Forresters by birth. Would love to see Rick and Thorn take over the business.

      • Sherri says:

        Steffy and Thomas are Stephanie’s natural granchildren. The money to build/create Forrester Creations came from Stephanie’s father. While I agree that Thorne should have a bigger role, Steffy and Thomas have as much, if not more, rights to be in the business than Brooke’s son Rick and certainly more right than Hope.

  16. Lizzie says:

    Oh, I forgot. I love Sharon(Y&R)my girl is always in some kind of trouble. I like her.

  17. Donna says:

    So far very intrigueing and love the fact Noah will be coming out. I suspected all long he was gay. Hated to see Abby and Heather go.

    • Sherri says:

      Where did you get the idea Noah was gay? He was in love with Eden before he went to New York. He had love affair with Adrianna while in New York.

  18. dorothy christen says:

    while the soap is still awesome, can’t imagine why they would fire 4 of the best actresses on any soap!!

  19. Cindi says:

    Since the new writers have taken over the demise of Genoa City I have been waiting for the fireworks to fly and so far I have been very disappointed. Why would you get rid of such a great actress as Genie Francis or Eileen Davidson?
    What’s with all the music and the staring and dreaming? Come on, give us a break. We are the fans, we know the show and most of us have been watching for so many years we can recite all that has gone on from day one.
    Who says they are headed in a direction that will be great, well so far I see it’s just falling on it’s face.

  20. happyatthehouse says:

    i have been watching y & r from day one. i was 16. its losing its spit and fire. enough of the phyllis and christine stuff..hate christine and women like her, there are more fans that relate to phyllis not christine. phyllis is paying for what she did, she has lost it all. nick is weak and cannot function without a woman. sharon is awful, has gotten everything she deserves and its time for her to exit. victor and nicki need to get it right and be done with it. catherine is a doll, michael should go back to being michael, bring back more of sophia, she is so cool and strong. adam is finally a decent guy and you are putting right back into the hands of the real evil will ruin him and he will lose chelsea who has turned out to be a really wonderful addition to this fading cast…avery..yes..cain..yes..paul..yes..ronan..hell yes…even noah who has a secret that we all are pretty sure we know what that is going to be(wink) the show and would hate to see it go but dont get to crazy you are going lose alot of your life long followers

  21. Angel says:

    Love Phyllis and she and Ronan are great. Nick is spoiled and can’t last a day without a woman. Christine – ugh – who cares it was 20+ years ago – get on with your life and stop whining! Billy and Victoria – Yes, Adam NOT with Sharon. Will always love Mrs. C – Tucker is a loser and now Jill is back just in time for him to use her again. And Jack – get over it you will NEVER be Victor. Bring Abby back! Okay that is all for now. Still Love Phyllis – Avery needs to find her own man not her big sisters ex’s. Hey maybe Christine and Neil that would stir up some talk!

    • NoMoreCandy4U says:

      I agree with u Angel, love Phyllis the show needs her. Nick is a wimp. I hope the Bug leaves town, so boring and whinie. Love Billy & Victoria together. I say let Jack get a break, he’s really a good guy that wants power. Avery is a slut to go after her sister husband, why would u want seconds? and Nick is no better. Miss Ashley and Sophia.
      Team Phyllis!!!!

  22. E. S. Thompson says:

    You need to bring Dru back. Perhaps scared from her fall. She and Sharon could meet at some rescue center or something. Dru could always bring excitement to the show. Philliis and Ronan do not belong together. The girl that plays Summer looks like Sharon! Really?!

    Dru could be a bit “mad” and keep Phillis looked up.

  23. Zanetta says:

    I agree with the person that says we need Dru back. Neil needs to have her back and the show needs someone that will bring excitement. I am so mad that Phillis and Tucker did not get what they deserve. I was hoping that Samantha was alive and Tucker found out that she was his daughter. Y&R have a habit of missing out on what could have been a great story line. I am hoping that Christine will encounter Isabella when she goes to California. This is a chance to make a really exciting story line. If Isabella is holding Daisy hostage.

  24. TenaJ says:

    You know everyone wants to blame Nick about cheating on Sharon w/Phyllis when Cassie dies but Ive watched this show for the last 20 years .. does no one remember that Sharon disappeared, started fooling around w/the crazy man that beat her and almost killed her then she killed him and covered up his murder and thats when Nick and Phyllis got together. They really dont know what to do with min she is a strong woman and the other she is being led like a dog on the leash by any man that was nice to her. And Phyllis is sorry about what she did one min and then she is back to the old conniving B** she use to be. The fact that both Christine & Phyllis cannot move on after 20 years is childish and that storyline is disappointing. Hell the Rickey storyline has died down so much who cares even more Apparently the writers could not come up with anything else what a a shame.

