The John/Todd/Starr Show

Why is it so important to make sure the three stars from One Life To Live have a job on General Hospital? Apparently they came to the show because their show got canceled and a job on General Hospital kept them busy. Their One Life To Live characters fit in well in Port Charles and we grew to accept them- vampires and all.

However, they were forced to leave. It wasn’t too heartbreaking as they’d only been part of General Hospital for a short time. Some characters have been part of the soap for years but they get released and we do miss them. Sometimes they come back! And we are happy to see them most of the time.

Starr, John and Todd came back too. But as totally different characters. Their weird stories seem to just rob the regular characters of screen time.

Kiki looks just like Starr and I can’t believe Michael doesn’t see this as they were so much in love. This makes Michael seem really stupid. I don’t think Starr would’ve fell in love with somebody so stupid.

John…he just looks silly. He looks like he’s wondering why he’s present in Port Charles with such a weak storyline and such a tiny ponytail. I cant’s see the original John ever having his hair in a stubby ponytail. It’s not a very good disguise. I don’t think it will take too long for Sam to fall in love with him as she certainly sees he looks just like John.

And then we have Todd. Blond Todd- totally different than the other Todd! So different he might actually be Jason! Or Franco! His Todd character was such a strong character it’s hard to separate him from this clone. I’m sure Carly would see the resemblance to Todd and if not, Todd’s distinctive voice would certainly tip her off.

It’s beginning to seem like the Starr/John/Todd show instead of the soap I know and love. Maybe they shouldn’t have come back all at the same time. Yes I know they need a job but General Hospital has always been about more than that. Theres many beloved actors whom have been let go who may have needed a job too.

Yes, everything will come together in the end and they’ll be a reason to have these three foisted upon us but the way they have all been brought back is too much to believe. I wasn’t totally satisfied with the end of the vampire segment as I expected it to make more sense then it did. But with vampires maybe one can’t expect much. And I’m not sure that is really all over now either. Not the way Lucy spazzes out when she sees John/Silas/Vampire. I would think her many talents could be better utilized away from the vampire line.

There are many tales I’d like to see finished instead of spending so much time with the OLTL castoffs. None of their stories were ended when they left which is understandable but it’s too much to see all of them back now as if they never were in Port Charles. They do not slowly reappear to help us get used to their new characters but BAM! They are front and center with new story lines while many of the regulars are left in the shadows.


  1. Linda says:

    These are total different characters..Nobody is suppose to recognize them so Michael is not playing stupid..Starr is gone..I have watched both soaps and love them both but I really like the characters they played on both soaps but do not like characters that they play now..However it might get better will just have to see how it plays out…They brought all three of them back not because they needed a jobs but because fans wanted them back…

    • Susan Passero says:

      I agree very stupid the way they brought these characters back as very different storylines, kinda ruining general hospitals reputation WTH shoulda kept original characters….. I really started to like michael & starr together plus carly & todd kinda fit personality wise, why ruin a good storyline just keep them gone UUGGHHH?!!!!

    • Alicia says:

      How can Michael and Kiki be together? Won’t they be blood related? HELLLOOO???

    • Nicole says:

      I agree with Linda. I liked their old story lines when they were on GH before why couldn’t they just come as them? I don’t like these story lines at all.

    • Diane says:

      I hope the go back to OLTL , I hate the roles Starr and Todd are playing !! And John needs to get back and fight for his wife and child. That’ where they all belong. They just don’ fit in the story line on GH. I keep praying . Jason comes back the show just isn’t the same without him !!

  2. joan blesedell says:

    do not like their reemerging. Enough. They need to find another line of work

  3. adaisyaday says:

    AGREE! At least I’m watching a few minutes less of TV after I FF through their stuff. Kiki’s weird mouth movements freak me out. And Silas is just freaky looking – will someone wash his hair and shave him – he always looks unkempt. Blonde stranger is also freaky looking. Any of that tainted water left for them to drink?

  4. Laura J says:

    I’d this to see web site disappear!!! Many of us have watched OLTL for 40 years or more. Just because some of you young whinners don’t like the new change,many are mature enough to accept it. One week and you are complaining!!! Every change and you don’t like it. Maybe someday GH will get cancelled and then you will have something to really whine about.Give the story lines a change to develope.

    • Kelly says:

      Laura J, I totally agree ! I liked the original characters they played on GH, but the network was forced to make changes, and we just have to deal with it. Instead of people complaining all the time about it,I think if they just give them half the chance they may just grow to like them. Im just grateful they are back. Specially Roger Howarth !

