Between Declared Feminism and Hidden Misogyny

Wonder Woman

Back in the ‘30s, the screen appeared to be taken over by male superheroes. William M. Marston thought he should challenge the status quo, and created what proved to be his most treasured legacy: Wonder Woman (well, that and some key elements of the nowadays polygraph, but that’s not the point here). His creation inspired […]

The Moral Stance Of The Sitcom

The Andy Griffith Show

TV shows, sitcoms included, are a reflection – whether more or less accurate, this is still up for debate – of the values cultivated by the society they address to. They reflect, but they also educate, reinforcing and validating whatever values they capitalize on in order to appeal to the public. The Andy Griffith Show, […]

Madea From A Different Perspective


Tyler Perry became famous for Madea, a character that is loved by the hardcore fans for telling the things just like they are, but also a character that has found no mercy with any respectable critic. In a way, Tyler Perry has become defined by this cross-dressing character and this has had its toll on […]