How to Sing Your Way Out of Embarrassment

The Sound of Music

Five decades from the making of The Sound of Music, and the drama – or whatever genre you might be tempted to attribute to this production – is still top-ranking. It continues to top the bill, being a point of reference in the history of Hollywood musicals. So, what is it about The Sound of […]


The Sound of Music

While most of us know this song from The Sound of Music (1965), it first appeared in the 1959 musical of the same name and it was composed by Richard Rodgers. As a bit of trivia information, Rodgers was the first one to win an Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar, and a Tony for his […]

Interweaving The Stories

The Sound of Music

When the story was pitched by the studio to the first director, he refused to make it because it was too saccharin (eventually, after it changed hands a couple of times, the film ended up made by the same first director). But is The Sound of Music too sugary for one’s tastes? In a way, […]

Saving The Von Trapps

Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music

Julie Andrews’ most famous and most successful films are Mary Poppins (1964) and The Sound of Music (1965). Last year has seen the reiteration of both of these stories, one as a (faithful) remake and one as the story behind the story. I am talking, of course, about The Sound of Music Live! and Saving […]

A Bumpy Road Towards The Happiest Sound In The World

The Sound of Music

Based on the life of the real von Trapp family, The Sound of Music can be heard even today as an anti-war statement: it isn’t just an anti-Nazi propaganda that gathered countless awards, but it can also be seen as a movie that spoke of those times. It was released 10 years after the Vietnam […]

The Sound of Music: A Beautiful Musical

Sound of music family von trapps

The Sound of Music burst on the movie screen in 1965 starring Julie Andrews as Maria and Christopher Plummer as Captain Von Trapp.  It was a beautiful musical film based on the stage play of the same name with songs written by the legendary Rogers and Hammerstein. Before Maria left the convent to come and […]