    • Marianne Cates says:

      I with you, stop all the whining!! It is just a SOAP OPERA. The stories are meant to be weird otherwise we wouldn’t enjoy them so much. Anything can happen in Port Charles, i.e. people come back from the dead all the time. Give the new characters some time to get settled in. I like FrancQ I think he is GREAT just like the actor that plays him. They do need to spunk up Silas’ story line, and then there is KiKi – Michael or Morgan??
      That is what makes GH so fun to watch, trying to figure out WHAT’S NEXT???

    • Lil L. says:

      Laura, I completely agree with you. But this nonsense is everywhere. People get what they want but not in the package they want so they complain. Loudly. If someone changes anything about themselves, they complain. Plots are too silly, too difficult, too violent, too happy (is there such a thing?) so they complain. I prefer to give a storyline the time it needs to figure out whether it was a wise choice or not. I’ll admit I don’t get this whole Silas Clay thing (who the hell came up with that name?). But how do I know it’s not good yet? And I see where Franco’s story is going. Don’t like it. But not because of the actors. Because we’ve seen this before: let’s redeem Franco by making him save a baby. That’s where this is headed and it’s obvious so shame on the writers. Yes, the writers! Isn’t that where the blame should go in the first place? But I’ll watch, and I’ll see. Perhaps I’m wrong. In the end, you have to see it through. So please, people, stop complaining!

  5. Angie says:

    They are ACTORS for heaven’s sake! I think it is great they are back on General Hospital. Haven’t you watched a night time show where different actors play different parts? No difference here!! I was a GH fan and I watched OLTL as well. Steve (Jason) left because HE wanted too. Robin is on sometimes…she had wanted to leave completely for other projects, but finally was talked into a part time basis. There is lots of airtime for everyone. I hate to hear all the negativity among the fans. Keep it up and we may just lose GH completely. Get behind it and support it and ALL the actors!

    • 8462zitt says:

      Thank you for being a voice of reason Angie! I don’t care for what happened with these actors or their storylines or how it happened, but it did and as with all other shows, it’s out of our control. We should speak up about what we like or don’t like so TPTB know what is working & what isn’t, but I just see why so many are so disrespectful about it. The actors play the parts that are written for them. They likely would have loved to continue playing the OLTL characters they’ve known for so long, but thanks to contract disputes & attorneys, are not allowed to. The writers came up with some ideas & got them back on the air once they were allowed to – perhaps too quickly, but this may also have been due to contract issues. I don’t care for the new characters anymore than most post-ers do so far, but I’ve just gotten to know them too. As always, it’s my fave soap & I’ll watch & see what happens next!


    who is todd playing now

    • Marcia says:

      The viewers are still in the dark about who Todd is.

    • Suzy says:

      Whoever he is, he no longer has the “Todd scar” on his face! Whoever his character is, can’t possibly match that of RH’s acting as Todd!! That was a classic character played by RH!

      • Lisa says:

        Who is RH?

        • RH is Roger Horwarth, the actor who ORIGINALLY played Todd Manning on OLTL. He then was written out and presumed dead so that Roger could take on a role in As The World Turns and the Todd character was replaced by Trevor St. John who had reconstructive surgery. When ASTWT ended OLTL brought Roger back to play Todd once again, but where did that leave Trevor. The story ended up being that the two were twins with Roger being the real Todd Manning and Trevor being Victor Lord Jr. At the end of OLTL Todd kills Victor (or at least he thinks he does) and then moved to Port Charles to be with Starr after an accident caused her to lose her daughter and her fiancee. Todd Manning is back on OLTL so Roger is playing two roles. I only started watching GH when Kristen, Roger, and Michael joined the show so I will take them anyway I can get them. Prospect Park the company that owns OLTL also owns the character names of Todd and Starr Manning and John McBain but the three actors have a contract with GH so they needed to do something. It will take a while to get used to but I like the new characters.

  7. Carolyn Smith says:

    I think we are suppose to forget the characters they played before. That’s why no one seems to recognize any resemblance. I loved Todd, Starr and John and I thought they fit really well with the GH characters. I was really glad to see them anyway I could. These three , not so much. So far I don’t care for any of the characters. Silas is mousey and strange, Kiki is obnoxious, and Roger Howarth`s character just seems one dimensional evil.

