The Perks of a Provisional Display

Living Single

Deemed the predecessor of Friends, Living Single also seems to rank better than the latter. Themes obviously overlap: a close-knit group of friends share their personal and professional experiences with each other. Proximity and shared history enables them to interact constantly: the three girls live in a condo neighboring on the apartment of the two […]

A Look Beyond The Mask

Jason's Mask

Friday the 13th, the 2009 reboot, was not like the fans wanted it to be, from many points of view. One of the main criticisms brought to the film was that it lacked (for most of it) the iconic hockey mask, which became synonymous to Jason Voorhees (much like the glove represented Freddy Krueger and […]

Method Acting With ALF

ALF in a commercial

Sure, everybody knows that the furry and funny alien from Melmac was actually nothing more than a puppet, operated most of the time by his creator Paul Fusco. However, this doesn’t mean that ALF was completely lifeless and that people referred to him as an it. As Paul Fusco said in one of his many interviews […]

The Oddness of Doctor Who

Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi

In one of his many interviews after becoming a mind behind the Doctor Who genial scripts, Steven Moffat has said something which may have sound a bit disturbing for the fans: Doctor Who cannot be played by an attractive actor. Of course, he did add that he was talking about a conventional attractiveness. For him, […]

Tom Waits: The Character

Tom Waits in Coffee and Cigarettes

When thinking about good actors, actors that have changed a viewer’s way of watching a movie, I think about actors that have become so deeply immersed into their roles that you cannot tell which is which. Such is the case of Daniel Day Lewis, probably the most respectable character/method actor of the moment. But where […]

Henry VIII According to Jonathan Rhys Meyers

Jonathan Rhys Meyers is Henry VIII

After playing the food guzzling, beer guzzling, womanizing Henry VIII in The Tudors, Jonathan Rhys Meyers has switched to playing another (almost) historic character, Dracula. As he says, he switched from drinking booze to drinking blood. But what were his thoughts on being in The Tudors? As you might have heard, when the series ended […]