Team EJ or Team Rafe?

RafeSo, I am loving what’s going on in Days of Our Lives. Well, not all the storylines, but the particular angle on Rafe, Sami, and EJ. What I love about it is the realness of the story. After all the recasting, kidnapping, amnesias, divorces, and switched babies that happen in all soap operas, (yes, even on Days), I can finally say that I am watching a storyline to which I can relate. Not too dramatic, not too sexual, but a real love triangle. It has me (and I am sure a lot of Days fans) on the edge of my seat. Of course, there are connected stories in the love triangle that are definitely packed with the usual soap opera drama. Stories such as the switching of baby Sydney, DNA test switching, murder, and divorces (well, Sami had planned to marry or been married to both men at some point).  All of that drama has been settled for a awhile and now its time to bring back the spotlight to the exciting love triangle.

Of course, the heated discussion these days is whose side are you on – Team Rafe or Team EJ?

Team EJ

Well, if there’s one thing about EJ we all know, it’s that he is one passionate guy. Most of the time, he does things impulsively in order to get the things he wants. He is not the most honest person in the cast, but his shadiness is usually brought about by his wanting to set things right. In the past, EJ kidnapped baby Sydney because he felt betrayed by Samantha. Moreover, on numerous occasions, things just did not go in his favor.  This  make him decide to do drastic things and go to rather extreme measures. Can we say that EJ is the best man for some? We can argue that case because finally, he made his feelings crystal clear for Sami in last week’s episodes. So, now, the ball is in Sami’s court, and she can decide if she wants to be with EJ or be with Rafe. From her response to the searing kiss she and EJ shared, it looks like she is considering giving Mr. DiMera a chance.

Of course, with his knowing that Rafe fathered Nicole’s baby, trust EJ to use this as his weapon to take Rafe out of the running for Sami. Quite cunning, but hey, everything’s supposed to be fair in love, right?

Team Rafe

Oh, Rafe, such a wimp. Why can’t he just tell Sami his real feelings for her? I am sure everyone was on the edge of their seats last Friday when Sami finally asked him why he thinks EJ is not the right guy for her. But of course, Rafe did not say he should be the one for Sami. With the fist fight between he and EJ finally happening, spoilers aside, I really hope Sami reads between the lines and realizes Rafe thinks he is the right man for her. It does bother me that at one time, Rafe and Sami were actually married, but after all these years, he still has difficulty expressing his emotions to Sami. Only in the world of soaps, my friends.

Well, based on these musings, you might say that I’m for Team EJ because I’ve said more things about him. EJ just happens to be a more major character than Rafe. I am quite torn about which guy lucky Sami should choose. I’m hoping the writers do this storyline right and don’t complicate it with more unbelievable plot twists.


  1. Kathy Wiencek says:

    I am for Team RAFE. EJ will never change. It is only the accent everyone is hung up on!!!!!

    • Marsha Moss says:

      I love Rafel I want him and sammy to get back together they make such a good couple ej……nope don’t like him

      • I am Raf team also- I would love to see him and Sami back together with the spark they had when they met…I like that EJ is trying to be a good person for his kids and Sami but maybe since he really screwed up this time Sami will hang more with Raff and start something that will be lasting and give Raff a baby :)

    • Chickie4 says:

      I do not like the english accent! EJ does not pronounce right, very lazy when he talks and hard to understand unless he is pissed at something! Not my favorite

    • Shannon says:

      I am team Rafe! Although I think both men are extremely sexy, I love Rafe.. He is the better man for Sami ( if she could ever stick with just one for once)..He is sexy, loyal, passionate and honest… Love him….Sami and Rafe!!!!

    • Sharon says:

      I am team Rafe…He is the only one that can truly handle Sammy. Not to mention if he and Sammy get together he will have more TV time which means more eye candy to watch.. He’s a hunk!!!!

    • Linda Hanna says:

      I am for Rafe

    • Melissa says:

      I have watched DOOL for 20years & I LOVE Ej & Sami together…Rafe is boring. Let Rafe be with Nicole or bring Carrie back & them him be with her. & When is everyone going to figure out Nicole lost the baby before she fell ?Where is the doctor that told her the baby was dead?

  2. Christel Trulson says:

    I am so for EJ!! I think he has really changed and plus they already have kids together. Let Rafe be with Nicole, they would make a great couple!!!

