Game of Thrones: Realistic, Too Realistic

The Iron Thrones

In a medieval-like set, several families fight – or are unwillingly caught in the fight – for political power. The plot inevitably leads to murders, reveals bizarre relations between siblings, allegiances are formed and then undone, children are killed, bastards are cast away, women are raped, men are emasculated. Hostages are taken. There’s courage, challenge. […]

A Critique Of The Old West Myth

Lonesome Dove

With Lonesome Dove, the meaning of the expression old west changes – we aren’t talking any longer about a golden age of discovery, about fights between the American cavalry and Indians, or about anything else seen in the more traditional westerns. Instead we are talking about the old men of the west. We have under […]

Living Single – Moving On Up, One Step At A Time

Living Single

Fox gambled a lot when coming up with this idea of presenting the lives of 4 single African-American women living in New York. It was a somewhat original concept, which improved an already existing one: unlike The Cosby Show or The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (or even The Jeffersons), this new series wanted to remove […]

The realistic singles

Queen Latifah in Living Single

Described usually as Friends before Friends, the ladies of Living Single didn’t have too much in common with the ones of the Jennifer Aniston and Co. sitcom. They weren’t the top-model/cute-looking girls which are popularized in the most recent shows. Living Simple didn’t want to impose a certain type of woman, the top-model-like female all […]