Project ALF

Project ALF

One of the main themes of the ALF series was satire, a satire aimed at the whole Cold War period – even the way in which ALF’s Melmac was destroyed was supposed to signal the alarm as to where the world was heading, with the whole nuclear race going on. Not only the series, but […]

ALF Biography Snippets


Without a doubt, ALF was a successful sitcom: it had an animated prequel which took place on Melmac, a spin-off for this animated series, a comic book issued by Marvel, a talk-show, a featured film (that explained what happened after the last episode of the television series), as well as numerous guest-appearances in other shows, […]

How Dumb Can It Get?

Beavis and Butthead

When it comes to Beavis and Butthead, you cannot simply go and say that one episode is better than another, especially when we are to consider that the main characters are dumb teenagers doing dumb things. Funny they were, from a satirical point of view, but good and better aren’t precisely the words I’d use. […]

To Marry a Witch

Samantha and Darrin

More often than not, Endora didn’t approve of her daughter’s marriage with a simple human because of one thing: her daughter shouldn’t hide herself and her true powers, because that meant losing her freedom. But Samantha was well aware of this, and she truly wanted to lead a “normal” life, as a suburban housewife. She […]