The Cougar is Out of Her Cage

KateRoberts-LaurenKoslowIf it’s one thing that Kate Roberts-Dimera has no problem getting….it’s a man.  I mean, this woman is aiming to be matched up with Sami Brady of all people in how many men they can each get (repeated relationships included) their clutches on.  Heck, Kate’s even on her way to matching up to one famous Erica Kane in bed mates.

But, I digress.  Kate is one of those characters (much like Sami), that, while you feel sorry for some things in her past, you also shake your head at the things she does.  I mean, let’s look at facts here:  Kate will never win the Mother-of-the-Year award anytime this century, she has no issue telling people what to do, but god forbid you give her advice, you’d probably get smacked in the head with her Prada shoe.

If it’s one thing Kate’s demonstrating as of late, not only is she a cougar in the business world, but now it seems, she’s turning into a cougar behind closed doors…no, not boardroom, more like bedroom.  Her recent make out session with Rafe in the wide open town of Salem was enough to make me nearly lose my lunch (note to self: NEVER eat when watching Days of Our Lives!).  I mean, SERIOUSLY, Kate?  Have you learned ANYTHING about men and relationships?  Lord knows you’ve had plenty of ups…err, make that downs in any relationship you’ve been in, so what makes you think that making out (or possibly even dating) someone MUCH younger than you is going to make things just honky-dory in your world?

Out of all the relationships we have seen Kate go through, the only two I actually enjoyed her in are:  her relationships with Roman and Stefano.  With Roman, Kate was a more approachable person and it seemed that Roman was bringing out the best in her.  With Stefano, while he did control her, there was this chemistry between the two characters that just made me enjoy what I was watching. It was fun to watch Stefano try and control Kate, all the while Kate was trying to fiercely show her husband (and all of Salem) that she was not a woman to mess with.  The dynamic was explosive.

It somewhat tickles me that Kate has always lashed out at Sami for her choice in men (her own son included in this), and yet, irony of all irony, Kate is now hooking up with one of Sami’s leftovers.  I think it’s safe to say….Pot, meet kettle.


  1. barb says:

    do not like her with Rave,liked her better with Stepheno

    • Texaschick says:

      I agree! I hate her with RAFE!!! :( Get her back with Stephano or better yet with ROMAN!! :) Rafe can do so much better! Put him back with Sammy!!! Please! :)

      • Fran says:

        NO NO, I think Sami is right where she needs to be with EJ, they are so much alike and their good together

    • Patty says:

      I agree liked her more with Stefano & when he tested her that was crazy. He black mailed her into marrying him so if anyone needed to be tested on trust and love it should have been him.

    • Kathy Rudi says:

      I do not like her with Rafe. I like her better when she was with Stephano. I don’t like to see Sami being engaged to EJ. Nichole with Eric YES.

  2. shell says:

    i hate hate hate did i say hate o by the way did i tell u i hate kati and rave together
    no no no no no no no no nolcole and him yes yessss ty

  3. ANITA says:

    We need to pair her up someone older like Stefeno and pair up Nichole with Eric and bring Sammi with Rafe we need to have some happy couple in this story line why break them up all the time!!!!!!

  4. Sally says:

    Makes me sick to see her with Rafe.

    • connie says:

      I agree 100%

    • Nancy says:

      NoNoNo!! Rafe is the same age as her Children.This couple is GROSS!!!!

      • Lou says:

        Kate and Rafe do not “go together”. Rather see her with Roman (that’s if she quits interfering with everyone else’s business and becomes trustworthy). Do NOT pair Nicole with Eric–enough of wayward priests already! Let him do his job helping people. I like Rafe and would rather see him with Nicole than her with a ex-convict.

  5. Please stop this story line , her and Rafe have no chemistry, It makes you feel dirty ,Kate has more class, Rafe is way to young !!KATE needs to be with a powerful person !!

  6. Mary says:

    I kind of like that Rafe and Kate found each other. Let it go on a little longer..

  7. Patricia says:

    I like Kate. And I wish she could have a decent man in her life, because she can become a different person when she does. I don’t know if Rafe is the one, but I like them as a couple more than I do Kristen and Brady. Kristen is just too evil and over acts with that pouty mouth and flippy hair.

