The Green Berets and John Wayne

John Wayne forever remembered as a Great American and patriot helped direct one of the greatest propaganda films in the 1960’s. The Vietnam War reached its pinnacle and John Wayne was gravely concerned over the anti-war mood in the United States. He wanted to produce a film that gave a pro military position. He obtained full military cooperation and material from President Johnson. Wayne bought out Moore for $35,000 and 5% of undefined profits of the film. This was supposed to soothe the Pentagon, over The Green Berets book.

The Green Berets from Book to Movie

Robin More wrote the Green Berets book during the Vietnam War. Published in 1965 and it hit the bestselling shelves in 1966. Moore had an itch to write about the United States Army Special Forces; General William P. Yarborough insisted that Moore goes through the qualification course (Q Course) to understand the dynamics of an A team. Moore spent nearly a year training at Fort Benning and Fort Bragg. Moore was left out of the production of the Movie. The U.S. Army gave extensive cooperation for the film. The movie was filmed around Fort Benning, but it is set in South Vietnam.

Interesting Life Facts about the Green Berets

The film’s origins take place on John Wayne’s trip to South Vietnam, where he decided to produce a film about the Army Special Forces. He was a steadfast supporter of the American involvement in the war. He turned down “Major Riesman” role in The Dirty Dozen to direct the movie. Some of the “Vietnamese villages” were so realistic that they were left intact and used for training purposes for deploying soldiers. While many people may not agree that this film sparked some form of nationalism at the time, it did set the stage years later for a military revival in Grenada.

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