The Munsters An Average American Family!

the munsters

“An Average family”

The Munsters was a family comedy show in the mid 1960s.  They were a blue collar family of strange monsters who thought they were pretty normal people.  The family was made up of Herman (Fred Gwynne), the father, Lily (Yvonne De Carlo), his wife, their son Eddie, Niece Marilyn  and Grandpa.

My personal favorite was the loveable Herman.  Herman was very kind to everyone but did not seem able to discern when someone was being dishonest or deceptive to him.  He was naive and his temperament was a bit like a child.  Herman was known to throw tantrums, stamp his foot  or roar like an animal if he became frustrated. When he stamped his foot it would cause the plaster to fall.

Herman was supposed to be head of the household.  In reality his wife made most of the decisions.  He was the bread winner too.  On rare occasions Lily or Grandpa would try to earn some money only they never were successful.

Herman was employed by a funeral home and was accepted by his fellow employees.  They did not seem to notice his green completion.  (In fact, all the Munsters except the daughter had a green hue.) At times the company car, hearse, would stop by the house to pick Herman up.  He would go in the back door and ride where a casket usually would be.

His fellow employees did take notice at his height and strength. Herman  was thought to weigh over 350 pounds and stand over seven feet tall.  At work,  he could be very useful since he  was able to lift occupied caskets by himself .

At home Herman and Grandpa come up with strange schemes.  Sometimes they were successful and other times Lily had to scold them.  Grandpa was a bit of a mad scientist who could also turn himself into a wolf or bat. Lily said if not for Herman Grandpa would be living in a cave somewhere.

Herman, Lily and Grandpa were all very old.  Herman was created by Dr. Frankenstein in the 1800s and he was later adopted by the Munsters family in Shroudshire England. In fact, Herman was the 5th Earl of Shroudshire.  He later moved to Transylvania where he met and married Lily.  Finally Herman and Lily and Grandpa (her father) moved to America.

The original Munsters series  ran one night a week for only 2 years.  It was canceled due to low ratings.  The Munsters was filmed in black and white and they were not able to compete with another popular series filmed in color.  The Munsters show became very  popular in later years in reruns and syndications.


  1. jeff says:

    i just wanted to clear something up. they only had 1 kid eddie. marilyn munster was lily munsters niece.

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