Thank You For Being A Friend?

Every once in a while a certain TV character enters your heart and has the power to leave an imprint that stays.  The Golden Girls had four of those characters!  Blanche, Rose, Dorothy and Sophia were, from the beginning an awesome foursome that proved that no matter where you came from, or what your belief system was, you could be wonderful friends, a family of sorts!  They lived together, they laughed together, they cried together.  They loved and fought together.

Our four “golden” ladies had such personality, such charisma that it was easy to believe that they truly loved each other.  And with such a strong bond, it was easy to believe that that love carried from on screen to off screen.  Or not.  Perhaps our four “golden” ladies also had such amazing acting talent, that fans and viewers were easily led to think that they were “tight” all of the time.

But, sadly, that was not the case.  Perhaps a lot of Dorothy’s annoyance towards Rose’s simple minded child likeness was not too far from how Bea actually felt toward Betty.  It has been reported (or in my case read) in several instances that Bea could not stand Betty!  How sad!  Who doesn’t like Betty White?  I was nearly heart broken to learn this!

I have read that Bea disliked Betty from the beginning of the show’s start on September 13, 1985.  Bea felt that Betty White had the attitude that she was the star of the show and behaved in such a way and even tried to tell Bea how to deliver her lines!  Yikes!  Rue McClanahan has been quoted as saying “Bea used to called Betty a c–t”, (you know, the nasty “c” word)!!

Years after the show ended, and being the last “girl” standing so to say, Betty  was able to air her views in an interview CNN about Bea Arthur’s dislike of her.  Betty’s feelings were that Bea could not stand her happy, cheery disposition.  The happier Betty White was, the angrier Bea Arthur would get.  Betty also thinks that Bea had an attitude problem because it was Betty that was the first to receive an Emmy first.  Sure doesn’t sound like a good friend to me!

I have also read that Susan Harris, the creator of the mega-hit show, said that she felt the problem stemmed from the different backgrounds in which the two came from.  Bea came from Broadway, Betty from TV series.  Betty would talk to the audiences, flirt with them and make them laugh.  Bea never really acknowledged the audience.   Performing on Broadway is a lot different from starring in a TV series, I would think.

Another article I read suggested that there was a problem when both actresses being animal rights activists, shot an episode that had dogs in it.

I guess when you get right down to it, they were actresses!  And they sure did do a great job!  The show was nominated for 57 Emmys in total, 7 of which were for “Best In Comedy” series.  Each of the 4 main characters were awarded an Emmy at some point through the series run.

As for me…I will continue to watch The Golden Girls day in and day out and laugh out loud and I will continue to love them ALL and treasure my Golden Girl collection!


  1. Gabe says:

    I luv the golden girls and still watch them.
    They were my moms favorite so when i watch them I remember her.thanks for the memories.

    • GoldenCrystalGirl says:

      The Golden Girls has been my all time favorite for many years and I still watch the show all the time! Sometimes when I am home alone, I will put one season on in the living room and a different season in the portable DVD player in the kitchen while I go back and forth! Hope you enjoy my articles!

  2. Leslie Heironimus says:

    I have all 7 seasons on DVD. In the final season on the last disc, there is an “extra” where all the stars (except Estelle Getty) talk about the great friendship the characters had off-screen. Bea Arthur had nothing but nice things to say about her co-stars. She talked about how her co-stars, Susan Harris, the writers and the crew really felt “like family” and how much she loved each one of them! She even got teary-eyed when reminiscing how there was such great camaraderie with her other “Girls.” Who do you believe? IDK. I’d like to think they were all good friends.

    • GoldenCrystalGirl says:

      Yes! I would like to think too that they were as close off screen as they were on screen! I don’t know! I mean Betty has very verbally expressed on several accounts that Bea did not like her. Even Rue McClanahan suggested it in her book. I found quotes supposedly from Bea suggesting that she did not like Betty. But I guess the real truth was taken to the grave with Bea and of course Betty…

    • Taina aponte says:

      totally agree they all were friends infact they all cried on the show the last show and talked about how they kept in touch untill the end! check your facts!

  3. brenda gallay says:

    i still watch the golden girls i bought season 1,2,7 i don’t have cable to watch them all time but i do watch mt dvd when i can when i get some more money i will buy some more of them no matter where they came from or what was going on behind close doors we will always remember them how they was on tv i am sure we will watch them over again as many times we want my mom remembers rue mcclanahan she said she use go school with her when her family use live in elkhart indiana then her family move to hollywood to be a star and she got marry my mom said the she never seen her again she said she change her name and my mom said rue and her use be best friends in school but when they move they never kept in touch any more i mom said they was high class people and always been that way

  4. veronika.amaechi says:

    the GOLDEN GIRLS are like family-members to us, we quote them, we enjoy them, we have all the DVD’s and
    we need them when we are nervous or upset — just to relax — they are kinda therapists and always give us happiness.

  5. christine says:

    i love all four of these girls been a fan for many years still watch it and will as long as i live these girls can make my day go good even if its a bad day love them

  6. Cliff says:

    I trully love The Girls They always Pick me up when im sad and They always have a Brighter way of looking at life ,I trully have enjoyed watching them and I will remain watching them til teh Day God takes me home ,I wanna say Thank You Girls for being so Loving and Caring in your shows God Bless you all

  7. i loved the golden girls i watched them every time they came on when they passed away i felt like i lost a sister and mom. i still watch it all the time i will never enjoy a show like i do the golden girls. sophia dorothy blanche and rose they were all great.

  8. Girl Wednesday says:

    I really don’t buy it for a second. Too many people trying to interpret who said what. And grown women dont hate each other over trivial things like “I from Broadway and you’re a TV actress BS” Betty recently said that despite it all they all loved each other.

  9. Krypto says:

    I cherish those four golden ladies on the tv screen. I love them when they’re happy, I love them when they’re sad, I love them when they fight, and I love them when they’re fun.

    We will never, ever know the absolutes of the Bea and Betty relationship, but I do know that as brilliant as they are as actors, there are glimpses of their humanness also captured on celluloid in their performances. I do not think Betty and Bea had a Joan Crawford and Bette Davis type of relationship, but I do believe there were times when they couldn’t stand each other. The four ladies off screen where as they were on screen in the sense that you cannot create seven years of golden television without being like family. Day in and out they saw each other and worked together – there is no way that this could happen without having cat fights here and there. So in summary my thoughts on this are, yes they fought at times – but they were family so it is bound to happen!

  10. Danielle Day says:

    Golden girls shows different qualities of these people and their daily life likes and dislikes and a lot if humor as well and people fight even families.. I think if anything it shows how real and how much it touched everyone who adored it I still watch it on tv today and love the girls…

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