The Better Wonder Woman

Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman

Since a few days ago, when DC and Warner Bros announced the release date for Wonder Woman (23rd of June 2017), all sorts of rumors started to spread, rumors and speculations which concerned either the origin of the superheroine, or the director of the film (which, obviously, for most of the people, has to be […]

Bruce Lee – A Teaching

Bruce Lee

As Bruce Lee said many of times, the purpose of any martial art shouldn’t be to teach a man to defend himself or to attack another. The purpose would be to learn how to express yourself, no matter what the situation is. In other words, martial arts are all about learning how to be a […]

Johnny Cash And His Religious Beliefs

Johnny Cash

When you think you own the Truth, then it is when your life is over. This is one of the greatest teachings of philosophy: to always doubt yourself and everything that surrounds you. This is also something that Johnny Cash was doing constantly, even when it comes to his religious beliefs. Like all artists, Johnny […]

The Tudors: When Changing History Works

Henry VIII as depicted in The Tudors

While named after the Tudors dynasty, the Showtime series followed specifically only the reign of Henry VIII, a king for almost 40 years known for separating the Church of England from the Roman Catholic Church and, more importantly perhaps, for his six marriages. Why do I say that a private matter from the king’s life […]