  3. Sheri says:

    TEAM RAFE!!!!!! All the way, my friend. There is no excuse even “true love” for all the mean, horrible and nasty things that EJ has done over the years. Can we ever forget the nasty “imposter” Rafe that they set on Sami and Salem while EJ and Stefano held the real Rafe in a prison cell and tried to kill him.

  4. Debra says:

    rafe an sami better together.
    ej did bad thing though out her life.
    she can talk to him but not date him .
    Rafe is a good guy .
    If i was in that program i would stay with Rafe and clean my life up.
    Rafe is good look,honesty

  5. candace shetrompf says:

    I for team EJ, I wanna see Sami like she was when she was younger, switching DNA tests, keeping secrets, and screwing with other peoples lives…. I miss the old Sami, she was alot more fun and with EJ wow at the things the could do in Salem!!!!

  6. Polly says:


    • Ivana says:

      I really think Rafe us better then E,J for Sami! Sami does bad thinks when she with E,J. I would have liked her with Lucas more then anything! I always thought they never gave them much of a chance there always someone in the way!!

  7. laura keizer says:

    team rafe all the way. please let them get back together and keep ej away!!!!!!

  8. Donna Gibson says:

    Team Rafe all the way and for the long haul…………. !!!!!

  9. pollym says:

    team with rafe he keep her on good path but needs alot of romace that ej can give her there a magic between them

  10. Lisa Evans says:

    RAFE…… i think EJ is an evil man!!!!

  11. Deb Mabus says:

    TEAM RAFE!!!
    Time for EJ to check out!

  12. Mary Schiemann says:

    Team Rafe!! Nicole and EJ were great together . . . birds of a feather. Rafe is not a wimp, just cautious. Sami’s head must be spinning (oh, no, that was Marlena!), what with all the male attention!

  13. Cindy M. says:

    TEAM RAFE ALL THE WAY!!! EJ will never change, not really, and Sami knows how good Rafe was for her and what a great dad he was with her kids.

  14. yvonne w says:

    TEAM RAFE 11 EJ is not the one for Sami ,he will never change and i beleive RAFE will be the one for Sami he cares about her kids and will they will make a good couple.

  15. KAY L, says:


  16. C. Dolph says:

    I’m all for Team Rafe! Why? Cause I just like looking at him! :)

  17. Tiffani says:

    Team EJ, I have loved him since 2006, he has always loved Sami, they make it exciting. Go EJ and Sami

  18. Joann says:

    I want Sami & Rafe, let EJ get with Nicole so she’ll leave Daniel alone ,they make a good pair. Rafe is good for Sami & he loves her & her kids.

  19. Team Rafe I think Rafe is a great guy ,good looking and Sami kids has a good role model to look up to,Sami has to look for her best interest in her kids life, I think Sami realize that Rafe still loves her,I think it had to come down to Rafe fighting for her, she knows since Rafe kiss her,he isn’t over her.Sami make up with Rafe and leave E.J alone.

  20. Ally D says:


  21. kathy says:

    Rafe is dull …and EJ is Crooked…why oh why aren’t any of you voting for Sammi with LUCAS??????????? I LOVE SAMMI AND LUCAS TOGETHER>>>THEY HAVE KIDS TOGETHER TOO>>>and they fight and they makeup…Why isn’t HIS NAME ON THIS LIST? SHE HAS ALWAYS BELONGED TO AND WITH LUCAS!!!!!!

  22. JreneNJ says:

    If Sammy and Raffe get back together the story line will end up like Marlena and John – dull although nothing about Sammy has ever been dull. She looks great these days, doesn’t she. And Carey is still going to have Raffe’s baby cause that’s the only way they can keep Nicole’s baby away from EJ and there might even be a baby switch there

  23. jackie marriner says:


  24. April says:

    Rafe forever!! I love Galen!! He was so nice too when we met!!

  25. Cher says:

    Rafe all the way . EJ only plays with people and Rafe wants what’s best for people. It’s for Sammy to grow up and realize consequences for her actions. How can she raise children good and proper if she’s always messing with others lives. Her kids will grow up thinking that’s the way to treat people. Then how you going to write a script with 3 nasty hearted teenagers???

    • Ugonna Wosu says:

      who are the other people whose lives Sami is still messing with? She’s been messing up her OWN life. Next?

