Who’s Going to Get the Money?

Money Pile Feature

Who can forget that massive pile of money Skyler had stashed in the storage unit?  With the final eight episodes looming, it’s hard not to speculate what might become of it all.  I can think of only a handful of possible scenarios, although the writers could very easily have yet another unforeseeable twist up their […]

When All is Said and Done, How Many Bodies will be Left in Walt’s Wake?

BB Cast Feature

We’re all anticipating the final episodes of Breaking Bad.  Knowing we still have months ahead of us is nothing short of torturous.  Still, we can discuss the series, where the characters have gone, and where we think they’re going while we wait.  I’ve been thinking a lot about that first scene in Season 5, Episode […]

Breaking Bad: What Makes a Criminal?

Walt Jesse Feature

One of the things that makes Breaking Bad such an amazing show is its ability to make its audience sympathize with the bad guy.  All of our favorite characters are criminals, and the main reason we love them so much is because we’ve seen both sides to each of them.  We’ve watched Walter transform from […]

How Justified is Walt in all He’s Done?


When it comes to “breaking bad,” is there ever any justification for falling over the edge and beyond the point of no return?  Is Walt still a good man who’s fallen into some bad decisions, or is he officially a hardened criminal with not a redeeming quality left to his character? In the series’ beginning, […]

Who Will Get the Ricin?


Originally prepared to kill Gus, temporarily suspected to have poisoned Andrea’s son, Brock, and nearly used to get Lydia out of Walt’s way, the ricin capsule has passed through a few different hands and has been the potential death of at least a couple of characters.  Now once again hidden behind the electrical outlet cover […]

Who’s the Bigger Baddie: Walt or Gus?


  At first glance, it might seem like a no-brainer; only one man has been left standing, despite a long battle of the wits and some ruthless plays on both sides.  Still, had Walt’s timing been even slightly off or had Hector decided last-minute against the plan, the outcome could easily have resulted in another […]

A Bad Future

dinner scene breaking bad

By: Leigh M. Lane This week’s episode of Breaking Bad, “Buyout,” seemed to be all about setting up for the final ten.  While it opened with a wrap-up of last week’s episode, the team cleaning up Todd’s mess with yet more barrels of hydrofluoric acid, much of the rest of it seemed written to offer […]

What if Hank Already Knows about Walt?

hank schrader

Warning: this article contains spoilers. In “Hazard Pay” (episode 503), Assistant Special Agent in Charge Merkert (Michael Shamus Wiles) talks to Hank and Gomey about how he never suspected that Gus Fring was a meth kingpin. Merkert is about to take a forced early retirement, and laments that he can’t believe that Fring was someone […]

Breaking Down: Skyler’s Plight

skyler white

by: Leigh Lane Last week, I did a rough character analysis of Walter White, comparing him to his fellow characters and offering possible insights to the disturbing reality behind his “breaking bad.”  This week, I’d like to take a look at Skyler’s character—a stark contrast to Walter—and the devastating effects his actions have had on […]