The Munsters Fan’s Favorite Episodes


“The Munsters In Color”

Herman takes midnight strolls, Grandpa turns into a wolf, Herman is in an automobile accident.  These are the themes of the three episodes of the Munsters listed below:

“Walk on the Mild Side”, 1964

Herman is unable to sleep at night worrying about his high electric bills.  To relieve some of the stress he starts taking short walks in the park around midnight.  Other people see him and tell the police there is a monster roaming the park.  There is also a thief roaming in the park.  Lily hears about the monster and worries about Herman, never realizing he is the person they are seeing.  The Police Commissioner sends the Police Chief to the park to investigate with threats of a demotion if he does not succeed in finding the monster.

While this is going on in the park Grandpa is at home inventing a machine to help Eddie grow.

“Grandpa’s Call of the Wild”, 1965

Eddie thinks it will be fun for the family to go camping for a few days.  Everyone except Marilyn piles into the car and they head for the campgrounds.  Marilyn stays at home to study.

After settling in, Herman and Eddie go fishing and Herman catches a fried fish from another campsite.  Later in the evening they hear the sound of wolfs howling in the distance.  This reminds Grandpa of his youth in Transylvania.  He feels homesick for the old days and so turns himself into a wolf.  For some reason he is not able to reverse the spell and as a wolf, he is hunted and captured by the park staff.  Lily and Herman need to rescue Grandpa before he is sent to a zoo.  They need to get him back home so they can reverse the spell and return him to normal.

“Herman’s Lawsuit”, 1966

Coming home from the store one day Herman’s car is hit by a woman.  When she sees Herman she thinks she has permanently disfigured him.  The woman decides she’ll settle out of court and offers Herman $10,000.

Herman and Lily misunderstand the offer and think they are being sued for $10,000.  Then when they don’t accept the original offer the woman offers to double the amount.  This makes Herman think he now needs $20,000.  In order to spare the family Herman runs away.

Lily talks with the woman who caused the accident and realizes they are being offered the money and not being sued for it.  She and Grandpa work to convince Herman to come back home.

These are just three of The Munsters sitcom episodes.  The series ran from 1964 to 1966 and was a show the entire family could enjoy together.


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