  25. Crazy Cora says:

    I am not so sure I like the direction the show is taking. They have to many people that are evil at the same time. You can have nice but evil characters, like Phyllis use to be. Abby NEEDS to come back. She was just bubbly, pretty and a great character. Instead of changing all of the people into evil people or crazy people. how about remodeling their living quarters? To many dark sets and not reflecting the characters that supposedly live in them.

  26. Jennifer says:

    I’m not liking this story line so far. I think this new writing team has a hatred for Victor. Since they took over, Victor lost Newman Ent, his house…which is good to bring a new house and decor into the works for them…and Victoria is kidnapped. And to find out on here all these characters are leaving the show…not cool. So, that tells us that Abby…since she’s leaving….is also not gonna fight for Newman…Poor Victor…Another blow to him! They should be developing stories for the ones who are leaving.

  27. Cookie says:

    I love the show! not happy with certain people leaving….why are Genevieve, Abby, Heather being written off the show? I heard Billy is going too? get rid of Cane & Lily…..BORING BORING! I knew something would come between Adam & Chelsea…..she acts like she’s owned that house for years….Daniel & Heather just stopped seeing each other….that was odd….and Daisy dropped out of sight, no mention of her….why are they bringing in characters for Sarge….I was hoping they’d develop his storyline with Harmony….Angie & Jesse from AMC…get it….she’s gone….is Phyllis still with Ronan…….I figured there were new writers….also new music….the music is great! I guess we’ll see how things go!

  28. marilyn says:

    I love, love, love Averys apt. So bright, airy and cheerful. Unlike most of the stuffy, ornate or ‘cold’ homes.

  29. Darla says:

    Been watching this show over 30 years. I have never like Cricket or Danny. Phillis needs her hair back, Abby needs to stay. What about Daniel and Heather, they are a great couple and now she’s leaving? I love Adam and Chelsea together, Sharon needs Sam to come back. I’m glad the ranch burned, I been hating on those curtains that Sharon pulled down for years!! lol

  30. Sandy says:

    Love the show have watched it for over 25 years, don’t care for the Sharon story line anymore boring,, time to move on, so far like the new writers idea’s, more Avery and Nick like that, keep Michael and Lauren involved more.. Great work!

  31. Kelly says:

    I do like how things have changed, I’m 35 and I’ve watched this show my whole life. The people feel like my own family. I enjoy the fact that there are issues that come up in everyday life it makes them feel more real. also Sharon needs a good man who will except her and her kids as they are sweep her off her feet. Maybe a cross between Mick and Adams good looks and Sams kind heart and values. Its time for her to find happiness and have a family and settle down to raise her little girl. I agree philis needs to get what’s conimg to her and soon. Nick and Avery wow what a great couple there excited to see where that goes. They look great and he deserves a NORMAL woman for a change. Maybe they can open a bakery together he has the brains to run a business and she can bake and cook.

    • Kelly says:

      Btw this thing with Christin and philis is old and boring. Time to bag that and move on. I’m to the point I fast forward that part when its on. I am excited about the mystery with Cane and his mother.

  32. Mary says:

    I’ve been watching this show for ages. For the most part I love it! Katherine Chancellor never ages, and she’s awesome! Love Adam and Chelsea together! Get Sharon someone of her own…please please please!! She’s been through all the Newman men…Sam was not strong enough to compliment her chararcter and keep her in line….she needs someone like Adam..but leave him with Chelsea…enjoy watching Nick with Avery…they are more suited then Nick and Phyllis….Phyllis..well, she needs to go back to being “Red”….spit fire all the way…and I think she was best when she was with Jack..both strong and THERE’s a couple!! Just because Cricket’s (Bell)family owns the show doesn’t mean we need to see this cocky self-centered bully whining about what happened 20 yrs ago…the judge threw it out..GET OVER IT!!!! Even Paul said that…Let it go!!

