Some Tom Waits Stories

Tom Waits

Tom Waits has always been interested in, well, things that wouldn’t interest other people. As he said in one of his interviews, his favorite sound is the sound of bacon frying in a pan – how many of us would have said that? Did we even notice this sound? And if we did, didn’t we […]

The Trouble With ALF


It must have been a blast being in the same room with ALF, right? After all, very shortly after the series premiered, the furry alien was found everywhere, from lunchboxes to T-shirts and even on the rearview window. But was it as funny being on the set with him as it was watching him in […]

I Love Lucy Live on Stage

I Love Lucy

While it lasted only 6 seasons on CBS (followed by 13 one hour specials), I Love Lucy has gathered quite a few followers, as well as the recognition of the movie industry. Thus, the show had 21 awards and nominations under its belt while it was aired, while also being voted as the best TV […]