The Future of Firefly TV Series

After news that Firefly creators and cast would come together to talk about the past, present and hopefully a future for the widely-loved TV series (especially the notable addition of various buzz-worthy surprises) spread like wildfire, loyal hordes of fans were all re-energized under a “Let’s have a sequel” banner. And because of that, here are some ideas that Firefly experts and regular fans alike believe creator Joss Whedon (or anyone else taking over) could well use to resurrect the series.

A Serenity Sequel

Serenity was partly designed to wrap up all the lingering plot threads the Firefly TV series never got to resolve. It wasn’t really considered a big success however. Without a broad and well-defined audience fully familiar with its storyline, and the original series providing a stable background, the movie is seen to be hardly marketable. But now that the parameters of the first film were already established, its appeal could well be enhanced with a sequel.

A TV Series Sequel

The intended series sequel should have the same faces as well. After Marvel’s The Avengers success, Whedon now has the power to negotiate a better deal to craft a sequel. Serenity may have already closed a big portion of the storyline highlighting the end of some character arcs, but the core of the crew still has a lot to offer. And this could be made better with the introduction of new exciting characters that could readily fit into the storyline.

A Prequel Movie

Why not? Joss Whedon would so love the responsibility himself. This would be the best time to exploit all essential elements involved by exploring origin stories of the core characters. He could then use this to develop the myth surrounding the Firefly universe. It would also be a good idea since this could well give life to the franchise, paving the way to a further boost in movie and TV series sales.

Better Yet, Do a Reboot

Many folks out there have been hoping for a Firefly reboot. Other franchises are doing it; you have Batman, Spiderman, Star Trek, etc. Some have been successful, others weren’t. Having the same storyline using a different set of actors this time around would be a bit hard to digest at certain angles though, given the excellent character development throughout the original series. Besides, we already have had heavy doses of the great chemistry that helped define the original actors. That would be hard to top.

How About a Firefly TV Series with a “Next Generation” Theme?

The best part that fans loved about the series is how it successfully blended exciting science fiction into a classic Western backdrop, creating an entirely new world to ponder and explore. Whatever the case is, they would sure welcome a “Next Generation” idea with fresh new faces aboard Serenity. This would be made much better if some of the original cast members return as well.

The new franchise could start fresh in the same universe, but it must possess the ability to present again all the great elements that elevated the original series into a cult classic. And with the dramatic evolution of TV production and everyone’s favorite, the special effects, producing a new generation series would be more affordable highlighted by a quality and scope that comes toe-to-toe with the Serenity movie.

So, any ideas you have for Mr. Whedon?


  1. Bonnie Keller says:

    TV Series, please! And not one on cable tv only – many of us have abandoned cable, so a network TV series would be preferable. And, just pick up where the movie left off…… why reinvent the wheel, when everyone already loves this wheel??

    • JD says:


    • Rik says:

      Agree with the tv show, but sadly, disagree on network.
      AMC, HBO and Showtime are doing fantastic work, allowing the creators to dig deep. I feel network had it’s chance and blew it!
      Now it’s cables turn. Wouldn’t you want to see the producers of Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad stand behind Joss?

    • Dustin says:

      I agree 100% That would be the best way to go, any thing else would be a waste.

    • nomi says:

      I totally agree. The characters were perfect in the TV series. It should be as it was. Any other way, changing of characters etc. would be disappointing. Don’t try to modernise it or anything, that would only make it lame and try hard. It was PERFECT the way it was


      Yep.. Exactly…

    • Alisa Spicer says:

      I agree! Either a prequel to explore the histories of the characters, or a sequel with several episodes reminiscing about how certain relationships came to be. I still want to see the Tams meet with their parents now that Miranda has been exposed just to see what the Tam parents feel about what happened to their children. That could be its own movie or a multi-episodic resolution of their family complexities.

    • AJ in San Antonio says:

      Serenity sequel followed by TV series on Netflix. CATV is dying

  2. Veronica says:

    Serenity was all a dream.

  3. Veronica says:

    Serenity was all a bad dream.

  4. Todd says:

    Personally, I would like to see a sequel to “Serenity” as that would have the best chances of bringing all the main characters back…at least those still among the living…with the same actors. With Nathan, Gina and Morena on their own series that are on at different times of the year, scheduling would already be a rough call.

    If that came to fruition, I might say try a prequel next…so long as Ron is back and we get some background on Book!

    If all this comes together, it would be a couple years and that MIGHT free some time in schedules where a continuation series could work with the original cast, leading into a “Next Generation” concept at a slow pace.

