The Better Wonder Woman

Since a few days ago, when DC and Warner Bros announced the release date for Wonder Woman (23rd of June 2017), all sorts of rumors started to spread, rumors and speculations which concerned either the origin of the superheroine, or the director of the film (which, obviously, for most of the people, has to be a woman), and so on.

After the announcement was made, Lynda Carter also spoke about the character and how should Gal Gadot portray the Amazonian Princess (of course, depending on the script). First, the actress said that it was a long road the superheroine had from the comic books to the TV series and finally to the silver screen.

And it was so because men might feel a bit confused by such a powerful female character. They might feel as if their leadership is contested – an idea which has its roots in the birth of the entire feminist movement.

I don’t want to be misunderstood, but when the first women started raising their voices this is exactly what the men thought – that they had a birth-right that shouldn’t be challenged. Well, Wonder Woman did just that, ever since her first appearance in 1940 (after all, she is the only female character in DC’s Holy Trinity).

If we also take into account the classic origin story of Wonder Woman, we can also see that there is a rupture between the world of Man and the world of Woman.

Then Lynda Carter also said that this character should also be portrayed as a humorous one, a superheroine with a big heart and a sense of humor. But, ever since Superman was rebooted with Man of Steel, we have seen that humor is something which lacks in the DC universe.

And, since we all have seen the picture of Gal Gadot all dressed in the outfit, we can say that the comedic side will be toned down to a minimum.

Lastly, Lynda Carter said that Wonder Woman should be all about the truth and nothing else. The question which needs to be asked in here is: which truth? Or, better yet: whose truth?

One thing is certain: it will be the first superhero movie with a superheroine at its core. It is something that was never done before, so it is very obvious that everybody has high expectations. Hopefully, they will all be met and even exceeded.

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