  8. Eve says:

    we do not need them on the show…

    • WANDA says:

      oh i think we do need em something to add a li more drama because it needs a lil oooph put in to it but they do need to bring back robin finish out the thing with brit mean mother that got in with jerry an shot robert with the needle that she put the paralysing drug in robin dad all that needs to come on out work around it because robet know robins alive an jerry jack has her left all that in come on make it interesting cant wait..oh i love general hospital an one life to live

  9. joyce thrush says:

    I think the new story lines are bad…they were so good i just fast forward…i love john, starr and todd but the new characters leave a lot to be desired

  10. Shirley says:

    I am so thankful GH hired these actors. I am a fan of GH because of them. Yes right now GH’s story lines are sort of up in the air! But it is going to take time to fit all the new actors into place. Yes I liked it better when the actors were Todd, John,& Starr. I also understand why they can no longer be those characters. I am a OLTL fan that was sad when my soap was canceled. Quickly became a GH fan after these actors were hired. I have really started to enjoy some of the GH characters as well. I hope the fans will give these story lines a chance. If these actors are asked to leave the show I will be leaving with them. Please GH fans give them a chance.

    • kathy poole says:

      I do ,so want Lulu and Danta to work out. Loved then as a couple! When Starr crossed over as hrself fron OLTO to GH I loved that she and Michael finally hooked up, so ……. I think it’s more than weird that Starr was Michaels girlfriend , and has now returned as KiKi , MORGAN”s new squeeze! I’m not likeing the character that Morgan has become. So stupid and entitiled and childish. Starrs new character Kiki needs to get likabn, for I’m not likeing her as Kiki. I think eventually she & Michael will be a couin ppite of her being with Morgan right now

  11. Kathy Glagowski says:

    I think bringing them back as different characters is jut dumb!It’s only been 2 months since we saw them as John,Todd,Starr!!! They look exactly the same. The story lines are forced. Now Starr/Kiki likes Morgan!! John/Silas is the older brother of Stephen!!Since when do siblings look exactly alike. Even the Baldwin brothers don’t look exactly alike. it would have made more sense if they said silas and Stephen were identical twins. And todd looks like Todd with dyed blond hair!!!He can’t be Jason!!Jason would never hide out on Sam!! So who is he? I liked the show much better when they were gone. That doesn’t mean I don’t like the actors. I just feel that who they are now is taking up the screen time of our other regular actors. RC/FV just wanted these characters. you know Kiki will fall for Michael,Not Todd for Carly and Silas and Sam will fall madly in love and Sam will forget all about Jason—again!!

  12. Sam_Soap says:

    This has to be the most IDIOTIC moves I’ve ever seen on a soap opera. Andy once again insulting the intelligence of the FANS. Bring back Stuart Damon, Jacklyn Zeman, Denise Alexander and Sonya Eddy. Give these actors a contract.

    • Suzy says:

      Where has Epiphany been anyway?? Not sure about bringing back JZ tho…. all you do when she is on is stare at her new face, which is very distracting. SD was a huge loss when GH killed Alan! But totally agree that these stories are idiotic and an insult to loyal, devoted viewers!

  13. kate richards says:

    These 3 actors are great and will be up to the task of taking on these new characters . Let us give them a break please. I was never a big GH fan but I am being very faithful to the show and it makes me happy to see 3 faces that I loved from my favorite show OLTL.

  14. Kim says:

    The story lines are stupid and very confusing. And the new Morgan should just take his shirt off and keep his mouth closed! I thought General Hospital was pretty good for a while… Now I could take it or leave it!

  15. Donna says:

    The Vampire storyline is a nod to the GH spin off Port Charles and did not come from One Life to Live. These three actors have loyal fans who will watch them no matter who they play. I for one am going to give them and the writers a chance and support General Hospital.

  16. Anne Worry says:

    NO,,NO AND NO,We do not want then back,,,

  17. Viki says:

    You can really tell that the writers of GH moved to Y&R.. These new storylines are as bad when writers were on strike! I like the character crossover before.. But now it’s just lame!

  18. carol says:

    I have watched gh forever and I love all these people John, todd and Starr They are all GREAT

  19. Diane says:

    They need to stay with other soap. These new characters do nothing for GH

  20. mj says:

    Why can’t you just write in good stories for the old actors, again maybe if you had paid Steve Burton a decent wage he would still be there making all of the ladies happy. Where is Robin????? Can you keep a power couple for a while. Spinelli and Maxi- if you are going to put the poor girl through the acting of having a baby after bring off for that particular health problem you could at least make her happy.