    I would NOT opt for a “reboot” for the simple fact that a VAST percentage of the reason many of us love this show is the chemistry of the cast–there are NONE that I can see being replaced at this point where it would benefit the show. Then again, Joss tends to have very interesting casting choices…

  5. Jeff says:

    Prequel! Keep the original actors/actresses, then continue the series!

  6. Vi Madder says:


  7. Jim says:

    Serenity with Zoe as Captain?

  8. Petri Ravander says:

    Continue from the last movie with the same actors!!!!! Definitely!!

  9. Kevin Marcotte says:

    Finally some good news about this show! Just continue the TV series, as if Serenity (even though it was a really good movie) doesn’t exist. Then you won’t have a TV series sequel, but you’d finally have Firefly Season 2!

  10. Mr. Moreno says:

    I personally would protest a reboot. Just because everyone else is doing it does not mean it’s a good idea. What should be done is a video game. Now hear me out. A video game would generate a buzz in the industry by seeing the dollar signs and expand the fan base. It would be minimal story writing for Whedon because gameplay is the designer’s job. This would give Whedon time to pursue other projects while still appeasing the fan base, and the level of success of the game would determine the next course of action. By that I mean if it is a huge success that I am predicting it will be, then make a sequel to both the game and the film. If it is only moderately successful make sequel and bring the show back. And if it fails, then I’ll admit I was wrong and I’d expect a reboot. I guess the point of this post is Joss Whedon PLEASE BRING BACK THE STORY LINE IN ANY SHAPE OR FORM PLEASE!!!

  11. mikel Nunyabidness says:

    So kaylee and Simon remain at Mr Universes fortress researching the program that is after River and trying to cure the Reavers Miranda Syndrome. River, Mal, Zoe, and Jayne return Wash’s remains after a wave from his family. Arrive only to meet his convenient twin brother. Terrible pilot mediocre mechanic.. excellent hacker. Inara stays at the whore academy for a while but finds an excuse to return to Serenity looking to legitimize.unregistered brothels. Part of a hush money deal with the alliance means Serenity now sets up remote medical facilities on colony moons where Simon can provide care remotely. Of course side deals and old scores abound.

  12. steven says:

    hi I am a firefly fan have bin since it began .the fans need a second season but with no change to the main man [joss] writers ,cast or crew this show is brill and is a joss creation that works rearly well and has a fantastic song that works as well .we as true fans don’t want change you cant mess with perfection you just kill the dream…Also the film and series don’t link so book and wash can be in it…

  13. Lynn says:

    I see a new series opening with someone getting “caught” fooling around in the engine room… she looks up and sort of half smiles and says “Hi Dad”… camera pans back to see Captain Mal himself standing there… Take my love, take my land…

  14. Charles Dahill says:

    How about yes to all? I wouldn’t be able to get enough of Firefly or Serenity.

  15. Grafton says:

    I vote for neither a sequel, nor a re-boot. The ‘Verse is huge! Let’s see some other characters who are living out their lives in the same time-frame as the original series. Don’t get me wrong, the chemistry between the original cast members was a lot of that series’ appeal and I get that, but they’ve changed and the chemistry has changed. It *might* be as good, now, but if it isn’t the new series would be a bigger disappointment. Leave the original cast room to cameo, often even, but make the story about other people in other places. Maybe people who were affected by the actions of the original crew in ways we never saw. Please, Joss, bring it back, but do it well! :D

  16. dangobana says:

    A 2nd season, please, pretty please! :-)

  17. Cindy Griggs says:

    I would go for any of the above mentioned except for the “Next Generation” theme. One of the big reasons Firefly worked so well was the cast picked to act out the amazing story line. New people in the roles or the “next generation” would not have any appeal for me and I do not believe that I would even watch. I am the kind of fan that has an affinity to certain characters/actors and for me, Firefly, and Serenity are perfect just they way they were, but I just want MORE of them. In my humble opinion. :)

  18. jazcat says:

    I am the only one who felt the only plot threads that the movie wrapped up were whether Simon and Kaylee would finally do the dirty? I mean, I liked it but it sure didn’t answer any other questions for me.

    I vote for a TV show, with the same actors if in any way possible. And bring back Wash and Shepherd Book.

  19. Bonnie says:

    I’m with Veronica, let’s say Serenity was a nightmare and just continue the TV series as if that movie never happened. Loved the show and would prefer all the original characters to return. They could always add or embellish, of course.

  20. Misti says:

    I want to see a continuation of the show but between the last episode and the movie. You can’t have Firefly without Wash!! And casting new people would not work AT ALL. Those actors made those characters; the actors ARE the characters. I “new generation” look *might* work but you couldn’t do a reboot with the same characters but different actors. Browncoats would be rebelling like crazy.

