Project ALF

Project ALF

One of the main themes of the ALF series was satire, a satire aimed at the whole Cold War period – even the way in which ALF’s Melmac was destroyed was supposed to signal the alarm as to where the world was heading, with the whole nuclear race going on. Not only the series, but […]

Walker, Texas Ranger – A Formula for Success

Walker, Texas Ranger

Most of the criticism brought to Walker, Texas Ranger relies on only one thing: that the series is too formulaic and that each episode is molded after the same matrix. But where other see repetitiveness I see a formula for a great show, where others see boredom I see purpose. As said in one of […]

More Than a Family-Friendly Series

Little House on the Prairie

You cannot watch or revisit Little House on the Prairie without a sense of nostalgia taking over. May it be the fact that you have watched the show as a young person, may it be the fact that it presents a distinct (and somewhat altered) vision of the old days, the show manages to drag […]

Pippi Longstocking – With Great Power…

Pippi Longstocking

When uttering these words, with great power…, nobody will ever think about Pippi Longstocking, the very special girl from the Swedish TV series. Even more, I can say that your mind will automatically complete the sentence with, … comes great responsibility. But it wasn’t so in 1969, when the series was aired. It was more […]

Revisiting Lonesome Dove


Lonesome Dove, Larry McMurtry’s 1985 epic of the old west, was the kind of success that can ruin a writer. Before its release, McMurtry was the widely respected author of “literary” novels like Moving On and All My Friends Are Going To Be Strangers. Despite being pegged as a regional writer, the native Texan was no niche talent. His […]

Lonesome Dove Was Amazing, But Why?


Fancy Watching Lonesome Dove? Lonesome Dove is a 4 part western mini-series. It was released February of 1989. You need to understand that at that time westerns were on the decline and so was the mini-series. But against all odds Lonesome Dove brought back the Genre and the format. How and why? Was it merely […]