The Timeless Attempt to Establish a New Order

The Warriors

Productions like The Warriors will never cease to amaze me: they were hits when launched, but they soon faded away. No buzz around them, except for the occasional references made in other movies, suggestions in music videos and lyrics. A game is, perhaps, released, meaning to revive the theme, the subject, the characters. This is, […]

The Warriors: A Silent Phenomenon

The Warriors

I’m a big fan of old movies. From Casablanca to Scarface, The Godfather to The Lord of the Rings, yes, I treasure all these productions. Not because of their success in box offices, but because they will always remain points of reference in the history of filmmaking. Sometimes it so happens I stumble upon strange […]

The Gangs From The Warriors

The Rogues

The Warriors could have been easily called some other way, given the large number of gangs depicted in the film. The Warriors – the main gang depicted in the film, comes from Coney Island and is framed for the death of the leader Cyrus. Basically, the movie is about their journey back to their own […]

War As The Natural Order Of Things

Cyrus in The Warriors

The plot of The Warriors is pretty straightforward: a truce gone wrong followed by lots of fighting. It is a rather simple and exploitative storyline, which has prompted the critics (of that time) to say that the movie is confusing, ludicrous and pointless (I am not even talking about the acting and the dialogue of […]

A Villain as a Hero

The Warriors

When it comes to cult movies, you know that the critics have bashed them upon their release only to embrace them as fine pieces of art later on: they express the social and historical context, often speaking about the common misconceptions and fears of those times. Such is the case of The Warriors, who was […]