  8. vickie thornton says:

    no no. dont put rafe & kate togather, let it b just a dream one of them had please.

  9. Kathy Rudi says:

    She does not belong with Rafe she belongs with Stepheno. Pair up Nichole with Eric, Sami with Rafe, Will with Sunny, Brady with Cloie, Danial with Jenefer,

    • missy schwinabart says:

      I agree, Kate and Rafe do not belong together, but someone in this show needs to have a happy life!

  10. Myrna says:

    Do not like Kate with Rafe. Don’t like Brady with Kristin…

  11. Wendi says:

    Rafe and Kate make me want to stop watching after 40 years! So gross…. The worst and most disgusting pairing ever! Kate and Roman were the only pairing she had that makes any sense…..honestly there are so many better places to focus the show. Daniel and Jennifer, Brady and Chloe, Sami and Rafe, Nicole and EJ, Will and Sonny! And Maggie and Victor as well as Marlena and John need some happiness!! Actually Kate and Lucas can leave town …….really miss Bo and Hope.

  12. Sandra says:

    I wanted to PUKE when Rafe and Kate got together. I hope it never happens again. And Kloe is the biggest loser and scam artist of them all, I can’t stand her! I wish Stefana would stay gone and Kristan would go away, she is also sooooooo evil.

  13. Beverly says:

    Yes I like Rafe and Kate together

  14. Nikki says:

    Rafe and Hope

  15. Robin says:

    I likr Rafe with Sami and Kate with Stephano

  16. Judy Jones says:

    I want Daniel and Cholesterol to get together because of the baby,then keep them together,there isn’t one family all together on this show..Every body has sleep with everyone on days..come make it kinda like a family show,where aleast one family goes home and have a quite evening as family dinner,talking, sharing and playing with their kid ( s )..You just have all this drama from one to another..Then there’s that gay crap having crap like that makes kids today thinking it is okay..My God Said no man is to lay with his kind..same goes for women..God made man from hid image,that was Adam,then took a rib from him and made Eva for Adam..Now what part of that do you not understand…Call me old fashion,but where did respect and moral’s get lost at…Need God back …

    • Roxy Shope says:

      It is okay to be gay. It’s been hidden for too long and it’s about time that Salem has a few gay people. I’ve heard that 10 to 15 % people in the USA are gay, so at least three or four of the characters in Salem could be gay. Also, if you want to have a happy family who sits down for dinner every night, turn on to a sit-com.

  17. Malicia says:

    If every couple was happy all the time, there would be no story and nothing to watch. There has to be tension and unhappiness for the show to work. It’s an odd pairing to say the least. Instead of Rafe being with Will’s mom, he’s with his grandmother. Weird, but things are weird in the real world too. I would really like to go back to the days of Steve and Kayla, Jennifer and Frankie, and the really good super couples. The show has lost a lot since the late 80′s, early 90′s, but I still enjoy it.

  18. please put kate with someone like herself, Sammy & Rafe was good together. Bring will back around to be straight and get with Gabby, Just cause our President belives gay is ok we don’t want to watch that kind of nasty, Remove the gay scenes Please, have respect for your viewers!!

  19. joujou says:

    I dont like them together at all ! it looks like hes sleeping with his mother!!! make it stop plz. turn Chloe into a good person and hook her up with Rafe.

  20. Nancee says:

    I get nauseous each time I see Kate and Rafe in bed. They just do not belong together. Please do not allow this to continue.

  21. Lousie says:

    Kate and Rafe is a terrible couple

  22. Amber says:

    I do not like Kate and Rafe. She Is too old for him. Let her get with John, Roman, or back with Stefano!

  23. I would like to see Jennifer and Frankie too, much better than Daniel. Let Chole have him and drive Victor crazy. Rafe and Kate is interesting, when Sami and Stephano find out, the sparks will fly. Waiting for John to let Kristen have it, and Nicole can help Brady. I liked to see Patch and Bo come back, and please find someone for Abe and Roman, they have been lonely for too long. Send Nick back to jail!

