The Young and the Restless: Three Characters Fans Love to Hate

sheila carter

The Young and the Restless debuted on March 26, 1973. Y&R is consistently a ratings winner because it gives us memorable characters and standout villains we all love to hate. You’d be hard pressed to find any character as evil and conniving as Sheila Carter. Arriving in Genoa City in 1990, her first act as […]

Why I Love Sami And EJ!

sami and ej

 On May 30, 2006, I gasped when EJ Wells opened his apartment door clad only in a towel to come face-to-face with Samantha Brady. As an avid Salem watcher, I knew I was in for a ride. Since that fateful day, EJ and Sami have had ups and downs to equal that of any roller […]

The Dark Shadows of the Past

dark shadows

The original series Dark Shadows was the brain child of TV producer, Dan Curtis. The hugely popular show ran from 1966-1971. It centered around the strange supernatural occurrences that surrounded the rich Collins’ family in their estate home of Collinwood. Set in the fictional Colinsport, ME, the Dark Shadows first episodes introduced the Collins family […]