Breaking Bad: Vince Gilligan’s Take on Fans’ Theories

Breaking Bad

Perceptive fans of Breaking Bad have surely noticed how Walter White starts to exhibit behaviors initially specific to the characters he kills throughout the plot. This strange mimicry gives rise to controversy when Walt is featured plating his bacon on the occasion of his 52nd anniversary, just as Skyler did a year before. While generally […]

Vince Gilligan: Before Breaking Bad

photo credit: Doug Kline via photopin cc

George Vincent Gilligan Jr, born February 10, 1967 is a known American writer, producer and director. His most well-known project was Breaking Bad. He also worked on the Lone Gunmen and the X-Files. His future endeavors include Battle Creek and Better Call Saul. Who was Vince Gilligan before Breaking Bad? Mr. Gilligan born to a […]