  33. Melissa McCurry says:

    Love your show for years!! Good direction lately .. time to “mix it up” .. altho PLEASE do not lose the respected “formula that worked” and kept Y&R #1 for years!! Meaning, good core storyline, based on family and business networks. No ridiculous death, re emerge from death, dumb story lines, that have brought other soaps to their demise .. (eg AMC).. Some story lines are good .. did NOT like choice that Paul shot son .. too much vigilante justice in our world today. There was time to reach phone instead of gun … and in real life, he’d be in jail, not out, checking things out … ps RE: knife find, and disregard was ridiculous .. still should be relevant, of course water flow would remove prints! duh! Where is Nina lately? While Cricket over acts? Good bye Chris & Heather… another recast, or hair color? lol. Re Sharon … boy have the writers ripped any integrity from that woman. Wish her mom was around long ago to take her away. Re Adam and Chelsea, sad story re baby gone, and his need to ‘rescue’ a guilty / crazy Sharon. And if he’s so intelligent with his college degree, there is really no logical reason Adam ever stayed in Genoa City .. oh ya, we need a Newman villian …lol. Thumbs up Nick & Avery. But boy do things happen fast in GC .. like the Newman takeover … Adam in charge … things that make us go hmmm….. PS put Phyllis and her daughter in jail .. soon. 8-) mkm

  34. Lynda says:

    Love some of the new changes. I really like Avery’s apartment. Cheered when Sharon burned down the ranch. That place was so outdated. A man of Victor’s wealth would have updated 20 years ago. I mean he still had a phone with a cord.

  35. Gina says:

    Y&R hired writers from other soaps that were taken off the air…really people, did it not enter your mind as to WHY they were taken off? I love watching the Young, have watched it since day one, but the way they are changing things, taking great actors off..just give it time and the Young will be yet another soap of the past

  36. Amy says:

    Love Y & R…..but think I am the only one who would love to Sharon & Nick back together for good…..they always had a good chemistry til Phyllis came into the picture……

  37. Sheryl Ask says:

    Please leave SHARON on the show! Are you kidding me. She is awesome. When the story had her with NICK her acting was better because they CLICKED…and cameras do not lie. Sharon and Nick need to put their family back together and give AMERICA some ole fashioned values…married for better or for worse….

  38. Marnie says:

    Y&R waa doing fine until JFP took over. This my soap opera friends is the beginning of the end for Y&R. JFP “took over” AMC and OLTL and look where they are now……GONE!! She tried to do the same for GH but was FIRED before more damage was done.
    Hopefully before the show has ended Phyllis will pay and pay again for all the lives she has entered and ruined. Victor needs to be sent to jail for all the evil he has done. I am sorry all my fave actresses have left, but this is how the ‘end’ starts. JFP takes perfectly good characters and ruins them beyond repair….. What can I say, enjoy what’s left. I hope someone wises up and JFP will be gone before the show is.

  39. I love Phyllis & Nick,need to get em bak together,pooey on Sharon yucko

  40. Diana says:

    I was thinking the same thing wow that would shake up things on Y&R

  41. Phyllis needs to be accountable for her actions of what she did to that guy that she killed & whats going on with tucker , heard the other day that hes leaving the show , they have his character moving .
    saw him talking to Jeannie cooper { Catherine . that hes leaving.. Avery & nick are good for each other m shes better for him then Phyllis was. Sharon needs to move on & find someone else to bother.
    she is trying for Adam.. victor needs to quit being so evel & sit back & relax with nicky, & enjoy life,
    & quit being so greedy.

  42. Donelle DeWitt says:

    Some of the new younger actors need to learn their lines better or to improvise better. The new Noah is such a cutie but it’s so obvious that he’s reading cues. The veterans of Y&R are excellent, IMO, at making their lines appear natural. It makes a big difference to me in making the story lines feel believable (as much as possible).

  43. Who Ami says:

    I say, GO GAY! Bring back the lawyer who was representing Adam, that Adam had a quickie with to keep the lawyer off the trail of his lies. I cannot remember the lawyers name…dangit…but it would be great to watch him mix it up with Noah or some other assumed straight character and see how Genoa City reacts.

  44. KatieRose says:

    I’m about tired of Lauren and her holier than touh attitude. Geeze! That little brat FEN.. sheesh! He is nothing but a brat. spoiled and she did it. She needs to go crawl back under the rock she came out from under. Christine and Michael. now that might just be a match! Sharon needs to leave Adam alone and he and Chelsea need to get back together before he finds out she’s pregnant again and steals that kid and gives it to Sharon or somebody or sells it! Adam needs to turn into a good guy, be with Chelsea and have a ton of kids or smack Lilly in the face along with her Daddy and let Caine get with Chelsea.. just some crazy ideas.. Just keep on writing team, you’re doing Great! Even though I think poor Catherine (Jeanne Cooper) actually does have a bit of dementia in RL and is probably the one retiring. If you guys have anything to do with taking a show off, get rid of that blasted no good Bold and the Beautiful! What a horrible wife swapping show! Anyooo.. my husband and I both are addicted to Y &R!!!

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