What Does It Take to Love Lucy Nowadays?

I Love Lucy

In a number of ways, I Love Lucy was a successful effort of innovating the art and craft of TV shows back in the 1950s. Two of the most quoted merits of the show are the fact it was the first to be shot in front of a live audience. Also, it brought unprecedented attention […]

The Energetic Golden Girls

The Golden Girls

Thank you for being a friend was not only the line which opened the theme song for The Golden Girls, but also the premise of the show: 4 senior women came together as friends and became a real family. The series was also one of the first to feature such characters, in a setting which […]

Walker, Texas Ranger – A Formula for Success

Walker, Texas Ranger

Most of the criticism brought to Walker, Texas Ranger relies on only one thing: that the series is too formulaic and that each episode is molded after the same matrix. But where other see repetitiveness I see a formula for a great show, where others see boredom I see purpose. As said in one of […]

Elvis: Love Me Tender

Love Me Tender poster

What is the next step when you have become a renowned musician? Should you settle for what you have achieved, or should you try to make even more, in other artistic fields? These questions were essential for Elvis Presley. So after he conquered rock and roll he set his eyes on something different, on changing […]

The Jeffersons: The Rise And Fall

The Jeffersons

The Jeffersons debuted in 1975 and was one of the longest-running TV series at that moment. And who would have believed that, especially when the show was actually a spin-off of another popular show (All in the Family)? Even more, it wasn’t even the first spin-off, the spot being taken by Maude. So why was […]