The Game of Thrones is Like a Boss!

Game of thrones rocks! Arguably the most engaging fantasy TV-series out there by far. I mean, where can you find a TV/movie adaptation that is possibly as good as the book? I mean, I literally wanted to stop reading the book so the plot is not spoiled on me. And this is a very, very big deal because I never stop reading and wait! 99% of the time I would even say that the book is always better than the big screen or T.V. adaptation.


The Staff and Set

Okay, initially I would have liked someone else to play Eddard Stark but, I must admit, after 3 episodes I got over it. Most of the cast was spot on. In my opinion, they could have found a sexier Daenerys Targaryen. The set is simply spectacular. No expense was spared to make every detail work. Trust HBO to keep a “movie” feel to each of the episodes. The result is that the Land of Westeros is as real as any big screen fantasy adaptation out there. Yup I’m talking about you LOTR, Narnia, Harry (No, Twilight, you don’t even qualify).


The Opening Theme

Eerie and energizing at the same time. You savor every note, every beat of the drum! It’s almost like the beginning of a trance that transports you into the world of Westeros. In my opinion this is a big part of the success that is Game of Thrones. The first time I heard the opening theme I knew I was hooked!


Season 1

The first season stayed absolutely true to Book 1. You are taken into the world of Westeros, where an upright Northern Lord Eddard Stark is called by his best friend and King to serve as the Hand. You have the incestuous Lannister twins. And you have, in my opinion the star of the show, the dwarf Tywin Lannister. You get so attached to the characters that you think they will be central to the entire plot, but alas, Eddard Stark is beheaded and everything is in chaos.


Season 2

The second season, in my opinion is not as eventful or riveting as the first. This is to be expected, because the same only comprises half of Book 2. But there is no shortage of plot twists, character development, and promised wars. The season again ended on a cliffhanger.


Important Notes (Spoiler alert)

Season two seems to have diverged from the book. To what extent Season 3 will do so, remains a mystery. But, in my opinion, if the same leaves a few more Starks alive then I can also live with that!

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