The Avengers with Madea

The Avengers is definitely one of the well-received movies this year, especially since it combined some of the best superheroes ever to hit the screen. Aside from Thor and Ironman, the movie also features the Incredible Hulk, Hawkeye, Captain America, and the Black Widow. It’s a shame that there’s only one female though. Wouldn’t it have been cooler if there was another girl character, preferably something from the Greek Mythology like Madea?

With Madea in the Avengers movie, a lot of things would have been different. First off, Madea’s side will be in question. She’s been portrayed from evil witch to good – meaning healer in the Greek Mythology so deciding what side she will be on can be tough. For the sake of argument though and considering how she is mostly perceived – Madea will be on the dark side.

Madea is a potions master or a witch. She’s been known to create potions and fool people into killing others. If she had any super powers – it would definitely have something to do with creating magical potions that could severely affect the people in the team Avengers. Her witchy powers can extend to spying on the Avengers which will also help Loki a great deal.

The potions will be Madea’s biggest weapon though. If she gets in the Avengers movie, the best target for her potion’s making will be Ironman or the arrogant Stark. Remember when he was drinking medication non-stop to control his blood problems? Although Stark bounced back from that during the Ironman 2 movie, it would be a great twist if Madea once again introduces a poison that would make it hard for Stark to control his armor.

Stark’s not the only one who is vulnerable to the possibility of poison though. The Incredible Hulk – possibly the most important member of the team – also presents a vulnerable point. Bruce Banner’s Hulk powers hinges on one important element – his ability to control his anger, or lack of it. With Madea’s potions background, it could be a cinch to mess up with Banner’s emotions, making it hard for him to get angry. Remember how instrumental the Hulk was when it came to those giant dimensional monsters – now imagine if the Hulk wasn’t able to appear. That would definitely be a huge dent on the Avenger’s ability to team up.

Obviously, the good guys will still win at the end, but with the Hulk feeling so un-angry, how exactly will it go? Obviously, they’re going to have to make him really mad – mad enough to brush off the effects of Madea’s potions. Just imagine how much fun Stark would have in prodding the sleeping beast in Bruce Banner.

There are lots of ways to figure in Madea into the Avengers plot line. Another good angle is if she is introduced as part of the Avengers instead of Loki’s partner. She wouldn’t have that much work to do though since her power on potions wouldn’t really have much help with the location of the Tesseract.

Madea as part of the Avengers will really be interesting and provide some incredible plot twists to the story. What kind of role do you think Madea will play if she’s in the Avengers movie? Lets us know; send in a comment!



  1. Madea doesn’t belong mixed up with the Avengers. She has her own super powers on humanity.

  2. Cindy I. Philemon says:

    The Avengers With Madea? No can see. But I can see her reading a fairytale story surrounded by children in which was court ordered. As she tells her story some parts are interrupted with the Madea different episodes of characters, now that would be funny and a sight to see. Could you imagine how horrified face expressions there would be when the judge would come to check on what once was rebellious children? That would be shock treatment therapy!

  3. Jimbo says:

    Wouldn’t work cause at the first sign of loki Madea(tyler perry’s version) would just tell him to shut up an go away ain’t nobody studin his stupid ass. If that didn’t work she’d bust out her gat an shot him or something equaly crazy just to get laughs.

  4. Pateicia says:

    Madea can’t mix it up with super hero’s period. The comedy factor with her movies are a wonderful escape from my problems. Create something that makes a person really laugh when life may have them down–is brilliant not stereotype.

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