Bukowski – Chained but Free

Charles Bukowski

How many admirers does Charles Bukowski have? It has exactly as many as he deserves. Bukowski’s poetry is not for the faint of heart, because even when he is at his most delicate his lines hit you as if they were sledgehammers. They are the truths that most of us don’t want to see, the […]

The Poet in Charles Bukowski


Charles Bukowski was more than a poet, he wrote novels and short stories as well. The writing style and the life that he lived was darker than most of the poets of his time. Living in a society that bordered on paranoia in the early 30s has and grew into extreme prejudice during the opening […]

Bukowski’s “God”


“Jeffers is my god,” Bukowski often said, and, as far as poetry was concerned, that was true. Robinson Jeffers, king of the long lines and the jaundiced outlook, was once the fair-haired boy of American poetry, the first poet ever to grace the cover of Time magazine and even later, after his career and ultimately […]