A Modern Staging of the Eternal Return

The Fifth Element

There is no complicated metaphysics staged in The Fifth Element. It is actually a concept we immediately relate to, which is perhaps why the movie was so popular from the very beginning. Every five millennia or so, the world comes to a point where the mysterious Fifth Element must be ushered in on Earth in […]

War As The Natural Order Of Things

Cyrus in The Warriors

The plot of The Warriors is pretty straightforward: a truce gone wrong followed by lots of fighting. It is a rather simple and exploitative storyline, which has prompted the critics (of that time) to say that the movie is confusing, ludicrous and pointless (I am not even talking about the acting and the dialogue of […]

Bruce Lee – A Teaching

Bruce Lee

As Bruce Lee said many of times, the purpose of any martial art shouldn’t be to teach a man to defend himself or to attack another. The purpose would be to learn how to express yourself, no matter what the situation is. In other words, martial arts are all about learning how to be a […]