  24. Sherry says:

    ok…really!!!! NO on Kate and Rafe! I purposely record this show so I can FF thru the awful parts! Rafe and Nicole would be a good pair to try out…
    Get rid of Kristen and Chloe it is getting really sickening!

  25. Marsha says:

    I hate Kate with Rafe. They look ridicious together. She belongs with Stephano they deserve each other.

  26. Penny says:


  27. Lori says:

    Who cares, it’s a soap opera, anything and everything goes.

  28. Lori says:

    I hate seeing Gabby and Nick together. Nick is a jerk, and Will needs to punch him in the face. In fact you need to get rid of Nick. Didn’t care for him before, and care less for him today. I’ve been watching DOOL for OVER 40 years, he’s the worse.

    • Arleen says:

      Vargas will take care of Nick. Just hope it’s soon. Maybe Will and Gabi will end up together. Hate that boy with boy stuff!

  29. Vicky Foster says:

    Kate does not need yo be with, Rafe,Sammy not with EJ. We need to get rid of Chloe , Christen, and Nick.

  30. Jana says:

    HATE HATE HATE!!! Cannot say enough times how much I hate this pairing! Put Kate back with Roman, he needs someone more than anything!

  31. Linda says:

    HATE the pairing!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Chrissy Burton says:

    Its to weird, she is with grandkids ex stepfather its just to much!

  33. Jo says:

    Dear Lord have mercy on us all Rafe Head for the hills!!!!!!!! Before Kate digs her Claws in you

  34. Ellen M Burnstein says:

    Day Of Our Lives has been a regular part of my day ever since it’s onset. It was the families that started this drama and the stories that intertwined them all together that has kept it on air all these years. Love, hate, jealousy and deception are a part of all communities but more so in a small one. The writing, direction and relevance all play major parts in the success of any deep drama. For the last 3 years I have seen this show go rapidly down, but nothing has been more out of sync than what the writers are displaying now. They have turned characters into people that nobody knows. The personalities of almost all the characters has changed dramatically and not for the better. Even those who stood out above the rest like EJ, Sami, Daniel, and Brady are no longer interesting and it is not because of their lack of acting ability. I can only hope that Ken Corday cares enough to see what is happening and makes some changes before we lose this drama forever. I am a very disenchanted fan.

  35. JoNan Shirk says:

    DO NOT LIKE AT ALL. Rafe needs to run far away from her – she is only trouble and trash…

  36. Texaschick says:

    STOP KATE AND RAFE!!! Nasty!! She is definetly a Cougar! lol I like Kate but she needs to go back to someone at least a older than Rafe!!

  37. Shirley Freund says:

    I hate the story line of Kate with Rafe stop it now and put him with someone decent. I wouldn’t mind seeing him and Nicole together.

  38. Juana says:

    Put her back with Roman, they never got a real shot to be happy together, and put Rafe back with Sami!

  39. Ladybug says:

    Kate needs to be with Stepheno. I am glad she is trying to get rid of Nic.

    My concern is jenn.
    I am so tired of them both having to act like they have no common sense! Both have been strong people and had a strong character. Jen should have told Daniel from the beginning about Chole blackmailing her and he trust her to know she is telling the truth. He should have put Chole in her place a long time ago. I am tired of this. I am also tired of this show 90% coming from the couch or bedroom

  40. JT says:

    Its obvious they didnt know to do with either of them, so they put them together until they can come up with something. It probably has more to do with Will than them. But, I hope they move on soon as sweeps are over

  41. roberta says:

    Get real you need new writers so much crap going on get rid of chole, kristin and kate daniel needs to be with jennifer.

  42. Rhonda says:

    Hate this pairing!! Can’t you do any better. Let Kate with Roman and bring Rafe together with someone like Jennifer. But also leave Daniel and Jenn together!!

  43. Rhonda says:

    Wow the count is in split Rafe and Kate before the show gets axed!!. Put Daniel and Jennifer together the show needs a pair like Tom and Alice again. Keep Nicole with Eric get rid of Nick. And bring back BO!!!

