There’s More to The King Than “Jailhouse Rock”


It cannot be denied that Elvis Presley left an indelible mark in music. The King of Rock and Roll was just so revolutionary in the way he contributed to his field. One would have thought that as someone from the South, he would have been a huge country singer. His good looks would have made […]

What Elvis Presley Did When He Got a C in Music


Elvis Presley may be remembered now as a music icon, but did you know that he got a C in music when he was in the eighth grade? At that time, he was attending Humes High School. His high school life was quite difficult because he experienced being bullied. For all the hurtful words or […]

The Mama’s Boy Side of Elvis Presley

Elvis and Gladys 7

For many people, Elvis Presley would be remembered as a music icon and a legend who experienced the ups and downs of the limelight during his lifetime. Aside from being famous though, it was a little surprising, but heart-tugging to learn that this superstar was a mama’s boy. He loved his mother so much, which […]