Sandwiched Between Love and Lust


For as long as I’ve been watching Days, it always amazed me how lucky and yet how unlucky Sami Brady got in the love department.  She’d fall for a man, they’d grow to love each other, sometimes getting as far as the altar, while at other times she’d be left with a broken heart, and a bun […]

Rafe & Nicole: Like Minds

Am I the only person who  noticed that both Rafe and Nicole only seemed to think about Sydney at Christmas time?  They both went out of their way to buy a special gift for the child… but did NOTHING for any of her siblings, even though they were just as big a part of each […]

Who is Rafe???


When he first came on our sets, Rafe was just an FBI agent who wasn’t altogether happy about being given a job below his abilities, in having to “baby sit” Sami.   As his character grew, we learned about how he had no family and grew up in a Catholic Orphanage…  Next thing we know, he […]

Team EJ or Team Rafe?


So, I am loving what’s going on in Days of Our Lives. Well, not all the storylines, but the particular angle on Rafe, Sami, and EJ. What I love about it is the realness of the story. After all the recasting, kidnapping, amnesias, divorces, and switched babies that happen in all soap operas, (yes, even […]