  21. Spytrx says:

    I agree with Grafton – create something new in the same Universe Firefly was set in. Nothing else would work well enough to guarantee a success…

  22. Mystic says:

    I would love for a continuation or a reboot of the series with the same cast. When the series first aired in 2002 I never knew about it. Ended up buying the DVD boxset and movie a few years ago and absolutely loved it. I really enjoy Nathan as Castle, but he was awesome as Mel.

  23. Chloe says:

    I think they should do a series reboot with the original actors . . . or continuing either the original Firefly series before or after Serenity. A sequel would also be amazing. And I do have an idea for a type of ‘Next Generation’ Firefly.

  24. Nick Brown says:

    So the Reavers are known, and known to have been poisoned (kinda); what if there was a cure? What if the crew was at the front-end of trading the cure? finding themselves legitimately wealthy while struggling to capture and exhume Reavers. What would the crew due with success and begrudging support from a limping Union. How long before Mal can’t stand it and have to break away again? I wanna know.

  25. DL says:

    Id LOVE to see another series.. a continuation. Go from where Serenity left off. there is still SO much that can be done

  26. Donn Mukensnable says:

    I like the idea of a series/reboot. With many of the original cast either otherwise occupied or “dead” (except in flashbacks) it makes sense to base the new series in the ‘Verse, preserve the morality and philosophy, then have Mal & co. show up from time to time as guest stars. This means some could have considerably long arcs, others not so much. This approach would also allow the characters to age believably.

  27. Adam says:

    I’ve been writing a screenplay for a 2nd movie. It picks up shortly after the first movie, and has all the originals (yes, even the dead ones) Now……. How do I get it to Joss Whedon???

  28. Havard Blackmoor says:

    Ideally: New season set after Serenity, with same cast. Allan Tudyk and Ron Glass should appear. At least one could be brought back as a robot, clone or similar. Memory scenes and recordings are also possible ways to bring them in. I’d also love to see more Whedon Alumni actors appear in the show.

    Less enthusiastic about the “Next Generation” idea, since Firefly/Serenity was much more about the characters than the ‘Verse.

  29. Chris says:

    Further expand the Chinese-English future. The Avengers franchise has been trying to slip into the Chinese market with additional Chinese scenes, as seen in the latest Iron Man movie. Firefly is an ideal storyline to expand into the Chinese market. Star Trek inspired future technology and inter-racial workplaces. Firefly could inspire a joint Chinese and English future for us all to look forward to. It makes sense on the business side (another 1 billion potential viewers); and the Chinese/Old West mix has already been done in “Kung Fu” and “Shanghai Knights.” It works. Get John Woo and Joss Whedon in a room together and let the magic happen!

  30. Dogengar says:

    What is the source of this rumour? Why has no-one questioned it? IO9 just throws it out there and all the comments are salivating. What is the basis of this? Who said what? (A quick google doesn’t turn up any new discussion.)

  31. Neil Steel says:

    You have to have all the actors from Firefly – plus the 2 killed off in the movie Serenity! an awesome tv show and film!!

  32. Doug Johnson says:

    i see a preual movie as only legitimate option at least at first. 2 of the main characters are right now involved in tv shows of their own so would be unavailable for a series. I would prefer a prequel to another sequel missing the characters that died in the movie. I also have no faith that a reboot would be able to recapture the magic. Trying to find a cast that could play of each other as well would be very difficult and trying have other actors fill the exact same roles would be a disaster i think. Maybe if they tried a “deep Space” nine approach it might work. different characters in a radically different situation but still in the same universe as firefly.

  33. Richard says:

    Part of the problem is that unless it was done perfectly there would be outrage.
    A reboot would NOT be acceptable to me since you are so unlikely to capture the
    innate magic even assuming that all of the cast were available and willing.

    I do believe that more can be done in the Firefly universe. What we need is for Joss to be given the resources and legal rights needed to act. Remember, he does not own Firefly nor has he yet to get the type of money that some of the other big names currently command. Maybe in time, but first he will need a different
    mind set and a willingness to demand it like others have.

    Before all other things they will need a good, nay a great story. It should be written
    with a specific number of seasons in mind and then end as it completes. To often you end up with a desire by the powers that be to continue on long after the ideas run out ala Heroes and Lost. We want whatever is brought into being to be as well

  34. Ron Johnson says:

    A new TV series in my opinion. Bring back the same actors, find a way to resurrect Wash ( they did it with Spock). And find a way to promote the show that is better by a mile than the way the original series was promoted. Promotion was the problem with Caprica as well. Also, get some more creative writers.

