The Poets Bukowski Admired

Charles Bukowski

Although at times the reader may have the impression that a poet’s work is without influence because of its unity, everything takes shape/is born from something else. There is no expression or pun or metaphor or any kind of written line that hasn’t drew inspiration from somewhere else. This is also the case of Charles […]

Don’t Try, a Hotspot for Creation

Charles Bukowski

As influential as Mr. Bukowski is on modern literature, the mechanics behind the man had to start somewhere. 1,200 poems, short stories and volumes of page turning novels, the man still had a modus operandi for handling such creative work. The days that travelled by him, may have created a searing need to tell it […]

Charles Bukowski the Artist

fans of charles bukowski

“The difference between life and art is art is more bearable.” – Charles Bukowski. The artist side of Mr. Bukowski is apparent in many shades of colors in books. He has supposedly produced over 1000 pieces of artwork for his books and many others. He stopped creating paintings in the early 1980’s; consider that the […]

The Life of Charles Bukowski


There are different perspectives on what makes a writer. Some believe that writing is a natural skill. Others believe that you’ve got to strive hard in order to become a writer, while there’s another segment that believes it’s all about getting the right breaks at the right time. And while all of these perspectives are […]