  21. Susan says:

    I normally love General Hospital but even though the 50th anniversary series of shows brought back much loved characters, the story line on Robin is still failing, Jason is still hanging mid-air and we have been in suspense on these two characters alone for far too long. Steven Burton’s photo is still being used as Jason and now being superimposed by this new Todd? It IS confusing as others have mentioned. Kiki is the missing Quartermaine link and NOT available for Michael as he is as well a Quartermaine. Scotty now has Laura and Luke is again floundering. Patrick is in a weak storyline. Has it occurred to anyone that Britt’s baby that is supposed to be his factually is one of the existing Lulu/Dante frozen embryos? And what about poor Sabrina who is getting usurped into this mess. And Spinelli, who is supposed to be a detective has NO clue that his own baby is to be born to Maxie? Maybe it is considered that all this is designed to keep us watching – I think the writers and ABC should be aware that the viewers LOVE the show and have for 50 years. We are NOT as vulnerable and stupid as the previously mentioned plot faults seem to suggest we are. How about giving some credit to the viewers that we will remain loyal as long as we are not tested as viewers to buy the constant assaults on our intelligence!

    • Suzy says:

      Oh, Brit’s baby is DEFINITELY one of the frozen embryo’s!! Unfortunately, Spinelli will check out Maxi’s story that she took one of the remaining embryo’s and find out there is, in fact, only one left and believe Maxie “used” it. GH has “Jumped the Shark” with these stupid storylines – vampires, Silus, Kiki!! HATE them and they will definitely lose viewers! The writers need to freakin WAKE UP!!

  22. Marcia says:

    John, Todd, & Starr might have a contract with GH so the actors & GH’s hands were tied due to legal issues.

  23. Kelly says:

    I am enjoying seeing them back on GH. At last the scar is gone off of Roger Hayworth’s face. I love all three of these actors and am glad to have them back on GH. I have to disagree with the author on this one.

  24. Suzy says:

    “Starr”‘s new character is so freakin annoying!! Such a spoiled brat, just the way she started out on OLTL! “McBain”‘s now new character is just as bad as his previous as McBain and Stephen Clay!! “Todd” is still a mystery! The character of Todd will be sorely missed. To have these 3 actors return to GH in completely different roles is mind-boggling!! “Todd” is probably the only one worth saving, but in the role of “Todd”, not some mystery person. I understand the legalities that OLTL “owns” the rights to the characters and now that they are an online show, GH cannot use them. If Port Charles needed these 3 actors so desperately, they could have reappeared later on, and not at the same time. NOTE TO GH WRITERS: WAKE UP AND SMELL THE SOAP!!! DEVOTED AND LIFELONG FANS OF GH DO NOT ACCEPT SUCH STUPIDITY!! Most likely GH will now lose a lot of devoted fans. The saying “JUMP THE SHARK” has now sadly been applied to GH!! Such a disappointment!!

    • JOYCE says:

      the way i see it is do not matter , who they came back as, because the first carley came back as a another person no one question it . IT is all in how the actors portay the parts that they are given and how convincing they make the character look. ME i love all three actors. THEY are very good at what they do.

  25. carol vaughn says:

    Where is the original Lulu, is she coming back? Really don’t like the new Lulu nor her story line. Would love a response back!!

  26. Sharon says:

    I think this is so silly! I keep hearing people complain how someone doesn’t recognize them as who they once played….duh! They are all acting and being professional and acting as though these are new people as we’re trying to see them as someone new. Give the other actors a break, of course they would recognize them in real life, this is a soap and they are acting. Geeze get over it!

  27. pink says:

    These OLTL “actors” are not good enough to be on GH.They should have stayed gone.GH NEVER needed them.

  28. I really liked the 3 characters as they were before, but I will get use to them. I wished Michael Easton’s character would be a bit nicer. like to see him and Sam together.

  29. Lauri says:

    I don’t care what their names are, I just want to see them on GH or OLTL. I know there was some sort of law suit about their contacts. I would have liked them to remain “Todd, Starr and John” but, as long as they remain on one of my favorite soaps I am good with any character they play.

  30. Diane says:

    No I think they all belong back on OLTL and bring original Franco back cuz Roger doesn’t do the part justice

  31. I’m sure they’re just giving new characters more air time temporarily so they can build their story lines. Relax. Our soap is in great hands. The actors are not “stupid”. Actually just the opposite having to create entirely new personas. Of course YOU know the background. Just go with it or it will all go away.


    It is SO MUCH BETTER to have them on the show in different characters than it is to NOT have them at all. You people will get used to the new characters – just give it a frigging moment. Whiners and complainers and those who threaten to stop watching are only going to make this, our last line up of soaps on that channel to get cancelled too.

    So why not just enjoy the show and stop whining… and to you “AUTHOR” of this article – STOP promoting the destruction of a soap I love and encouraging negative responses to the show!

    Life is hard and there is enough seriously wrong in it – but to make an escape show a bad thing because they brought characters back that were FORCED to change because OLTL wouldn’t allow GH to use the old ones, is just silly. STOP YOUR WHINING!

