That Big Ass Gun is Coming…For Someone

We sort of know the frame for Walter White. Think of the “frame” as a framed rectangular photo for the final half season. Walter was “framed” so deftly and wonderfully in the first five minutes of the beginning of the final season.

The long top frame is cancer. It’s how we’ve filtered Walter’s experience. I think we all knew it was coming back and Skyler’s wish appears to have come true. Walter was taking pills and coughing in the Denny’s bathroom after Jim Beaver (does he not steal every scene of everything he’s ever in?). So, cancer.

The short side frames are whatever shards Walter might have left for the nuclear family. At this harried point — Walter’s buying a BIG ASS GUN from Jim Beaver in a Denny’s toilet — that is a speck. The other short side is kind of hard to say. I would write Jesse here, but I think Jesse will be heavily involved in the bottom half of the frame.

The long frame that will catch and color everything in this final half is Hank’s potty discovery of Gale’s Walter Whitman gift to Walter.

Walter is on the run. He’s been in New Hampshire, presumably, for a year. We know Hank is a dogged, smart agent. That was brilliantly drawn last season. Walter is screwed to the floor. He’s desperate, sick and coming back to Albuquerque for . . . I don’t know. That’s why that flash forward was so bold. The final “framing” of Walter was outlined. It’ll all bleed together and we’ll have the final picture that is Walter White.

What about Jesse? We really don’t know jack about where this is headed for him.

We left him scared, nervous and panting with a gun in his lap and, presumably, $5 million dollars on his wood floor.

I’m going to make that a short side for Jesse. He clearly wanted out. He’d seen and done enough and the fear that blew up when Walter knocked on his door had him loading a pistol. Jesse could take his $5 mill and go to Argentina or an island on Lake Superior. Jesse’s immediate future is the other short side. It’s related, but I hope we see what he did in the immediate moments after Walter coolly and calmly said goodbye in his Walter way.

Revenge is the long top. Jesse lost a lot in this. He didn’t have the family that Walter had, but when he shot Gale in the eye, he lost his soul. He resented Walter. He also could discover Walter’s poisoning of Brock, for which he already had a gun pressed to Walter’s forehead. This is under the surface, but Jesse has transformed from “Cap’n Cook” to a fully formed human with deep wounds. He could snap.

The bottom long for Jesse is the same as it is for Walter. They’re in it together. It’ll take Hank a half hour to connect Jesse to Walter. (Hank is going to be in revenge mode. He is going to pursue this vigorously, no matter what it means to him personally. And you have to think it’s going to mean, at the very least, his career.) When he does, the compromised communication will be delicious. Didn’t the best and perhaps the most thrilling and terrifying moments from the first half come when Mike Ehrmantraut was burnt by the fatty lawyer with the sugar bribes? That frozen and blanched look on Mike’s face as he looked at his granddaughter and then the ABQ PD, that was chilling.

Walter and Jesse came in together and they’ll go out together. But seriously, who’s Walter going to point that BIG ASS GUN at?


  1. Phil Simon says:

    My bet is on the Nazis. They must know that Water has major coin. Of course, I’m usually wrong when trying to guess the direction of the show.

  2. John says:

    Hank’s going to get proof that Walt poisoned Brock, use that to flip Jesse to try to entrap him but Hank finds out and comes back to take revenge on Jesse.

    Walt is too emotionally attached to Jesse to let him get away. Not so with Hank, whom he hardly regards.

  3. TJWhite says:

    You’re all wrong. Hank can’t face the DEA & say his BIL was Heisenberg all this time & he was clueless. He was shot & damn near killed after the DEA took his sidearm in a haze of doubt over his competence. Hank has a MAJOR bone to pick with the PTB@DEA. He’ll join Walt & cover his trafficking. The Big-Ass Gun is, in fact, for Skyler. She got caught up in an IRS web, & is poised to flip Walt for immunity.

  4. Gene says:

    I haven’t correctly predicted one plot point in this series. How many shows can you say that about? Vince is a genius.

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