A Special 2013 Christmas Episode


What if you were given the opportunity to write your own Y&R Christmas episode and all cast and crew were asked to commit to the moment? What have you always wanted to see in a scene? Or perhaps it’s not a what but a who? What if you could have anyone star and take the […]

The Young and The Restless – Sharon Newman

sharon newman

What happened to the little girl from the wrong side of the tracks to make her into the woman she is today? Sharon Newman on the outside is a very attractive person.  She’s not so attractive on the inside where it counts. Sharon had a relationship with Nicholas who wanted to look at her as […]

Explosive Turns on the Young and the Restless


I admit, I am quite the soap fan, but yes, I am not the biggest fan of Young and the Restless. Let’s just say that the letters Y and R do not elicit that much excitement in me as the word ’Days’ or the letters ‘G’ and ‘H’. But then, my mom told me about […]

In Defense of Victor Newman (Not That He Needs It, Anyway)


Victor Newman – which soap opera fan has not heard of him? Since the 1980s, he has been the patriarch of the Newman family. He is basically the premiere character of one of CBS’ longest running daytime soap operas, “The Young and the Restless“. Despite numerous changes in actors portraying different characters in the world […]

Two Young and the Restless Men I Love!

young victor newman

Every long-standing soap opera succeed with one main theme: very, very handsome leading men that could draw in a large following. That did not factor into the equation when I started watching Young and the Restless because it was less of a choice. I started watching the soap opera when there were only three television […]

The Young and the Restless: Three Characters Fans Love to Hate

sheila carter

The Young and the Restless debuted on March 26, 1973. Y&R is consistently a ratings winner because it gives us memorable characters and standout villains we all love to hate. You’d be hard pressed to find any character as evil and conniving as Sheila Carter. Arriving in Genoa City in 1990, her first act as […]