Walker, Texas Ranger – A Formula for Success

Walker, Texas Ranger

Most of the criticism brought to Walker, Texas Ranger relies on only one thing: that the series is too formulaic and that each episode is molded after the same matrix. But where other see repetitiveness I see a formula for a great show, where others see boredom I see purpose. As said in one of […]

Walker: 45 Minutes of Escapism

Walker, Texas Ranger is Chuck Norris

While Walker, Texas Ranger has become a cult-TV series with many followers, there are still some people that call it anti-climactic, dull, and even poorly written and acted. But I don’t believe that the creators of this series wanted to make, for example, another Twin Peaks. I believe they had something else in mind. Whenever […]

5 Awesome Facts of Chuck Norris

photo credit: Lomo-Cam via photopin cc

Chuck Norris is one amazing fellow, especially with the high-energy martial arts moves on Walker, Texas Ranger. While most people recognize Chuck Norris from his days as a Martial arts actor, he is an author as well. There are five other facts about him that will make your scratch your head. Some of his most […]

Walker, Texas Ranger – A Matter of Faith

Chuck Norris in Iraq

If Walker, Texas Ranger would win an award, Kanye West would hide under his seat. Of course, you might say that this is the most facile way to begin a piece about a show with Chuck Norris. But at the same time it is also a more casual way of talking about a show that […]

Who Was Tougher Than Walker Texas Ranger?

walker texas ranger

For his many fans Saturday night TV was the evening they looked forward to all week,  The action packed “Walker, Texas Ranger” came on that night and fans, mostly males young or old, loved to watch it.  Each week brought a seemingly endless supply of crimes for the Rangers, namely Walker,  to solve. Chuck Norris […]