The Gangs From The Warriors

The Warriors could have been easily called some other way, given the large number of gangs depicted in the film.

The Warriors – the main gang depicted in the film, comes from Coney Island and is framed for the death of the leader Cyrus. Basically, the movie is about their journey back to their own turf.

The Turnbull AC’s – this is the first gang with which the Warriors clashes in the film, and their turf is in Gunhill in The Bronx. They drive a green school bus.

The Orphans – a gang so low-class that they didn’t even get invited to the meeting where Cyrus was killed. Nonetheless, they think high of themselves and even provoke the Warriors when they arrive on the Orphans’ turf.

The Baseball Furies – they have the turf at the Riverside Park in Manhattan and they are recognized because of their Yankee’s outfits. They are totally silent and they are very athletic. They chase the Warriors when the latter enters their turf.

The Lizzies – an all-female gang, they seduce some of the Warriors, only to try and kill them later on. But since they have poor aim, the heroes escape unharmed. It is possible that their turf is at the Union Square in Manhattan.

The Punks – with the turf in Bowery, Manhattan, the Punks can be easily spotted because they wear dungarees and lively colors. They fight with the Warriors in the bathroom of the subway station.

The Rogues – residing in Hell’s Kitchen, they are led by Luther (the one that shot Cyrus). They follow the Warriors all around the city, in a hearse, to take them out before they reveal who shot Cyrus.

The Riffs (also called the Gramercry Riffs) – their home turf is in Gramercy, Manhattan and they are the largest gang in New York. As it appears, they are disciplined and they have good martial arts skills.

The Boppers – easily spotted, they have their turf in Harlem and wear bright purple hats and waistcoats. They are seen during the meeting presided by Cyrus.

The High Hats – a gang with the turf in Soho, they appear to be a cross between mimes and clowns. They are spotted in the subway and at the meeting.

The Hurricanes – a Spanish gang from the Spanish side of Harlem, they are spotted at the meeting.

The Jones Street Boys – with the turf in Bensonhurst, they can be spotted during the meeting wearing black outfits with yellow stripes.

The Saracens – the rivals of the Jones Street Boys, they have the turf in Bensonhurst.

The Satan Mothers – a bike gang, they have their turf in Sheepshead Bay in Brooklyn.

The Savage Huns – with the turf in Chinatown, they can be spotted with green outfits and hats.

The Moonrunners – this gang has the turf in Pelham in the Bronx and they wear silver jackets and purple tops.

The Boyle Avenue Runners – they wear black undershirts with red trim.

The Electric Eliminators – they can also be spotted in the meeting held by Cyrus because of their bright yellow jackets.

The Gladiators – they are spotted entering the subway and they wear simple black vests and blue jeans.

The Panzers – they can be spotted in the subway and they wear camouflage jackets.

The Van Cortlandt Rangers – a gang which can be spotted near the Satan Mothers during the meeting with Cyrus.

There are a total of 84 gangs appearing in the script. The above mentioned are the most important and can be seen in the film.

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