  33. LyaJoy says:

    You, lindy, are being ridiculous. Every regular ABC soap watcher knows–and understands–what’s going on. Thus, these 3 actors didn’t need to be slowly reintroduced to us as new characters. How is Michael stupid? Starr has departed, and Kristen is playing a completely different character now. Her new character is different enough from Starr that I can accept it without laughing. The Silas arc is also a pretty credible storyline, although I agree the ponytail looked dumb. The only problem I have is with Roger’s character as the new Franco–he still seems too much like Todd, new look be damned. Nevertheless, as previously stated, soap watchers, myself included, know and understand what’s going on. And, most of us are willing to give it a chance. I would suggest you stop being so anal about the situation.

  34. Story line is trying me . l am seriously thinking about not watching it anymore if these characters are not gone. Show was doing just fine without them. Bringing them back as someone else is stupid.

  35. Memphis Belle says:

    I am hating their characters! All three actors are one-dimensional – they are playing the same characters with different names. We have fantastic actors on General Hospital that could be utilized to fill the time slots these three castoffs are using. The GH cast is too big and is taking time away from fine actors and what could be amazing stories. It is time for TPTB at GH to cut their losses and release these three actors to fade away into obscurity. It is also time for GH to shape up their writing staff. 75% of the writing sucks!

  36. Bonnie Moore says:

    I don’t like them on GH. They do not need Franco on GH all the time. But, I guess at some point Danny, will need something from Franco because he is his uncle. I just don’t like the way GH is going now.

  37. faith byk says:

    get rid of all three, i have watched, my daughter has watched for many years, but this is the last straw ridiculous , having the same role play different roles, they must think we r truly stupid..i will not watch until they r gone. former GH fan..

  38. Brenda says:

    I do not like the show like I use to, yes star looked great with Michelle, and Todd was ok with carley and john was great as a cop on GH however it was to soon to take them off and let them come back as Franco the show as become boreing, use to watch it every day now maybe once a week. g

  39. Tatianna says:

    I absolutely adore these characters and quit watching GH when they left. Their story lines are in the beginning stages, so give your harsh criticism a rest already and speak ONLY for yourself! I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you GH for bringing them back!!!

  40. suzanne says:

    PLEASE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get rid of Todd……. no matter who he is supposed to be, I CANT STAND HIM!!!!!!! HE acts so stupid… Franco would never act like that, he’s acting just like he did when he was Todd……. I cant even look at his face anymore!!!!! The othe two dont bother me, John is so handsome, Ill let his new character slide, but TODD.? NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Anna says:

    Could not agree with you more! The soap should be renamed OLTL II! The show that
    I once could not wait to watch, the show that had it all…excitement, love, mystery is now a sorry excuse for airtime. Worse, airtime for OLTL characters, lamest story lines ever, but seriously who is surprised? No one should be surprised because GH is being written & produced by the 2 LOSERS who killled and buried OLTL. To think back at how these 2 schmucks treated Steve Burton by hardly giving him airtime, lame story lines completely out of Jason Morgan character all to accommodate OLTL actors! Good going, you lost 1 of the most talented actors on daytime. I’m convinced Vicky Drummer is purposely allowing these 2 fools to continue to write & produce GH because her ultimate plan as well as ABC’s ultimate plan is to rid ABC of soap operas.

  42. Lynn says:

    I dont care for the new characters at all…they were better left gone…they were on one life to live for years, so its hard to see them as someone else…

  43. Cici Craig says:

    I have watched GH and OLTL forever. I hate Prospect Park!!!!!! I don’t care for the way they had to end these characters and bring them back as totally new!! Seems like a waste of great characters/actors. But I am happy they are on!! Only issue I really have is the attraction between first cousins Michael and Kiki…HELLO!!!!! Does anyone else realize they are related? Then she must not be Franco’s daughter or Franco really isn’t a Q OR Michael is not AJ’s…….doesn’t matter. Right now they are suppose to be related…shame shame GH writers

  44. Nan says:

    Todd is Franco and these characters have brought exciting and fun to GH. They are great.

  45. Rachel says:

    I stopped watching GH a month ago it was getting stupid ….

  46. Dorsey Willoughby says:

    I personally think Michael and Kiki could be together if they write Franco is not her bio dad. I mean look at her mom trying to make money from who Kiki is just let the twist be she is not his daughter. Michael and Kiki make such a beautiful couple and Morgan needs to be taken down a few notches. Send his ass to Pintonville he’d fit right in.

  47. Leslie says:

    What happens when the three actors from oltl flop? Make them new character. Push more stories back or let more gh actors go? I want the gh I watched for 30 years back.

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