Little House On The Prairie – A Movie By…

Little House on the Prairie

We all know that Sean Durkin was attached to direct a Little House on the Prairie movie, so we know that it will be a dark psychological thriller. However, what if… … Michael Bay directed it? Well, then the little house would be a giant mansion and the prairie would be actually Beverly Hills. Nicolas […]

Little House on the Prairie: The Movie

Little House on the Prairie

For quite a while now, since 2012, there have been talks about reviving Little House on the Prairie for the silver screen. However, we haven’t heard anything about this project for quite some time. But news has just dropped in regarding a new director for the movie adaptation: now Sean Durkin is in talks to […]

Knight Rider The Movie

Knight Rider Season 1 poster

A couple of years ago there were talks which said that The Weinstein Company was moving forward with an adaptation of the Knight Rider series. The plan was to update the show and make a single movie, with plans (maybe) for a big budget franchise. Updating the series meant making it more action oriented than […]

Who is Shepard Book?


Have you ever wanted to go back into a situation and be a fly on the wall?  See what was happening on the other guy’s end of the story? I have. Like all of you, I ask myself, “Who is Shepard Book?” What do we know?   Shepard Book: Was a priest for a long […]