Between Declared Feminism and Hidden Misogyny

Wonder Woman

Back in the ‘30s, the screen appeared to be taken over by male superheroes. William M. Marston thought he should challenge the status quo, and created what proved to be his most treasured legacy: Wonder Woman (well, that and some key elements of the nowadays polygraph, but that’s not the point here). His creation inspired […]

Wonder Woman – A Possible Development

Wonder Woman logo

When the news broke out and Wonder Woman was announced to keep her divine origins in the 2017 film, many have said (myself included) that it would be too much of a similarity with Thor if this origin would be explained in some way. Lynda Carter touched herself the subject for a bit, although in […]

The Better Wonder Woman

Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman

Since a few days ago, when DC and Warner Bros announced the release date for Wonder Woman (23rd of June 2017), all sorts of rumors started to spread, rumors and speculations which concerned either the origin of the superheroine, or the director of the film (which, obviously, for most of the people, has to be […]

Return of Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman digital comic

No, there is no news about Wonder Woman returning in a TV series. However, DC has announced a digital comic book titled Wonder Woman ’77′. What does that have to do with the Lynda Carter show? As everybody knows, Wonder Woman was aired between 1975 and 1979, with the greatest DC superheroine donning her more […]

The Acting Career of Lyle Waggoner


Gorgeous looks will only get an actor so far, Lyle Waggoner does have the right stuff. There are times when life throws a curveball and causes plans to shatter like a windowpane. Lyle was born in Kansas City, Kansas and married to Sharon Kennedy and they have two kids. Perhaps life changed for this prominent […]

How did Wonder Woman become a TV Show

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Wonder women started its origins in a November 1975 American television movie entitled The New, Original Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman followed a 1974 TV. Movie starring played Cathy Lee Crosby as wonder women, who neither resembled the super-hero character, nor exhibited any clear super-human powers. John D F Black written and produced the show. In […]

Wonder Woman Despises Sex Object Status

Wonder Woman

Beautiful women in any culture often become objects of desire, and no less has been said of Lynda Carter. This magnificent actress retains a certain iconic symbolism in American Culture that started back in Wonder Woman and stayed with her ever since. Some other women who fit the boot from the 1970s included Cheryl Tiegs, […]

Really Cool Facts About Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is ready to fight!

Wonder Woman is a fictional character brought to life by the comic books published by DC Comics. She is a super-heroine, a warrior princess born and living in the Amazons. She was made from clay by her mother, Queen Hippolyta and brought to life by the Greek Gods. The writer who created her in these […]

Lynda Carter Will Always Be Wonder Woman

Lynda Carter ad Wonder Woman

Lynda Carter is the only true Wonder Woman.  She closely resembles the comic book super hero on which the TV show was based.  What do you think? Wonder Woman was an Amazon princess living on Paradise Island. The island was home to women of great strength and intelligence who are ageless.  She rescues Major Steve […]