    • Mary says:

      Why was no one worried about the consequences of her actions when she shot a defensless man in the head AND commited assault and battery on Nicole and Arianna because they wanted the truth of what she’d done to come out? And Rafe helped her cover it up. On what planet is that mature or bringing out the best in each other?
      Rafe is more interested in “getting” EJ. He was more interested in getting evidence against EJ when Sami begged him to take her back in the locker room. He didn’t care when she was living with Lucas but as soon as he found out she was getting closer to EJ, he stepped right back in. It isn’t that he wants Sami, he doesn’t want EJ to have her. He volunteered to pretend to be Nicole & EJ’s baby daddy because he saw it as another way to stick it to EJ.
      Rafe doesn’t love Sami, he hates EJ.

  26. ashley says:

    RAFE =D

  27. Barb S says:

    I have watched Days since it’s inception I have watched Sami grow up. Sami needs a STRONG man to keep her in check, Rafe does that, keep the two of them together they will survive anything they could quite possibly be your next Bo and Hope couple. Lucas although a nice guy he gave into her all too often, E.J., is too controlling and the two of them are like oil and water they will never come together. The man for the job is unquestionably Rafe.

  28. Fran says:

    I think that Sami needs Rafe as he is really good for her.

  29. Terri C says:

    Team Rafe ALL THE WAY!!! They are soo Good for each other and Sami is a better person with Rafe he brings out the best in her and he is so Happy when he is with her! Com’on writers please get this RIGHT for a change <3 :) )

    • Mary says:

      For a change? Rafe and Sami had three years with EJ being thrown under the bus.

      Sami and Rafe have no storyline unless EJ’s in the middle of it.

      Sami shooting EJ in the head while she throws her family under the bus to help her cover it up, isn’t bring out the best in Sami, it’s bringing out the very worst in her.

      Let Rafe attempt to carry a storyline of his own.

  30. Mary says:

    Team EJ.

    Sami can be SAMI with EJ. She has to pretend to be Carrie when she’s with Rafe.

    How many times can Sami ask Rafe if he’s the babydaddy and have him look her in the eye and lie and yet, he told Carrie the truth because it’s Carrie he loves and Sami he’s settling for simply because he doesn’t want EJ to have her.

  31. rocky says:

    Rafe & Sammi are better together tho EJ makes it interesting but once the truth comes out of the baby really being his he will be busy persueing Nicole is some way whether to get the kid or mess up her world or try to get her back—Sammi has grown & changed so we would hope & deserves to be happy & stable at long last

  32. Janet says:

    Team Rafe… He is better for her

  33. Jackie says:


  34. Jen says:

    Team EJ, EJami

  35. Beija says:

    Team EJ! Sami doesn’t need Rafe. She already has a father!

    • Mary says:

      Sami and her daddy issues, and that’s exactly what Sami acts like around Rafe. Like a scolded child begging for forgiveness, even if something isn’t her fault. EX: Begging for forgiveness because Austin was sleeping on the couch, Rafe thought she was sleeping WITH him and clocked Austin. What did Sami do? Got into the shower for sex to make it up to him, even though she’d done NOTHING wrong.

  36. jen says:

    Team Ej!!! EJ accepts her for her true self! rafe wants her to be carrie just like lucas…. sami deserves someone who loves the grey area! ej does!!! plus rafe is a very boring cookie cutter character. galen almost portrays him like DOOL is a comedy. ej is a layered man that james scott plays with him with humor, charm, darkness and love!!! James is such a talent DOOL is lucky to have him as part of their cast.

  37. Chasni says:

    Since 2006, I’ve watched EJ and Sami’s relationship and at first I wasn’t for EJ, but I am now! Sami is no angel and never has been and she never will be! I think EJ is the best for her because they are “two peas in a pod” (like Will said). EJ doesn’t expect Sami to apologize for who she really is and she doesn’t have to try to be someone she’s not like I think she does with Raef. EJ and Sami need to be given the chance at a real relationship because I think in the end, they’re perfect for each other and would give DAYS fans some great drama together!

  38. connie sullivan says:


  39. riririri says:

    I actually hate the triangle and think it is hurting both DOOL and the ratings. Everyone, though, is entitled to their opinion. I’d say I prefer EJ and Sami but my problem is not whether Sami is with EJ on this occasion. I do not like who Sami is around Rafe. She gets to be smug and boring. Sami is my favourite character and I cannot support this.

