The Jeffersons – The Deee-Luxe Edition

This year, all the fans of The Jeffersons will have yet another reason to wait for Christmas to come: a new box-set including all the 253 episodes will be released. This will be the first time when all the 11 seasons of the show are brought together in one Deee-Luxe edition.

There are also some special features included in this box-set, such as an exhaustive documentary about the making of The Jeffersons. Other specials are a Jeffersons’ featurette, the All in the Family episode The Jeffersons Move Up, as well as the E/R pilot in which George Jefferson guest-stars (this isn’t the same ER in which George Clooney starred, but the short-lived 1984 series starring Elliott Gould).

But, in my opinion, what the fans should be looking for is the essay about the series written by Tom Shales, the Pulitzer Prize–winning TV critic. I say that this is something really special because we might get a different insight as to why the show proved to be such a successful one. In addition to that, I am almost certain that new behind the scenes stories will also be mentioned in this paper.

As we all know, The Jeffersons started as a spin-off of All in the Family and it was supposed to continue the tradition of debating controversial topics (the most poignant being the one of racism). However, as Tom Shales reveals in a snippet from the essay, the series slowly became character-orientated rather than issue-reliant.

And George Jefferson was just one of the strongest characters of the series, since all the other characters were defined so well. For example, it is still debatable which of these two characters played a more important part in the show (whether we are talking about the series’ success or about the life of the Jefferson family): was it Louise Jefferson the wife, or Florence Johnston the maid?

But leaving all these theories aside, this certainly is good news for all the fans of the show – 253 episodes, 3 extra features, and an essay from a renowned TV critic in one single box-set.

The Jeffersons – The Deee-Luxe Edition will be available starting from the 9th of December.

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