Growing Old with the Girls

Dorothy and Blanche visit Rose during one of her hospital stays.

Any fan of the Golden Girls can tell you what the show is about; four single, older women living together under one roof. Together the four friends that are Blanche, Rose, Sophia and Dorothy share the house, jewelry, dates, tears, fears and cheesecakes. Though they have many things in common and a few things that […]

May I Have This Dance?

Dorothy and Blanche's shocked faces when Rose does somersaults around the dance floor!

During the course of The Golden Girls’ seven year stretch, we saw the four best friends that were Dorothy, Sophia, Blanche and Rose have so many good times!  The friends, the games, the men, the parties, the dancing!  So many good times to be had by four women in their 50’s, living together.  But the […]

Loving Rue

Rue McClanahan on her wedding day to Morrow Wilson

Blanche or Rue or Eddi-Rue or whatever else you might know her by, breathed her last breath on June 3 2010, after suffering from a stroke.  Much like her beloved character on the mega-hit TV series, The Golden Girls, she lived her life to the fullest and full of men! She even wrote a book […]

Craft Is The Word

Rue McClanahan working on a quilt she started while appearing on Maude.

I am not sure I have a favorite Golden Girl.  I guess I always leaned towards liking Blanche the best, followed by Sophia.  As I got older and continued to watch the shows, the episodes and the characters took on new meanings for me.  Although I love them all, Blanche, well actually Rue, has taken […]