  35. MarquisTx says:

    No reboot, no Next generation, a series with original cast, and answer a few mysteries.

  36. Mike says:

    Mr. Whedon, if you build it they will come.
    Pitch it to HBO, the fan base is on station… waiting to attend.

  37. Aynne Morison says:

    Whatever way you use to present the program (just please not premium channels like HBO, some of us are not that well off) just Please Put Firefly Back on the air.

  38. Jack says:

    The problem with doing anything at this point is that many of the actors as well as the series creator have other things going. Whedon is working on the Avengers and the SHIELD tv show. Nathan Fillion is still doing Castle just to name two major players. I would love to see more of the Firefly universe, but a reboot is a really bad idea. Do a next generation thing or use a different set of characters in the same time frame. Tell a story, but an original one and for god sake don’t do anything until Whedon is ready to do it.

  39. Liam Murray says:

    How about two prequels and three sequels? After all, George Lucas did it, and he had less to work with!

  40. Here are my choices in order; Definitely do a Serenity Sequel. A TV Series Sequel is a possibility especially if funding can’t be arranged for a big-budget film. A Prequel Movie could be an interesting way to bring ‘A Shepherd’s Tale’ to life as well as other character back-stories. You must wait two generations to make a Reboot (as was done with Star Trek), as the original beloved stars are still too fresh in our minds to accept any new up-and-comers.

  41. blindguy93 says:

    i’m currently writing a firefly next gen and have worked out how it gets to where they are. almost done the first story of the mini series leading up to the next gen but my laptops down at the moment but should have it up in a month.

  42. blindguy93 says:

    personally i’m not a fan of prequels as there are normally massive holes in the canon due to writers getting new ideas that they would like to play with and the effects being better allows them to put in more technology in which is better then before.

  43. Dale Francisco says:

    NO REBOOT! TV series would be great! more awesome adventures! Smuggling and gunfights!

  44. Kimberly says:

    Please no reboot! A movie that picked up where Serenity left off would be excellent.

  45. Peter Lichota says:

    I’d LOVE to see the original cast get together to carry on the franchise!! They were the bedrock of the show and the writing was the cement!!… The problems lay with the “Guy with the Ties”,,, the big wigs who have ruined so many shows with potential by switching the “Air Times”!… Place a show in a time slot and leave it there to allow the audience to grow for God sake!! … It irks me when I find one I like and then can’t follow the story development because I can’t get a handle of when the show is aired next!!… I loved the movie and even though it tied up one story scenario beautifully, to think there is no other direction to take the story line is very short sighted!!… Bring it back and I’d follow along in a heart beat!!…

  46. No reboot! I think a prequel – or multiple ones even – would be great. Start present day (in the universe of course) and have each character tell his/her backstory.

    I know I am not alone in wanting to know Shepherd Derrial Book’s history – his knowledge of weapons & shooting ability, his ID’s affect on the Alliance ship’s officers, and his remarks at different times were definitely titillating to fans, and could take several episodes to explain. I’d also love to know what led him to become a Shepherd – maybe something like Brother Cadfael in the Ellis Peters’ mysteries?

    The tidbits about Wash’s background could definitely make several episodes, too. Doesn’t everyone want to see that planet where they juggle geese? And the planet where he grew up- the one with pollution so bad there were no visible stars – what’s the story there and which of the planets was it? How did he become such an incredible pilot? Mal told Zoe that several captains wanted to hire Wash because of his piloting skills, and why did he accept Mal’s offer rather than the others? Did he fall instantly in love with Zoe?

    Simon’s & River’s childhoods were somewhat revealed during the show and in the movie, but we know very little about Simon’s teen years or his training except for the story he told Kaylee about singing to the statue, and we didn’t learn the whole story. I don’t really want to know about the “academy” where River was tortured, but I’d love to see her dance more.

    We know very little about Kaylee – except that her father was a mechanic, too – and she had a fling with Bester mostly so she could see the engine room on the “Serenity”. What was her life like before Mal offered her the job? Does she have siblings? Were her parents sad to see her leave or glad she was getting the opportunity?

    All we know about Zoe are bits from her military service, that she was raised on a ship, and that she wants to have a baby with Wash. Tell her background – show how she met Mal – tell us if she & Wash are going to be parents. There are so many possibilities for Zoe-centered episodes.

    An entire new series could practically be Inara-centered. How did she become a Companion? Is it a family tradition or did she go against her parents’ wishes to attend the Companion Academy? What made her decide to leave Sihnon and become a traveling Companion? We know why her friend left, but not why Inara did.
    I could go on… But I think I’ve more than made my point(s).