  44. Linda says:

    I like Kate and Rafe together, Leave Sami with EJ together and please let Daniel find out about Chloe and get back together with Jennifer !!

  45. Melinda says:

    I don’t like her with Rafe he is way out of her league she be better with Stephano or Roman or even Victor i liked Rafe with Sami

  46. Laura N says:

    Love Rafe and Kate together. Been watching Days for over 40 years just wish the men would get smarter and the women not so Bitchy.

  47. Linda says:

    I’ve been watching the show since Sammy and Eric were children. Hate Kate with Rafe. Put her with Roman or Stefano. I hate Chloe, get rid of her and Nancy! Let Daniel and Jenn be happy together.
    Send Kristen back to Europe, and get rid of Nick. Gabby and Will would make a good couple if he realized he wasn’t gay.

  48. Beverly says:

    Do not like! Get Kate back with Stephano.

  49. Janice B. says:

    Don’t like Kate and Rafe together. Kate belongs with Stefano. They make a good pair and deserve each other. Jennifer is starting to make me sick. She needs to step up to the plate, tell Daniel what is going on and Daniel needs to get a quick petition from the court so Chloe can’t go out ot the state or country. He also needs to demand a DNA test so he can prove he is the father and get at least partial custody of his son. It would be acceptable if he overheard Chloe threatening Jennifer. I like Daniel and Jenn together. Chloe needs to go bye, bye as well as Ann and Vargas. Sami and E.J. are cute together. Will needs to realize he is not gay so he and Gabbi can get together and raise their baby. Since Bo is off the show because of health problems I guess Rafe can have Bo. Find someone nice for Abe and as for Roman….he is all mine. LOL

  50. Janice B. says:

    Oops, Rafe can have Hope.

  51. Taylyn says:

    Kate and Rafe are ok I guess I prefer her with Roman and Rafe with Sami, EJ with Taylor, Nicole and Eric, Stefano and Vivian, Brady and Chloe, Daniel and Carly, Jennifer and Jack, John and Marlena, Bo and Hope, Maggie and Victor. They need to bring back a lot of characters like Belle, Shawn, Mimi, Rex, Cassie, Bo, Billie, Phillip,Laura and my favorite Villian Vivian Alamain

  52. Lori in Nashville, TN says:

    I HATE the pairing of Kate & Rafe. I agree, get her back with Stefano or Roman (I liked her with him the best). Also can’t stand the EJ/Sami Pairing. EJ and Nicole are the best fit, as is Sami & Rafe.

    These couples are at their best when they are together.

  53. Roxanne says:

    Hate Kate and Rafe together….almost as much as Sammy and EJ!

  54. Jackson says:

    Kate and Stepheno make a better couple NO TO KATE and RAFE

  55. candy says:

    change the script and finish the punch line sooner instead of dragging it on

  56. darlene brazil says:


  57. Kay says:

    I dont like Kate with Rafe if she has to have one of Sammys men give her EJ or anybody would be better she looks old enough to be his mom

  58. Elizabeth says:

    Do not like Kate and Rafe together. It’s just wrong!

  59. Jo says:

    Kate needs to be with Stepano Ej needs to be wth Nicoleand rafe needs to be with Sami any questions??

  60. harriet says:

    It is time for Kristen to end it with Brady……its getting BORING!!

  61. SANDRA BELL says:


  62. cappy says:

    She’s even a worst choice then Sami…..UGH!

  63. Judy says:

    Hate Kate and rafe together he needs to be with Sammie

  64. Come on Days, running out of story lines!! Give me a break. Grandma and Grandson might as well be. Give it up writers. Brady and Kristen getting old.

  65. Jean says:

    This is a ridiculous “pairing”. Makes me think what it would be like dating my grandson. No thank you.

  66. Mary Ann Burns says:

    Kate and Rafe are not a good match. I would love to see Kate and Roman together. Roman has been on the show so long he deserves a good story line. I miss Bo so much, is he coming back ? If not I think Rafe and Hope would be a good match but I still would love to see Bo back. Sammy and Rafe are the best.EJ and Nicole. I”m not sure about all of them but not Kate and Rafe.

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