John Wayne Westerns: Crossovers from Cinema to Literature


How witty would a man be if at least one book of quotes from him can be compiled? Extremely witty, many could guess. But then, how can globally renowned author Gore Vidal refer to such a clever man as “one powerful inarticulate brute of a man”? Of course Gore Vidal can always do that because […]

Gunsmoke Challenge


Test Your Knowledge by Taking the Gunsmoke Challenge and discover your Gunsmoke Skill Level and your honorary status in Dodge City Questions: 1- What years did Gunsmoke run? a. 1920-1930 b. 1929-1939 c. 1950-1972 d. 1955-1975 2- What years did the radio version of Gunsmoke run? a. 1900-1919 b. 1920-1932 c. 1952-1961 d. 1945-1950 3- […]

Back Where It All Began


The first episode of Gunsmoke is introduced by none other than John Wayne himself who speaks candidly to the audience about knowing a young actor named James Arness whom he suggested the role of Matt Dillon to. Arness was reluctant at first but later decided to take the old cow pokes advice and the rest […]

Our Changing World Needs ‘The Duke!’


“I was wrong you haven’t changed, have you Jacob McAndles?” “Not one bit!” So goes a poignant exchange between Maureen O’Hara and John Wayne in the early part of “Big Jake.”  McAndles returns home after nearly 10 years to take part in the rescue effort to recover his kidnapped grandson.  Martha McAndles learns quickly that […]

Clint Eastwood – Classic Early Westerns


Clint Eastwood is one of the BEST when it comes to playing in Western movies. It’s tough to picture this guy without a cowboy hat on his head. He probably has some cigarette coolly resting on the edge of his lips, smoke billowing out.  In fact, he’s got numerous Westerns under his belt, each one […]