The Bold and the Beautiful, What Do We Know?

bold and beautiful

“The Bold And The Beautiful”

When it was created “The Bold and the Beautiful” was originally titled Rags

The show premiered March 23, 1987

In the CBS daytime soaps lineup “The Bold and the Beautiful” replaced the soap opera Capitol

The show is just called Beautiful in Italy

“The Bold and The Beautiful” is sometimes called just B&B

In 1987 John McCook had to dye his hair grey to appear older since he was actually only 7 years older than the man who played his son, Ronn Moss

Jack Wagner is only 5 years younger than the actress who plays his mother, Lesley-Anne Down

Thomas is the oldest child of Ridge and Taylor.  Their other two children are Phoebe and Stephanie who are twins

While married to Bridget, Brooke’s daughter, Deacon Sharpe had an affair with Brooke which produced a daughter, Hope

Caroline Spencer was Ridge Forrester’s first wife who died

Christian was the doctor who helped Felicia stay alive when she suffered from cancer

Lauren and Zachariah Koslow are mother and son in real life and played mother and son in the show

Taylor was shot by Shelia who was holding Eric and Taylor as captives

Brooke and Nick married in 2006

Bridge is what Brooke’s and Ridge fans call them

Felicia had a liver transplant when Dominick was very young

Felicia’s son Dominic was conceived as the result of a one night stand with Dante in Italy

Stephanie dated Massimo Marone in college.  He is now  a billionaire shipping magnate.  When Ridge had a medical emergency it was discovered Massimo was his biological father

Jacqueline Payne revealed that Massimo also fathered Dominick Payne who later took Marone as his surname

The longest serving actors on the show known as the core four are:  Susan Flannery (Stephanie Forrester), John McCook (Eric Forrester), Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke Logan), and  Ronn Moss (Ridge Forrester)

Forrester Creations is a fashion house specializing in both men and women’s upscale fashions.  It  is located In Los Angeles, California

For a long time  Sally Spectra ran Spectra Fashions in competition to Forrester Creations.  She eventually become friends with Stephanie Forrester and after closing Spectra Fashions Sally went to work for Forrester Creations.

The only actor ever to receive  “Special Guest Star” billing was Charlton Heston

The “Bold and The Beautiful” is the most watched soap in the world

The show has been nominated for and won many, many  awards

The 4000 episode of “The Bold and The Beautiful” was taped in 2003

B&B did not make the change to high definition until September 2011

“The Bold and The Beautiful” is the only American soap opera currently running for 30 minutes

Actors from “The Bold and The Beautiful” and “The Young and the Restless” have at various times appeared on each others show


  1. Katie Jensen says:

    Love the show Bold & The Beautiful……however I am sick to death of the “Ridge & Brooke line… has been SSSSSOOOO overdone. Can you say BORING ??? Besides, they are getting OLD, Ridge needs to stop coloring his hair black, it makes him look “white” & pasty faced. Also Brooke is aging too, start have her dress more “age” appro…..I love the Taylor too, but too much lip plumping is NOT always better…..she was more beautiful before all the botox.

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  3. Diana Chaney says:

    Writers need to let Hope and Llam get married, Wyatt out of the picture and get on to another story line. The hope and Llam is getting old they need to get married, and on to something new.

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