  40. sara says:

    TEAM EJ!!!!! EJAMI

  41. Liza says:

    EJ without question!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t even believe someone would want to continue to watch ANOTHER triangle between these three! That’s what we have been watching for YEARS with saint Rafe always coming out on top turning Sami into some sort of weird Stepford wife pod character. It’s so old and boring I can barely stand it. We have NEVER seen the amazing lovestory that could be told between EJ Dimera and Samantha Brady. So much potential, so much soapy goodness without having to watch this ridiculous triangle. I am sick of the Hernandez worshipping on the soap I have watched for 30 years. They walk around constantly doing things that are ethically questionable at best without having to pay for any of their crimes because they are just so perfect. It’s disgusting. I say get rid of anything having to do with the name Hernandez. Seriously…I want to watch stories about the characters that actually mean something to Salem. Bring back the ones that matter and get rid of the Hernandez crew. Rafe makes me sick.

  42. keren says:

    Team EJami. Always.

  43. Maggie says:

    Team Ejami for me. Hottest thing in daytime.

    Just for the record, I think Rafe is a slimeball. So glad his lies are all coming out this week. I hope he pays.

  44. Leslie says:


  45. Bo says:

    Ej is the best choice for Sami. They have a deep connection on an emotional and physical level,. When I watch Ejole they look pretty thats all i see is just sex, there is no deeper spiritual or emotional connection. Ej’s heart is taken. Just like rafe his actions are good and together with sami they make a socially acceptable couple but there is an element missing. Ejami’s souls and hearts will forever wander around looking for some kind of connection until they are back with each other. Ej will always cheat on nicole and sami’s eyes will always wander between rafe and lucas until she gets it into her head that she is yearning and longing for Ej her soulmate

  46. Rose Garden says:

    Team EJ all the way, EJ and Sami have an ADULT relationship. EJ treats Sami like being with her means everything to him. He respect her and would do anything for her and the children. EJ loves Sami, always have and always will. Sami is EJ’s first choice always have been and always will be. EJ sees who Sami is and does not want to change her or make in to someone she is not. EJ loves her unconditionally. EJ and Sami are perfect for each other in every way.

  47. PABWECG says:

    Team EJ!! Of course!

    Sami doesn’t need a man who “makes her a better person.” She is wonderful just the way she is! And EJ is the man who loves her JUST as she is!

    And Ejami can’t seem to stay away from each other. They are like magnets, and amazing to watch in scenes together.

    Nobody loves Sami as much as EJ does!

  48. Mary Ann Burns says:

    Rafe is the one. EJ is and always will be the bad guy. With all the things Sami has done Rafe doesn’t need to be forgiven, she should be asking for forgiveness. Please don’t let this be the same junk as always. Let them be another Bo and Hope without getting rid of Bo and Hope. EJ seems to be the only one to get Nicole pregnant so let them get together and have a baby. There will be enough drama with the new Di Meria coming to town.

  49. Margie says:

    I think Sammy should be with Rafe, she is much better off withy him!!
    EJ is always planning things, he can’t be trusted!!
    Sammy & Rafe have a good connection together!!!

  50. ARC says:

    EJ and Sami belong together even Colleen knew that. Rafe is not perfect. He treats her like he is better than her. EJ just loves her (good and bad). I am not watching DOOL while she is with Rafe.
    Team EJAMI all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. Denise says:

    of course it should be Sami and Rafe!!!! They are so good together!!!!

  52. D says:

    I have watched DOOL for 30 years and the potential pairing of EJ and Sami is one of the main reasons I continue to watch – they have crazy chemistry. While I understand everyone wanting Sami to get a happy ending with rafe, that can never happen in soap opera land !

  53. V says:


  54. Valerie T says:

    Omg i can’t stress enough ejami. They have never been given the real chance with out schemes, manipulation, blackmail…. They are fireworks together. They have fun together. Rafe is so boring…by the book, dull

  55. mercedes vettese says:

    I am for Ejami 100 %

  56. Loretta says:

    Team E.J.

  57. wendy says:

    Rafe all the way Sami get smart

  58. carol higdon says:

    100%Rafe He’s a better Man for Sami

  59. Jo says:

    Team Rafe, after what EJ Pulled I hope she dumps that sob. and gets back together with rafe they belong togther

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