Tom Waits’s Song Facts

Tom Waits

Rain Dogs is an album released in 1985, containing 19 tracks. According to Tom Waits, the album is about all the people that have lost all and now have no sense of direction. They are lost not in the sense in which one loses his keys, but in a metaphorical sense – they do not […]

Some Tom Waits Stories

Tom Waits

Tom Waits has always been interested in, well, things that wouldn’t interest other people. As he said in one of his interviews, his favorite sound is the sound of bacon frying in a pan – how many of us would have said that? Did we even notice this sound? And if we did, didn’t we […]


Tom Waits

One of Tom Waits’ most beloved songs, Time first appeared on the album Rain Dogs in 1985, which is still considered his masterpiece. And, on this album, the song mentioned above is regarded by most of the critics as the focal point, as well as the poem which best describes both the sources of inspiration […]

A Short History of the Voice

Tom Waits

Upon meeting with the music of Tom Waits, it is obvious that the first thing that captures your attention is his raspy voice. It seems as if Tom wanted it to sound this way and that he went to great length in order to have it. Only afterwards you hear the lyrics, only afterwards the […]

Tom Waits: The Character

Tom Waits in Coffee and Cigarettes

When thinking about good actors, actors that have changed a viewer’s way of watching a movie, I think about actors that have become so deeply immersed into their roles that you cannot tell which is which. Such is the case of Daniel Day Lewis, probably the most respectable character/method actor of the moment. But where […]

The Human Voice as an Instrument

Tom Waits

When it comes to singers and to Tom Waits especially, the greatest impact is the one of their voices and not the one of their lyrics. It is the first impression an artist makes on a potential fan, and this first impression always counts. As Tom Waits says, he has several musical instruments around his […]

Tom Waits And The Impure Sound

Tom Waits

When asked by his children why he doesn’t get a regular job like all dads do, Tom Waits told them a little story about a crooked tree that endured and a straight tree that was cut down by the loggers. While there are different interpretations and meanings to this story, I’d like to talk for […]