What Happened to the Government?


At the beginning of the series, and through much of Season 1, we see a few indicators of continued government activity. Helicopters fly overhead in Episode 1, and Rick escapes a hoard of zombies by climbing through an Army tank hatch. In the graphic novel series, Lori and Carl are introduced while fleeing through a […]

Andrea Deserves What’s Coming to Her


Warning: Contains spoilers I haven’t read far enough into the graphic novel series to be able to predict what is in store for Andrea, but from what I can surmise, she’s digging her grave—and she deserves every bit of what is coming to her. Tonight’s show, the mid-season finale, leaves us with more questions than […]

Review: The Walking Dead Compendium One


Chapter One: “Days Gone Bye” As an avid comic book collector in my youth, I was eager to check out The Walking Dead collection.  As a writer who has adapted prose to screenplay format and vice-versa, I couldn’t wait to compare the graphic novel to the television series.  Being only one (albeit lengthy) chapter in, […]