    More “Firefly” … please!

  47. MRoss says:

    Bring back the original cast for the tv series! Then follow up with a Serenity sequel. And please no annoying new characters like Scrappy Doo!

  48. Claude Parish says:

    Please, no more ‘reboots’. I know that all the actors are busy. I know I’m fighting a losing battle when I still hope to see Firefly come back to TV. But, I’m allied with millions of fans who feel exactly the same way.
    Why no TV exec has tapped into that, I can’t say.
    Maybe they really are all stupid.
    Once the ‘reality’ craze dies out (fingers crossed) we can get back to some real story telling.
    Keep flying.

  49. Dela says:

    I love the series, I am a die-hard fan of all the actors ad their work after the show was stolen from us.. but I find myself in in the lesser opinion of some. I think a reboot is the most likely option. We lost so many key characters – Serenity tied up so many loose ends, but left plenty more still open.
    Find a quirky actor that would be similar in all the right places, but different enough to hold his own to take place as captain. Mal and crew retired, leaving the original Serenity as a sentimental homage in the care of the best engineer in the ‘verse – Kaylee.
    Pilot episode opens with this new “captain” intrigued as to why such an outdated cargo ship, and begins to ask Kaylee why she still keeps it, when her skills are capable of maintaining a far more modern and capable ship.
    In comes the backstory, told in Kaylee’s view. During this remembrance, we get to rehash some of our favorite scenes from the original, relive moments we all love. This will give a new audience the feelings and emotions to the former cast/family that has made us fall in love with it.
    Go a step farther: Kaylee then continues beyond where the movie ended. Because of her and the Trams’ relationship, she can offer more insight into a few of Shep’s secrets (follow up story lines??) – I always imagined her as the god-mother of Zoe/Wash’s child.. because they would have (of course) unknowingly made that baby that Wash so badly wanted. Not only that, his daughter would have followed the steps of her father to become the best pilot.. perhaps with a reputation of being somewhat reckless and very stubborn. “only one pilot in the ‘verse I’d trust this ole gal with.. ” bring in new and tied in character to fly her…
    A reboot like this, leaves plenty of room to 1) Bring Wash/Shep back to life, even if all flashbacks or memorial episodes.. Cameos and/or regular guest appearances from the former cast (even those that have too many projects).. and allow Serenity to live once more.

    Of course, that’s just how I picture a pilot for a reboot.

  50. Melissa B says:

    I think a prequel movie could be absolutely amazing! And I really like the idea of a “Next Generation” style series. I would pretty much be happy with any kind of Firefly/Serenity thing, as long as its not a reboot. I understand the chance to do the series correctly and how big an impact that would have, but we’ve fallen so much in love with the characters because of the actors behind them as much as the scriptwriting. I just don’t see how I could love any other Mal or any of them with somebody else playing them. Besides, the show was so beautiful and amazing the first go round, how could anybody improve upon that?

  51. lori says:

    i want the same cast and a tv series. what about blue sun? what happens now that the firefly crew are on the alliance’s radar? do we really believe that they lose their grip on societies and have to be less evil?

  52. Ron Johnson says:

    You need to keep all the same characters, including Wash and the Shepherd. It’s science fiction, so it shouldn’t be to hard to resurrect these two as was done with Spock in Star Trek. The reason why We are hot for the return of Firefly is based on what it was, not some offshoot. Stay true to the original.

  53. Larry says:

    I want a Prequil…The Shepard’s Story durring the war with the Brown Coats!

  54. Donn Mukensnable says:

    FFNG, please! That will allow the remaining characters to have ‘guest’ appearances and save us the anguish of trying to imagine another Mal, or Zoe, or Book. Nothing to keep another shepherd from flocking to the Serenity or her sister ships either…

  55. Donn Mukensnable says:

    p.s. The FFNG plan does not keep Joss from doing “prequel flashbacks” either, to fill out Book’s book or trace more of River’s source!

  56. Gerard Holder says:

    TV series please!!! I am not sure about any of the network channels (due to past experiences), but I would not want it on a premium channel since it should be available to the widest audience possible. Maybe AMC, SyFy, or Sci channel.
    I also think that Serenity (the movie) should be treated more like an alternate universe, because we need Book and Wash back. Possibly treat it as a vision that River had due to her treatments. There is still a lot of unexplored areas – Book’s past, the War, Zoe and Wash’s wedding, Mr Universe, the start of the Alliance, and the Reavers.

  57. Honney says:

    Your’s is the inigtlleent approach to this issue.

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