Lonesome Quotes

Lonesome Dove

Sure, Lonesome Dove is a critique brought to the myth of the Old West, a critique brought to the way people thought and looked at cowboys – they aren’t the supernatural-like heroes, they are men just like everybody else. But that doesn’t mean at all that Lonesome Dove doesn’t include scenes just like one would […]

63 Years of I Love Lucy

I Love Lucy Ricardo and Lucille Ball

On the 15th of October 1951, I Love Lucy began spreading the laughter with its first episode. 63 years have passed since then, and to this day this is considered one of the best television shows. Until this day, I Love Lucy is still funny and a paradigm as to how a comedy series should […]

Gone with the Wind – 75 years later

Gone with the Wind

Who would have thought 75 years ago that Gone with the Wind would be one of the cinema’s greatest? The answer is quite easy: only one person. The story goes that David O. Selznick bought the rights of the homonymous book from author Margaret Mitchell for the record amount of $50,000. If we are to […]